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Taylor Engle


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My name is Taylor and I'm based in Brooklyn, New York. I started reading and writing when my hair was still in pigtails and I've never stopped. I have written for a variety of publications about many different subjects. If you don't believe me, well, that's a perfect excuse for you to read my portfolio. Let me write for you.

Taylor's Brain

Hi Everyone, Anyone who's been reading my stuff for a while knows what I mean when I say "Chronicles of a Fashion Girl." This was a series I did last summer covering my time spent in New York City - partially fictitious and entirely based on my experience.

I Conquered My Anorexia with Cannabis

Marijuana is infamous for its gift of "the munchies." But, cannabis can do much more than stimulate an anorexic's appetite. Ten months ago, my weight was in the double digits. I hated my body and I hated myself. I didn't see any point in living.

La Habra Journal
La Habra Journal

La Habra's Independent Community Newspaper

Daily Titan
Taylor Engle, Author at Daily Titan

Freshman art major Daniel Ceballos is dedicated to volunteering and helping students find inspiration and passion in their education.

Driftwood Turns Doheny Beach into a Country and Beer Bonanza

It's the return of something that saw great success (and an admirable number of cowboy hats) its first year in 2016. Driftwood at Doheny State Beach, a growing Veteran's Day tradition, is a two-day country music event and is taking place this Saturday and Sunday.

Victoria Bailey's Defines Her Sound as a Country Woman With "Ramblin' Man"

Although long overdue, a common theme of music in our generation is female empowerment. Between Beyonce's Lemonade and "Woman" by Kesha, it's time for women to shine. Along the theme of a strong independent woman is "Ramblin' Man" by 25-year-old country singer Victoria Bailey, which she recently released in a few days on iTunes and Spotify.

OC Zine Fest Kicks Off Tomorrow at Anaheim Public Library

For many, zines are a means of escape from the mundanity of everyday life. For others, they're used to amplify real life and talk about the issues dearest to them. For others it's a chance to make handmade art that defies both normal logic and the status quo.

Young Hot & Modern
Why Brownies Are an Essential Part of Life

When it comes to dessert, there is no shortage of sweets to grant us pure bliss. However, it is the brownie and the brownie alone that is not only capable of bringing us joy but is an essential part of being happy. While other desserts are concerned with serving a purpose-ice cream to get over heartbreak, chocolate...

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