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United States

After moving from Game Journalism into Communications in 2012, I've worked with top-level press from Entertainment Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, and the LA Times to Venture Beat, PC Gamer, IGN, Edge, Polygon, and others, to tell my clients' stories. My goal is to work hand-in-hand with developers, the media and influencers to create real stories, genuine engagement, and impactful campaigns to make their games a success.

From Homemade Civ Maps to Humankind Mods

Ever since its start in 2011, Amplitude Studios' founders have loved strategy games. One of the first games Romain de Waubert - General Manager and Chief Creative Officer at Amplitude (which makes the moddable Humankind ) - ever modded was the first Sid Meier's Civilization.

How 5G Ultra Wideband can revolutionize gaming

Full Transparency Our editorial transparency tool uses blockchain technology to permanently log all changes made to official releases after publication. However, this post is not an official release and therefore not tracked. Visit our learn more for more information.

Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes Partners With Tencent

As we gather our thoughts and move into 2021, we’d like to share what’s going on with us. In 2014 Leyou purchased majority shares in Digital Extremes. During the six-year period, we’ve remained creatively independent.

Digital Extremes
Warframe Evolves on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes will usher in a new age for Warframe® on Sony’s PlayStation 5 this year and later on Xbox Series X. From a single tileset and four...

Digital Extremes
TennoCon 2020 Hits Record Warframe Highs

Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes connected with its Warframe® players in record numbers during TennoCon this past Saturday, setting an all-time Steam record of 154,246 CCU (concurrent users).

How Digital Extremes crafted Warframe's third open world, Heart of Deimos.

Every time our development team updates Warframe - that's 28 major updates since 2013 - it's learned to evolve, change, or expand on the original premise of stepping into the skin of an all-powerful space ninja. Revealed during a live demo in today's TennoCon 2020 Convention...

Inside the Making of Warframe's Deadlock Protocol

Sometimes, in order to move forward, one must move back. To break a stalemate amongst its board members, the Corpus, the money-loving, cult-like enemy faction at the heart of upcoming The Deadlock Protocol, does just this - it resurrects the past.

Xbox Wire
Warframe Brings Rising Tide to Xbox One Today - Xbox Wire

Every December is an incredibly busy time for Digital Extremes and Warframe players. This year is no exception. At The Game Awards last night, Digital Extremes announced Rising Tide, a content update that lays the blueprint to create the powerful Railjack battleship, is live now...

Digital Extremes
Empyrean Explodes at TennoCon 2019

Digital Extremes is proud to reveal a riot of explosive announcements today led by a 30-minute live dem of its visionary cooperative space combat expansion, Empyrean, from TennoCon 2019, the fourth annual Warframe ® conference. Bustling with a sold-out crowd, we presented Empyrean's new, larger-scale cooperative gameplay with ship-to-ship combat, the new ground-breaking multiplayer Squad Link system, and customizable battleship options.

Confront Your Immortal Nemesis in Warframe's The Old Blood Update

Play Confront Your Immortal Nemesis in Warframe's The Old Blood Update Video As a former game journalist, working on Warframe has been an eye-opening experience into the development of a living game. Warframe is in constant motion. This six-year-old games-as-a-service title cycles through constant expansion, re-tooling, balances, re-balances, engine overhauls, complete teardowns, you name it.

Warframe's Empyrean Expansion Innovates Space Combat at TennoCon 2019

It's Saturday night, just minutes after the fourth annual TennoCon, and everyone at Digital Extremes is still tingling with emotion. All kinds of emotions: Nerves are mending, smiles grace the team's faces, and somebody might be cracking open a bottle of champagne.

Warframe's "Nightwave" Update Launches Today on PS4

Play Warframe's "Nightwave" Update Launches Today on PS4 Video "To all of you driftin' out there in the black, mark the frequency. The time has come to act together. To open our eyes and gaze with utmost clarity past the present and into a future we create. Shoulder-to-shoulder."

Meet Warframe's Next Massive Expansion: Fortuna

Play Meet Warframe's Next Massive Expansion: Fortuna Video. In real life, Venus is that bright, pretty "star" you see in the early night sky named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love. In the world of Warframe, however, Venus is something much different.

Xbox Wire
Five Tips to Get Started in Warframe's New Fortuna

The open world of Fortuna has arrived in all its frigid, mysterious, terraformed glory and it's beckoning you, Tenno, to join the rebel faction Solaris United. We've talk about what's in Fortuna since we announced it at TennoCon, but where do you start?

Xbox Wire
Journey into the Heart of Warframe's Next Open World

Whether you're new to Warframe or a grizzled veteran, the upcoming expansion, Fortuna, has probably crossed your Twitter feed once or twice - something-something Venus, blah-blah hoverboards...giant mechanical spiders. Yes, that's us! We introduced the new open-world...

Digital Extremes
DE Says No to Bullying

Less than seven blocks from Digital Extremes' London, Ontario studio resides one of the most important places for at-risk youth and vulnerable adults in the region. Anago, a registered charity...

Digital Extremes
DE Wins Company Honors

For the ninth year in a row, Digital Extremes was honored by the Mediacorp Canada Inc. as one of the top 100 best Canadian companies to work for (2019). That's right, you should come work for us!

Digital Extremes
Warframe Hits Top of Twitch Rankings

The fourth annual TennoCon set viewership records and highlighted 's explosive growth last weekend when more than 2 million combined...

Digital Extremes
Tennocon 2019 - Charity Partner Revealed

Although it's only February, rest assured we're making plans for this year's TennoCon! We're ecstatic to announce ticket tier details our fourth annual Warframe® convention, and to announce our official partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Middlesex Branch (CMHA Middlesex) of London, Ontario.

Digital Extremes
Digital Extremes Flashback 2014

The year 2018 is a mighty important one for Digital Extremes. We celebrated 's fifth anniversary on March 14. Now, we're fast approaching the 25th anniversary of Digital Extremes this December. In light of this incredible alignment of events, we genuflect today on the first of many noteworthy events that helped made Digital Extremes what it is today!
The Rise and Fall of Dreamcast

In this ten-year Dreamcast retrospective, Gamasutra looks back at Sega's last effort in the console market through interviews with former president of Sega of America Bernie Stolar, former Sega of America COO Peter Moore...
Grand Theft Auto IV Review

To watch the opening scenes of "Grand Theft Auto IV" is to experience the beginning of a new chapter in video game storytelling.
The Inspirational Story of the Place I First Saw Crysis 3

On the corner of Brannan and Embarcadero streets in San Francisco, CA., an entire block is dedicated to what appears to be a Mediterranean-style condo complex. I recently attended an Electronic Arts event there showing Crysis 3...
Scribblenauts game developer makes a risky bet

Everyone loves original games. But few developers take the risk of making them in the video game industry. Enter Jeremiah Slaczka, the creative director at game developer 5th Cell, dropped out of high school in his junior year. Working with his partner Joseph Tringali, he made a string of licensed cell phone games to get their company off the ground.
'GTA' multiplayer lets you and 15 pals cause havoc

I've often asked myself what I would do without a cell phone. In "Grand Theft Auto IV," just as in real life, the answer is simple: not much. Just as Rockstar Games created seamless transitions in past GTA titles, jumping from the single-player campaign to the new multiplayer component is as easy as pushing a button.
Warner Bros. greenlights Green Lantern game

Warner Bros. and game developer Double Helix have partnered to create an action-based video game slated around the comic book hero Green Lantern, VentureBeat has learned.

Edge Online
Looking Back: Nintendo's Fall, Part 1

Making sense of Nintendo before the success of the Wii. With the wildly successful Nintendo DS and Wii hitting record sales month after month, Nintendo looks like a million bucks. All of Nintendo's well calculated strategies...
And Now For Something Completely Different

Earlier this week I spoke with Rockstar's COO Terry Donovan about Rockstar Games' newest endeavor. He had hinted earlier in the summer that Rockstar was working on something new...
First BioShock Video

Feast your eyes on the very first video footage of Irrational's exceptional new game.