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Jeanette Almada

Writer, reporter, researcher, editor, poet

Hello, and thank you for stopping by to look at a few writing samples that I worked on over decades: feature stories and articles for local and national newspapers and magazines; newsletters, brochures and presentation scripts for some of Chicago's best corporations. You may have seen some of these articles, published in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times or The Washington Post. On hiatus for several years, I now work on a range of personal projects and am always interested to hear from people with interesting stories. Though I would gladly conduct research and/or write about many topics as a freelancer, keen topics over recent years have hovered around politics of water, particularly related to a host of Great Lakes issues, and politics of organic food and seeds for the foods that come to our tables. If you have an idea, an existing rough draft of some special project, I offer a range of research, writing and editing services. Thanks for stopping by. [email protected]

Wendy Thompson

Bilingual Journalist

“I’ve seen mayhem, pain, outcry, dead...I always run to places where bad things just happened.”(–Manhattan Nights.) I’m a Freelance Bilingual journalist, a storyteller, a truth-digger. Tengo una “Ñ” en el brain. He visto el caos. La muerte, recién nacidos, dicha, tristeza, tragedia. Siempre corro hacia lugares donde algo malo ha sucedido; mirando, buscando las palabras, las arrugas, las patadas que te hagan leer el periódico.” (Parafraseado del filme “Mahattan Nights”.

Gary McBride

Freelance writer, photographer, marketing, graphics

A career "ad man," I have an extensive background in producing print collateral, including concept, layout, photography, writing, and print production.


Dana Nichols

Copy Writer/Editorial Writer with a Focus on Lifestyle, Travel, Hospitality, Architecture, and Design

Hello! I'm a professional copy writer/editorial writer who writes web content, marketing copy, magazine articles, press releases, catalog copy and guidebook content. I work with artists, entrepreneurs, designers, architects, art galleries, realtors, tourism bureaus and hospitality companies. I'm a native of Los Angeles. Please check out these reviews and samples of my work: **** "Dana is one of the most talented writers I have had the pleasure of working with. She listens quietly and carefully to a writing assignment, goes away, performs magic and delivers beautifully written copy not only on target, but in a voice that draws the reader in." --G. Zinno-Cannon "Working with you has been a delight. You are always so organized, decisive, and professional to work with." --H. Lentini "Thank you for seizing the reins so effectively and making this company shine." --C. Anderson "Thank you again for all the work you have done for us." -- V. Pedroza "An A-Class editor." --R. Miles **** E-mail: dananichols8 at gmail dot com


Caitlyn Somers


I am currently a 4th year English major at UCLA. I'm a senior editor for Her Campus at UCLA and also an intern for The Everygirl Media Group. Through my time at UCLA, I have learned the responsibilities of writing for a publication, collaborating on articles and ideas, and how to enhance my article with SEO keywords and photos. I am looking for a chance to build more knowledge in the journalism and editorial field. I hope to continue writing for more lifestyle publications. I am most interested and passionate about writing wellness type of content whether that be mental or physical health, relationships, or food.


Alexandra Davis

Freelance Writer

My name is Alexandra Davis. I am pursuing a freelance writing career and also a career in digital media. I specialize in writing op-ed, personal and about social justice. Inquiries: [email protected]


Erica Murphey

Education Columnist

My specialties are the education beat and hyperlocal news. I currently write for Zealousness magazine. I was a volunteer columnist for Patch.com from October twenty-twenty to June twenty twenty-one. I also wrote the Houston Community College beat for Examiner.com, and for my college newspaper The Voice. I currently reside in The Woodlands, Texas.

Lucia Verzola

Recent Graduate, Aspiring Writer and Editor

Having recently earned her undergraduate in English and journalism from the University of San Francisco, Lucia is a highly motivated, self-starter dedicated to reaching goals with an eye for detail. She was on staff of her university student-run newspaper, The Foghorn, serving as general assignments reporter and copy editor before leading a team of eleven as editor in chief her final year at USF. She co-led The Ignatian, USF's student-run literary magazine, for the 2021-22 academic year, helping the publication return to print for the first time in two years and spearheading the inaugural Ignatian zine in Fall 2021, a miniature version of the traditional print. Lucia has strong experience team building and communicating with others. She also performs well under deadline, drawing from her time with The Foghorn as well as working with The Pitch, a Kansas City based independent publication, as an editorial intern. She also enjoys building close relationships with others, having served as a research intern for Bay Area science author, Mary Ellen Hannibal, in Spring 2021. Lucia is quick to adapt to new challenges and willing to take on new roles as required. She places importance on remaining curious and finding inspiration in daily life.


Douglass C. Perry

Comms/PR Professional, Editor, Journalist, Gamer

After moving from Game Journalism into Communications in 2012, I've worked with top-level press from Entertainment Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, and the LA Times to Venture Beat, PC Gamer, IGN, Edge, Polygon, and others, to tell my clients' stories. My goal is to work hand-in-hand with developers, the media and influencers to create real stories, genuine engagement, and impactful campaigns to make their games a success.

Adam Faderewski

Sr. Social Media Specialist

I am a writer and editor currently employed as a senior social media specialist for a healthcare system located primarily in the Midwest U.S. I worked as a reporter and editor for newspapers for a decade and for a Texas law magazine for five years. Additionally, I am a published short story writer and poet.