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Jayne Denker

Writer, blogger, content manager, editor, copyeditor, proofreader, transcriptionist

I've been a writer all my life (had my first commissioned poem at nine years old!) and against all odds I've been employed as a writer or editor for the vast majority of my professional career, including as a features writer, science editor, and content manager for a news website, among other assignments. I'm also an author (six novels published, seventh and eighth on the way). A few samples are included here, more available upon request.

Melissa Long (Wallace)

Content Marketing & Copywriting Professional

This portfolio is a collection of my copywriting work at various companies throughout my career. With over ten years of experience in B2B brand, content, and sales marketing, I am passionate about implementing marketing processes that help move the needle on business. I excel at identifying and targeting audience personas and creating engaging content that focuses on meeting customer needs. As a member of an industry inundated with technology jargon, I strive to find the concise messaging that levels the playing field; bringing Goliath concepts to the Davids of the world. I am a quick study and thoughtful team player, with an empathetic heart and a keen eye for grammar and punctuation. I am a TCNJ graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism & Professional Writing. I am New Jersey born and raised, but spent several years working and living in New York City. My hobbies and loves in life include writing, Bruce Springsteen, my pug (Apollo), baking, reading, and watching YouTube videos of tiny home tours.


Heather Richardson

Freelance Writer

Heather Richardson is a Tennessee-based writer and storyteller specializing in community and people profiles, corporate storytelling and business content writing. She has more than a decade of experience in the writing industry with a varied project range including news articles, feature stories, reviews, blog posts, website content, and academic writing. Whether you are a business with a plan or a person with a dream, starting a project can be challenging. Continuing a project can often be tedious. In working with Heather, you and your team can expect engaging content that showcases the heart and energy of your plans and dreams and reaches your audience with authenticity and purpose. The stories we create drive the dreams we actually get to live. Ready to live your dream? Let’s hear your story.


Thomas H. Ward Books

Author, Teacher, Storyteller, Entrepreneur, and Engineer

Need a writer for books, brochures, website content, technical articles, or for story- telling, then let me help you. I write in a manner that reflects how everyday people speak and act. Please scan through my portfolio and book summaries below. I think you will agree they are clear and understandable, thereby sparking your interest. Maybe, you will end up buying one of my books because of that book description. Yes, I think you will do just that. All it takes is the right words that provide a spark of interest to the reader. So, which one of my books do you want to read? Thank you for reading my Portfolio. Let me help your company. Let me help your business increase sales and/or readers. I have over 30 years experience in international sales and marketing which you can use to gain customers and/or readers. A number of my books have been Amazon best sellers in their genre. Summary of Education and Experience: Thomas H. Ward, prior to becoming an Author, was a Metallurgical Engineer and Business Owner. He obtained an MBA in International Business. Having traveled extensively to thirteen different countries his favorite ones are China, Japan, and South Korea where he was based for a period of time. He has made 150 trips to Asian and Europe over a 20 year time period. He owned and operated three different types of businesses before becoming a Teacher. Subjects he teaches are high school reading, writing, math, history, and business. Thomas has published twenty-seven books on Amazon. Eight of these are non-fiction with four being related to international business, accounting, and investments. Nineteen books are fiction stories. A special note: Ward's book "TEMPLARS QUEST TRILOGY: THE LOST ARK." won a 2018 President's Award from the Florida Author and Publishers Association for a historical fiction story. Some of the books are included in this portfolio. Ward started writing white papers, technical manuals, and business books years ago. He has composed over 40 white papers, many on Associated Content in the past, before Yahoo closed the site. The papers cover a wide variety of subjects such as; travel, guns, investments, business, global warming theory, quality control manuals, and engineering reports. Ward has also written website content for three websites which are; Kemco International Associates, Great Earth Vitamin Stores, and Premium Nutritional Products. Ward's industrial experience in manufacturing included writing process control manuals, test reports, assembly instructions, and inspection procedures, which provide a well rounded background. "In every truth there is non-truth, in every fiction there is non-fiction." ~Thomas H. Ward

Grant Gross

Writer and editor focused on cybersecurity

I'm the senior writer of marketing content at ExtraHop, a cybersecurity company focused on network detection and response solutions. I'm also a veteran journalist with more than 20 years of experience writing about technology and the intersection of technology and public policy. My stories have appeared at PCWorld.com, Computerworld.com, NYTimes.com, WashingtonPost.com, ABCNews.go.com, and in CIO magazine. I've worked as a tech-focused freelance writer and editor since mid-2017. I've written stories for cybersecurity and privacy news site The-Parallax.com, for HPE's Enterprise.nxt tech trends website, for IBM's SecurityIntelligence.com, for the Washington Examiner, and for ServiceNow's new Workflow magazine. As a freelancer, I've written extensively about artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and tech policy. I've also written white papers, op-ed pieces, marketing materials, and blog posts for several other organizations, including the Internet Society and the Internet Engineering Task Force. Previously, I worked as senior editor at IDG News Service, the internal wire service at IDG, publishers of PCWorld, MacWorld, Computerworld, and many other prominent tech news websites. I served as the Washington, D.C., correspondent there for nearly 13 years. I've covered net neutrality fights in the U.S. Congress and the Federal Communications Commission, revelations of mass surveillance programs at the National Security Agency, and huge online protests over a controversial online copyright enforcement bill. As a tech policy expert, I've appeared on C-SPAN and the giant NTN24 Spanish-language cable news network. From someone who has edited hundreds of my stories: Grant is "an exceptional reporter, an especially strong writer, both on impossible deadlines and with analysis and other long-form stories, and a talented editor. His long-time direct supervisor refers to him as 'unflappable,' and I can think of no better way to describe his demeanor. We should all aspire to be so cool. Harried editors take note: Grant is a dream to edit, the sort of reporter you will wish again and again that you could clone." From another editor: "Grant is one of the top journalists I’ve worked with in my career. He’s a total pro and can do it all: reporting, writing, and editing. As a reporter and writer, he is fast, accurate and has a knack for quickly digging up sources on just about any topic. Over the years, as the IDG News Service’s Washington correspondent, he developed a deep understanding of the technology policy issues that have risen to the top of the national consciousness. He is unflappable, thoughtful and conscientious ... It’s been a godsend to work with a journalist like Grant, who seems to have had the uncanny ability to anticipate the needs of the news team on a daily basis." My other interests include music and bass guitar, baseball and the Baltimore Orioles, tinkering and building, video gaming and getting beat by my kid while video gaming. Contact me: [email protected].

Christina Cicchelli

Freelance Writer and Videographer

Hello! I'm a freelance writer, developmental editor and proofreader with over 4 years of experience in content marketing, PR, and print. I love working with clients in need of someone with a strong work ethic and an eye for the written word.


Mark Andel

Irreverent, but well-meaning

English teacher, newspaper reporter, columnist, blogger, novelist, abstract painter, nonprofit donor letter writer, and corporate communications guy.

Karen M. Peterson

Film Critic, Podcaster, Freelance Entertainment Journalist

With ten years of experience in entertainment journalism and film criticism, Karen is a Los Angeles-based film critic, podcaster, and writer. She worked as a staff writer and then assistant editor for the entertainment site AwardsCircuit.com until it closed in 2020. She then spent two years as the Awards Editor at We Live Entertainment. She currently freelances with bylines at Variety and Awards Daily, in addition to her work with Citizen Dame, the podcast and website she co-owns and edits. Additionally, she co-hosts the Watch and Talk film and TV podcast. Karen is particularly interested in the craft of filmmaking, celebrating marginalized filmmakers, and analyzing entertainment awards races. Her work has taken her to film festivals including Sundance, SXSW, Hamptons International Film Festival, AFI, and Animation Is Film, as well as red carpet events and press rooms for the Independent Spirit Awards, the Critics Choice Awards, ACE Eddies, and the Oscars.

Shannon Layne Nomann

Copywriter. UX Writer. Editor.

I am an expert writer, first and foremost. I'm also a sharp, decisive, collaborative-when-needed editor. If it has words, it's in my area of expertise. I have years of experience writing and editing marketing, brand, UX, and creative messaging in the B2C and B2B tech sphere for digital and print channels. I also excel in writing messaging for creative campaigns, acquisition and retention strategy, product and feature launches, and more. I have the most experience writing for web/digital (landing pages, headlines, etc.) and email (leads acquisition, feature awareness, winback, retention, etc.) but am confident in ads, blog, editorial, video, brochures and white papers, direct mail, and just about anything else. I am also experienced in UX writing, working in collaboration with designers on projects like in-app copy and notifications, service emails, purchase and cart flow, web pages, and more. Experienced in use of Outlook, Google Suite, Figma, Wrike, JIRA, and more. I’m the author of thirteen YA books published by EPIC Press, a division of ABDO publishing. I love to read and write fiction. In my spare time I love to hike and camp, go to the beach, and travel with my wife, who is a veterinarian. Fun Facts Favorite places: Mendocino County, Lake Tahoe, Maui, Italy, Yosemite Raised in Humboldt County, CA. Last read: 'The Return of the King,' Tolkien; 'Lonesome Dove,' Larry McMurtry Currently reading: 'A Court of Thrones & Roses' series, Sarah J. Maas


Amy Lordan

Freelance Writer

Experienced freelance writer with a focus on arts journalism. 10+ years writing for various publications including Library Journal, Examiner.com, and CBS Local. Creator of the pop culture blog Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind. Formerly known as Amy Galante.