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Mutia Adisoma

Writer, Editor, Content Creator

Location icon United States of America

I am a writer and storyteller who has worked in Japan, Bali, and several U.S. cities. My experience includes: Managing Editor for travel & lifestyle magazine Bali & Beyond, online contributor for Forbes Travel Guide, and PR and Communications Manager for Indosole (a San Francisco-based pioneer in eco-conscious footwear). My interests include the zero-waste movement, conscious consumption, and forward-thinking companies/individuals pushing for innovation and positive change. I am currently freelancing but open to part-time and full time opportunities, especially if the role is in line with my aforementioned interests. Please contact me at [email protected] with inquiries.

10 (More!) Eco-Conscious Products To Fill Up Holiday Stockings

Tis the season of gift giving! While the actual act of giving should warm any heart, the idea of accumulating material things and creating unnecessary waste are enough to make any conscious consumer feel uneasy. For this reason, you might still be empty-handed. But fear not, as there are ways to get into the spirit of the season without creating too much waste! Below are some last-minute stocking stuffer ideas for conscious consumers. Everything listed is useful, so you don’t have to...

Mable Press Kit 2017

MABLE is a company on a mission to deliver beautiful products made of sustainable materials in order to prevent additional plastic waste from harming the environment. MABLE offers high quality toothbrushes for adults and children made from bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. MABLE is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, with production taking place in China. The bamboo used for MABLE toothbrushes is responsibly sourced from a forest in Ningbo that is owned by the village of...

The Huffington Post
7 Men's Accessories Made From Unexpected Materials

Can shopping save the world? Probably not. But voting with your wallet can make a difference. When you ‘vote with your wallet’ you signal to the market what you value as a consumer through the things you buy. So if climate change and environmental protection rank high for you, tell the industry!

The Huffington Post
4 Things You Can Do If You Are Worried About Climate Change

If you are worried about climate change, you are not alone. Seventy percent of Americans think climate change is real and support the Paris Agreement. With over 100 countries ratifying the agreement and pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it is obvious that people around the world believe in the importance of limiting global warming.

The Huffington Post
19 Stocking Stuffers for Eco-Conscious Shoppers

Buying gifts this time of year can be a daunting task, and this is especially the case for conscious consumers. You probably worry about being wasteful, and as much as you admire people who make their gifts rather than buy them, you just can’t seem to find the time (honestly, how do they do it?). One solution to this dilemma is to shop small. There are plenty of independent brands that provide sustainable solutions to many of the products out there. These companies believe in...

The Huffington Post
This Company Is Making Footwear From Tires

Flip over any pair of footwear by California-based Indosole and you will find something noticeably different from their run-of-the-mill counterparts: the soles have been cut from tires.

Indosole Blog
How To Protect Yourself From Zika And Dengue

For months we have been hearing about Zika, a virus carried by the Aedes mosquito that is spreading rapidly. Also carried by this genus of mosquito is dengue, a virus that unfortunately, the Indo crew are a little too familiar with.

Indosole Blog
This Is What Improper Waste Disposal Looks Like

This photo has been making the rounds in the Bali community―a perfectly captured moment of men offloading garbage from a truck next to a temple gate in Central Bali. If you look closely you can see the men doing the offloading by hand and adding to the mountain of trash while smoke generated from the burning waste billows skyward, highlighted by rays of sunlight pushing through the foliage overhead.

Elements 2016 Press Kit

The Indosole 2016 collection Elements features new colors inspired by nature and the various environments we immerse ourselves in. Whether naturally occurring or man-made, exploring new places can be an enriching experience. Elements is designed to be with you during every step of the adventure.

The Indosole Story

Learn how Indosole puts a dent in tire waste by repurposing indestructible tires into the soles of some of the most durable footwear around.

Seventh Generation
Companies We Admire: Indosole

Q: What drives your company to continue making the products you do, in the way that you do? A: We believe that repurposing is the next level in a movement started by recycling and is absolutely essential in this day and age. The human race is pushing the Earth to the limit in terms of resource consumption, and creating tons of waste. As a society that craves newness it’s important to find ways to incorporate the old into the new, to prevent waste from piling up and putting extra strain on our...

Klean Kanteen
B Corp Spotlight: Indosole

Q: The products we love can become a part of our identity. What are some of the fun stories your customers have shared about their Indos? A: Over the years we have had many photos come in from customers who have worn their Indos to the bone. They have taken their sandals on backpacking trips to Europe, down the coast of Mexico, and of course scampering around Indonesia. One of our Good Humans, Andy Finch, wore his Indos on a surf mission in northern Russia during the Olympics. And we once...

The Inertia
This Company is Turning Old Tires Into Shoes

Imagine piles and piles of tires clogging up rivers and sitting in landfills, becoming breeding grounds for mosquitos and polluting the land. We need tires―there's just no way around it. Unfortunately, what makes tires so useful for getting from place to place (their physical structure, durability and heat-retaining characteristics) are actually what make them really difficult to deal with once we're done with them.

Bali & Beyond
Color Me Happy | Eco-friendly Mats by Yoga Design Lab

Of the many tourists that set foot on Bali’s shores each year, you’re bound to find yoga enthusiasts among them. The founder of Yoga Design Lab was one of these such visitors, and it was during a class at the Yoga Barn that inspiration struck him. He looked around the room full of mass-produced mats and wondered why nobody had thought to create a functional yet beautiful product that could get people excited to practice yoga. So in September 2013, he embarked on an adventure to find a...

Bali & Beyond
Adorn Me | John Hardy Jewelry

A narrow path led us past a small creek and to a rice field where we were greeted by the unmistakable sound of goats. We couldn’t see their pen from where we stood, but they made their presence known by creating quite a ruckus. When we reached the Kapal Bambu Boutique, a 90-foot-tall bamboo structure built in the shape of a ship’s hull where John Hardy jewelry is on display for purchase, we found a lone goat blocking the path. “He’s always finding a way to get out,” said our host with a...

Bali & Beyond
Tranquility for Two | The Nirwana Resort

There is no denying that Ubud and Uluwatu are ideal locations for couples who want to stay holed up during their time in Bali. But for those who have already been to Bali a handful of times, or those who want to go somewhere more off the beaten track, East Bali offers idyllic settings that are just as easy to reach.

Bali & Beyond
To The Streets | Interview with Film Producer Daniel Ziv

BB: Could you share with our readers what “JALANAN” is about and your intention behind making this documentary? DZ: I spent quite a few years as a journalist, author and magazine editor documenting street life in Jakarta. The city’s sub-culture of pengamen bus musicians who play their own social and political compositions was one of the most colorful, intriguing phenomena I encountered. I felt it was a story that needed to be told. “JALANAN” is an intimate portrait of three of them, but it’s...

Bali & Beyond
A Cup of Goodness | Sarong Coffee

Sarong is focusing on coffee farmers, facilitating communities int he far reaches of the archipelago to achieve long-term success.

Bali & Beyond
Green Education | Bali Green School

In the short time since it was built, the Green School in Bali has become a passionate topic of discussion for many, from architects to social entrepreneurs to educators to parents. The fact that last year it was awarded the “2012 Greenest School on Earth” by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools has only added to the buzz.

Forbes Travel Guide
Ayana Resort and Spa Bali

In the southwestern peninsula of Bali amid 222 acres of private tropical forest, you'll find the expansive Ayana Resort and Spa Bali. A winding road leads from the entrance through the forest, and depending on the season, it is possible to encounter the road and jogging paths dusted in a layer of white due to blooming cotton trees.

Forbes Travel Guide
Soleil Restaurant

Soleil at The Mulia - Nusa Dua, Bali has all the right ingredients for a decadent yet leisurely dining experience. Known for its Mediterranean and pan-Asian delights and a particularly impressive Sunday brunch with free-flowing wine, this exquisite restaurant overlooking the white sand of Geger Beach in Bali is for those who prefer to have numerous options to sample and savor throughout their meal.The SceneTrue to its name, Soleil fills its rich interior with the colors of the sun.

Forbes Travel Guide Blog
Bali Hotels' Exhibitionist Tub Trend

Bali is developing quite rapidly these days, with beautiful resorts and hotels popping up everywhere that offer top-notch amenities and unique designs. But there's an interesting trend on the rise with many of the new high-end accommodations in Bali: exhibitionist tubs.

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