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Taylor Engle

Freelance Writer, Editor and Proofreader

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I fell in love with writing as a child and never got over it. I have seven years of professional experience writing about a variety of topics for various companies, blogs, and publications. Let me write for you.

The Hundreds
Slug Told Us Atmosphere's New Album Sounds French

Avid Atmosphere fans lit up at the news that the dynamic duo would be going on tour at the top of 2020, and the excitement only heightened when a few short days after the announcement, a new album dropped.

The Hundreds
BLIMES AND GAB :: How These West Coast MCs are Securing the B.A.G.

As the old saying goes: "Two heads are better than one," and the proverb holds true throughout hip-hop history. From OutKast to Mobb Deep, it's been proven time and time again, when an artist finds his or her creative counterpart, the outcome is astounding. Blimes and Gab (better known as B.A.G.)

The Hundreds
Chicago's Jack Larsen Had to Get Sick and Trip Out Before Finding His New Sound

While feeling ill usually causes people to want to lie down and be as still as possible until it's over, Chicago-based psychedelic pop artist Jack Larsen is inspired instead. In fact, it played a role in naming his debut album, Mildew. The majestic, dreamlike set of tracks transports listeners to a world that feels altered and idealistic.

Eating Disorder Hope
Recovery: Taylor Engle and Her Story on How to Take Your Life Back

The first thing I noticed was the colors. The world, for so long a dull figment of my affinity for the dark and misunderstood, was forcing me to drink in its presence. And I did. At that point, it was my only hope. I drove to school in bewilderment.

Passion of the Weiss
Crying in the Club: An Interview With Blimes Brixton

If you want us to keep the bars flowing, please subscribe to Passion of the Weiss on Patreon. Last March was an eventful time for Bay Area MC Blimes Brixton. The month started with a celebration of her 30th birthday and ended with the release of her debut solo album, .

I Conquered My Anorexia with Cannabis

Marijuana is infamous for its gift of "the munchies." But, cannabis can do much more than stimulate an anorexic's appetite. Ten months ago, my weight was in the double digits. I hated my body and I hated myself. I didn't see any point in living.

OC Zine Fest Kicks Off Tomorrow at Anaheim Public Library

For many, zines are a means of escape from the mundanity of everyday life. For others, they're used to amplify real life and talk about the issues dearest to them. For others it's a chance to make handmade art that defies both normal logic and the status quo.

Young Hot & Modern
Why Brownies Are an Essential Part of Life

When it comes to dessert, there is no shortage of sweets to grant us pure bliss. However, it is the brownie and the brownie alone that is not only capable of bringing us joy but is an essential part of being happy. While other desserts are concerned with serving a purpose-ice cream to get over heartbreak, chocolate...

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