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Michelle Feder

writing and academic tutor

"Why is writing so hard?" Writing encompasses everything from coming up with ideas, planning, understanding the purpose of an assignment, shaping paragraphs, assembling sentences, to staying focused--down to the last spell-check. I want to help learners of every age find greater ease in self-expression, whether writing a college application essay, generating a paper of literary analysis, or studying vocabulary. I want them to become stronger readers, writers, thinkers. When I get to know new families, I strive to understand their goals, and I develop strategies to strengthen skills for every student. Whenever possible, I love to tailor the materials to their interests. In addition to overall language arts and humanities studies, I support students with language-based learning challenges, including dyslexia and dysgraphia. To better serve all learners, I studied Wired for Reading, a kid-friendly linguistics program designed to strengthen reading, spelling, and vocabulary. Past elementary school, few schools continue to focus on writing fundamentals. So for many students, with all kinds of minds, a structured approach, beginning at the sentence level, is the place to start. Before becoming a mentor for writing and learning, I worked as a journalist and writer for Microsoft and other Seattle-area ventures. As a writer, I tell stories through a human lens, designed to make businesses grow and individual lives better. Bringing together my professional background in communications and my passion for lifelong learning, I encourage a skill-based, conversational writing and thinking process with time-tested tools, craft, and heart. Whether your focus is remediation, enrichment, or simply COVID-era homework, I'm happy to be a resource. [email protected]

James Teague

Content Curator

Born in Chicago and raised in South Florida, I (Just JayyTee) am a journalist and enthusiast of all things hip-hop, rap, & R&B. From my notebook to the computer screen, this portfolio serves as a collection of my thoughts and provides a voice to the missing parts of these urban music worlds.

Ashley Wegner

Writer and Editor

For more than 20 years, I've written about people, places, trends and events in Omaha, first as the arts reporter for the Omaha World-Herald, then in public relations and development for various organizations. These days, I love my job freelance writing for both local and national publications as well as providing providing communications support for various businesses through articles, speeches, newsletters, press releases, Web copy, brochures, grant proposals and presentations. One of my favorite parts of the job is taking on new projects and challenges, so if your organization needs writing or editing support, I'd love to hear from you.


Ellen Friedrichs

Health & Sexuality Educator & Writer

I'm a health educator and writer. I am the author of the book, "Good Sexual Citizenship: How to Create a (Sexually) Safer World" (Cleis Press: 2019). My writing has appeared in places including, the Washington Post, the HuffPost, Rewire News and Healthline. Back in the day I wrote for everydayfeminism.com, ran About.com's LGBT Teens site and was the sex ed expert for gURL.com. These days, I answer sex and relationship questions on the Okayso app. Much of my writing is related to health and sexuality (both of the adolescent and the adult variety), and some of it covers my experiences parenting. Contact me at [email protected]

Breanna Grow

News Correspondent

I work as a full-time fundraiser for the nonprofit Community Health Care Clinic in Normal, IL, where I also contribute to NPR member station WGLT as a part-time news correspondent. I'm a 2015 graduate of the Illinois State University School of Communication, where I majored in journalism and minored in civic engagement.


Beth-Ann Belthoff

Writer I Author I Creative

Clear. Correct. Creative. Content. I set up a story to tell, keep it on brand, and deliver it on time. I have experience in writing for a variety of clients including: a National Bookstore chain, National Land Developer, real estate agents, and a life coach. I’ve authored a humor column, written news articles and a children’s book. I have a deep interest in people and their experiences and have a strong ability to write uplifting pieces that express the human spirit and engage the reader. Below is a list of skills and a few clips of my work. You can read more at https://thebeth-annalternative.com. If you need to produce well-written material, please reach out to me at [email protected] Experienced in the following: Blogging Ghost writing Social media content creation RFPs Awards submission copy Interpretive panels Interviewing Research Editing AP Style Guide Adobe Creative Suite Attention to detail and deadline driven


Beth Anne Larson

Rockstar writer, project manager, editor

What's your story? We're all more than what we do for a living. Nonetheless, for a portfolio site, I'll share what I'm passionate about in my working life. What lights my fire is helping people realize their own stories. It's about asking the right questions, in just the right way to get the details and the spirit of it all. You can read more about my work history and experience in my resume below and check out some of my writing samples, including videos, for which I wrote the scripts and storyboards. To view them, click the play icon, then enter password "viewme." Thanks for visiting!


Jennifer Postel-Giambi


Communications professional with 10 years of industry experience and a passion for communicating with a purpose. CORE COMPETENCIES Public Relations ● Brand Management ● Social Media ● Copywriting ● Marketing Communications ● Fundraising & Development ● Multimedia Campaign Development ● Newsletter Production ● Media & Community Relations ● Proofing & Editing ● Event Management and Planning ● Adobe Creative Suite

Ryan Kelley

Content Developer, Editor & Strategist

I'm passionate about developing compelling content that engages and educates. I love working with experts, academics, and other smart people who "can't write," but are itching to communicate.


Jeremy Henderson

Award-winning features writer based in Alabama

I take an unconventional approach to stories. People seem to like it. My work is regularly picked up by the AP and has appeared in hundreds of newspapers. Contributor: Auburn Magazine, Al.com, Project Cold Case, Auburn Engineering, UNA Magazine, The Coloradan, University of Minnesota Magazine, This Is Alabama, plenty more. Awards: Texas Press Association | 2009 First Place Award, Feature Writing. Morris Communications | Best Writing of 2009 "I honestly believe Jeremy is one of the best writers in the state... maybe the best." -- Candis Birchfield (www.candisbirchfield.com) Get in touch: thewareaglereader [at] gmail.com