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Hollywood Tattle Tale
'Acrimony' Reviewed: It Feels Like a Man Wrote It.

Tyler Perry's Acrimony hits theaters this weekend. The film stars Taraji P. Henson (one of my favorites... no introduction needed), Lyriq Bent (from Netflix's She's Gotta Have It ), Ajiona Alexus (from Empire), Jazmyn Simon (from Ballers).

Hollywood Tattle Tale
Hip-Hop Officially Runs the United States of America

So... Dimas Sanfiorenzo and Riley Wallace of HipHopx just released articles showcasing Hip Hop as the most consumed music genre in America and all I have to say is... of course it is. Hip Hop is a genre spun from struggle, obstacles and beating the odds.

Hollywood Tattle Tale
Joshua Triplett: A Singer, Actor, Model + Producer You Oughta Know [Interview]

Joshua Triplett, the singer, actor, model, producer, director, magician may be the hardest working man in Hollywood. I sat down to discuss his many projects, family life, and what motivates him to wear so many hats. Intervew inside! HTT: I called you a 'Renaissance Man' on twitter recently because...

Hollywood Tattle Tale
Jay-Z's 4:44 Reviewed

At 4:44am Jay-Z woke up inspired to write. And it was so that his 13th studio album was birthed. The album, 4:44, instantaneously received worldwide reviews; some people loved it, while others (cough... cough... 50 Cent, MC Shan) did not. Whatever side you fall on regarding the 4:44 album, a few things are certain...

RnB Magazine
Yes, I Am Single AND Happy: Dispelling The Myths Attached To Single Women

By Angela Johnson-Rogers For years people have tried to define the female narrative. This is true from our outer appearance to our inner experience. One of the most damning ones is the myths attached to single women. The narrative will have women believe that being single is somehow synonymous with being sad, depressed, or wanting.

Mute Magazine

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