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Wendy Thompson

Bilingual Journalist

“I’ve seen mayhem, pain, outcry, dead...I always run to places where bad things just happened.”(–Manhattan Nights.) I’m a Freelance Bilingual journalist, a storyteller, a truth-digger. Tengo una “Ñ” en el brain. He visto el caos. La muerte, recién nacidos, dicha, tristeza, tragedia. Siempre corro hacia lugares donde algo malo ha sucedido; mirando, buscando las palabras, las arrugas, las patadas que te hagan leer el periódico.” (Parafraseado del filme “Mahattan Nights”.

Virginia Garner


Currently studying journalism at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA., I am a writer who strives to advocate for justice and create personal connections while conducting my work. I create personalized content that is unique and will stand out, and I want to share my talents. As a people person, my favorite part of being a writer is creating one-of-a-kind relationships with people as I write for and about them. Moving to a brand new city for college and not knowing anyone was a huge challenge, but in overcoming the obstacles I discovered myself as a writer and have met amazing people along the way. Here is my work from early 2020 until the present. My goal is to help businesses take their copy to the next level so they can thrive.


Katherine J. Igoe

Freelance Writer/Editor, Contributing Editor, Cosmopolitan

I'm passionate about telling interesting stories. My editorial beats are style, beauty, culture, and parenting, but I take assignments across a wide range of topics. Email or message me with ideas, freelance work, places to pitch, or speaking opportunities. I'm Massachusetts-based but available to work anywhere in the U.S. Bylines: Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Parents, Marie Claire, Mashable, The Boston Globe, Good Housekeeping, Harper's Bazaar, Seventeen, Prevention, Women's Health, Men's Health, Business Insider, Town and Country, The Oprah Magazine, Delish, etc. Email: [email protected]

Kevin L. Clark (@KevitoClark)

Editor / Journalist / Curator / Screenwriter / Brooklynite

I am a Brooklyn-based journalist and screenwriter who lives at the intersections of pop culture, music, film, and social justice reporting. If you’re here already, then you must have great taste, so let me not waste your time.

Kristin Palm

Freelance writer and editor

I'm a freelance writer, editor and grant writer based in Detroit, MI. I help nonprofits, educational institutions and social justice organizations hone their messages, tell their stories, advance their missions and raise funds. My work has been featured in The New York Times, the New York Daily News, the San Francisco Chronicle, Metropolis and numerous other outlets.


Timothy M. Cornish (Tim)

Marketing | Marketing Communications | Industrial Storytelling

Content creator with more than twenty years of B2B experience in Marketing/Marketing Communications, Product Management, and Direct Business Development Support. Focus on technological, engineering, and industrial markets for leaders in their respective space. Experience includes: • Content development, management over several mediums • External press releases • Technical writing/ghost writing • Website creation and management • Internal communications • Product management/marketing • Co-owner of Healthcare Provider <!-- Begin: HubSpot Academy - Inbound Badge --> <div class='academy-badge'> <a href='http://academy.hubspot.com/certification' title='Inbound'> <img src='http://api.hubapi.com/academy/v1/badge-image/EF3629590EE941E3AFC2CF5613DD0932' /> </a> </div> <!-- End: HubSpot Academy - Inbound Badge --> <!-- Begin: HubSpot Academy - Content Marketing Badge --> <div class='academy-badge'> <a href='http://academy.hubspot.com/certification' title='Content Marketing'> <img src='http://api.hubapi.com/academy/v1/badge-image/DA54FDA44B444013AC672D5F3CC6B958' /> </a> </div> <!-- End: HubSpot Academy - Content Marketing Badge --> <!-- Begin: HubSpot Academy - Email Marketing Badge --> <div class='academy-badge'> <a href='http://academy.hubspot.com/certification' title='Email Marketing'> <img src='http://api.hubapi.com/academy/v1/badge-image/9E6DC11AF87E45A3B74CAEB815520D1B' /> </a> </div> <!-- End: HubSpot Academy - Email Marketing Badge -->


Linda Troost

Professor of English, director of the undergraduate program in Professional Writing at Washington & Jefferson College

I am an expert on Jane Austen, especially on film adaptations of the novels. With Sayre Greenfield, I edited the first book on the adaptions: Jane Austen in Hollywood. I am also interested in transmediation--the transfer of a text from one medium into another.

Kelly N. Barahona


Hi there! I'm Kelly N. Barahona, a New York City lady in her mid-20s with a whimsical written voice. I'm a grant writer with tons of ambition and gusto. Animation has a soul (or an "anima" for the 1/2 Italian like me). Writing about happenings in the animation world -- films to screenings to panels -- is a passion of mine. Working in the non-profit sector is my bread and butter and I hope to put my writing skills to good use!

Jeremy Henderson

Award-winning features writer based in the South

I take a unique approach to telling stories. People seem to like it. My work has appeared in dozens of magazines, hundreds of newspapers. Contributor: Auburn Magazine, Al.com, Auburn Engineering, UNA Magazine, Minnesota Monthly, This Is Alabama, Project Cold Case, plenty more. Awards: Texas Press Association | 2009 First Place Award, Feature Writing. Morris Communications | Best Writing of 2009 CASE 2021 Circle of Excellence | Feature Writing "I honestly believe Jeremy is one of the best writers in Alabama... maybe the best." -- Candis Birchfield (www.candisbirchfield.com) "Henderson’s writing in this story makes the entry the clear winner... it shows a writer’s mind at work." -- Texas Press Association 2009 Better Newspaper Contest judges panel Get in touch: thewareaglereader [at] gmail.com


Michelle Ferrand

Freelance Writer

Hello! Michelle is a freelance writer currently carving a place for herself in the world of travel, wellness, lifestyle, and digital marketing. What She Does: - Features/Articles - Blogging - Copywriting - Ghost Writing - Script Writing Below is a roundup of her favorite pieces. Enjoy! Want to work together? Click the envelope button below or send her a message on LinkedIn or Instagram! Don't worry - she doesn't bite.