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Marissa Phillips


I am a PA-based writer with more than a decade of experience writing across different industries. I am fueled by my desire to learn more about the world around me.


Garth Brunner

Story Writer

I have always loved being creative in any way that I could. As a child, I was constantly reading, writing, playing make-believe with my toys, and even crafting long, complex narratives and backstories for them. Even so, my answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” always shifted. I wanted to be a dentist, a teacher, or a vet… There wasn’t one particular passion that stuck with me. Then, one day, there was a movie called How to Train Your Dragon. No, no, I didn’t work on it, as much as I wish I did. However, that film changed something inside of my preteen brain, and films, television, and other forms of visual storytelling became my biggest passion. I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I heard about Ithaca College’s incredible film program and it sounded like the perfect fit. There, I earned my BFA in Writing for Film, TV, and Emerging Media. It was everything I dreamed of and more and allowed me to not only perfect valuable skills like different forms of storytelling, but I wrote for projects I was genuinely passionate about. I was truly in love with this line of work. I still am! Before my contract with mixi America, Inc. came to an end, I absolutely adored writing interactive stories with them. As of now, I am looking for the next project to that I can devote my time, energy, and heart. Contact at [email protected] or (518)779-3421.


Stephanie Slepian

Journalist, Storyteller, Editor, and Social Media Expert

Passionate storyteller and seasoned reporter with vast experience in producing content for digital and print news, as well as social media platforms. Excellent interviewing skills with the ability to turn around powerful, meaningful, and heartfelt conversational prose. A love of researching and digging deep, looking for the human experience in the details. Adept at planning campaigns, managing multiple projects that raise awareness and builds the brand of an organization. Deep connection to local elected officials, non-profits, the business community, cultural and veteran’s organizations. Resourceful, innovative and passionate about empathetically listening to people's stories. Below you will find 10 stories written by Stephanie. For more clips, please contact her at [email protected].


John Canady

Sports Writer

Experienced Sports Writer with an extensive portfolio of 100+ published articles on SportsGrid, and numerous trending features in the MSN web portal as well as the renowned BetMGM platform. [email protected] for inquiries.

Shannon Martin

Content writer/Editor

Shannon Martin is currently a content writer for Jerry. With a Bachelor of Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and 14+ years of experience in the insurance industry, she enjoys helping others navigate the insurance world by cutting through complex jargon. Knowledge is power, and Shannon strongly believes that empowering people to make strong financial decisions by providing accurate and easy-to-understand information can make an impactful difference in their day-to-day lives. When Shannon isn't changing the world one reader at a time, she enjoys sewing, reading, bowling, baking, hiking along Niagara Falls, and spending time with her family.


Corie Stark

Content Marketing Specialist + Writer

Content writer with over 11 years of journalism, marketing, and copywriting experience. For any additional examples, please let me know!


Emily Moran

Writer, Social Media Manager

Writer, content creator, certified health coach, avid runner, traveler, and plant lover.



Strategic Marketing, Copy, Content

The Reviews Are In! "Erica is sharp, witty and always makes her deadlines. What more can you want?" –Bruce Fretts, former Senior Editor at Entertainment Weekly "Erica is a true copywriter. Her knack for words is unparalleled. She has an innate sensibility of knowing how to create captivating copy and she works fast. Her sense of humor and amazing ability to adapt to all types of environments makes her such an asset. I enjoyed working with Erica tremendously [at Quantified Media] and look forward to working with her again soon." –Suresh Seneviratne, Sr. Social Media Manager at Amazon Glow "Erica has a fun yet very precise way of writing great and engaging copy. She is our Head of Copy in our Social Media team and acts as the main editor of our creatives ensuring that everything is ready for publishing. Works well in a team and collaborates, motivates the team to drive progress and brings up her concerns whilst executing at the same time. As the final review on the assets that are already created, she gives good guidance on corrections and corrects most of the visuals and written content herself." –Bernardus Smith, CEO at SaltyLama

Erin O'Donnell

Lifestyle Editorial Writer

Lifestyle Editorial Writer with a Master's in Media Studies from The New School and a Bachelor's in English from the University of Texas at Austin.

JC Communications - Jane Coloccia

Helping You Communicate More Effectively To Grow Your Business

Most business leaders struggle with promoting their companies, so I help you define your brand positioning and sales message, write engaging copy, devise winning marketing strategies, and help you grow your revenue. OVERVIEW: Innovative, strategic global communications and marketing consultant with a proven track record of creating and executing marketing communications programs to expand awareness, drive sales, and deliver high ROI. Specialist in luxury, travel, hospitality, leisure, and culinary industries with experience in tech, real estate, and services industries. PUBLIC RELATIONS: I've gotten placements in all of the major media from ABC and NBC to The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes.com, CNBC's Power Lunch, and many, many others. I know how to spin a story, write a great press release or pitch letter, and get my clients in front of the right editors to gain a story. COPYWRITING: There isn't anything I haven't written from website content and brochures to ads, social media posts, sales letters, emails, video scripts, press releases and press kits, advertorial, editorial, custom published magazines, and more. SOCIAL MEDIA: I have benefit of "Best Practices" social media training from Marriott Hotels and curate content calendars, schedule posts, and conduct very targeted social media advertising campaigns to grow fans and followers and drive clicks to websites. EMAIL MARKETING: From drip email campaigns to nurturing content, I've worked with iContact, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, and Campaign Monitor and can design a template, write copy, and schedule blasts. NOTE: PLEASE KEEP SCROLLING DOWN TO VIEW ALL WRITING SAMPLES.