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Joseph Case

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

Dad. IB history teacher. dog walker. writing a collection of Southern Gothicky short stories entitled Pillburne, Arkansas.

The limit on this website is 9 "clips" and almost all the ones I uploaded are via PDF, which only open on computers, or at least not on iPhones.

For inquiries contact [email protected]

Santa Fean NOW
Southwestern Bohemia: Literary Haunts of Old Santa Fe

It's 9:00 on a cool September morning in 1922. The sharpness of the high-altitude sun summons the redness of the mesas as D.H. Lawrence travels to Santa Fe, a small adobe town in the distance enshrouded by mountains.

Santa Fean
Behind Santa Fe's Oldest Bars

The low red lights of the Palace Restaurant and Saloon recall its Wild West days as La Dona Tules's infamous gambling house.

Cultured Vultures
the last painting of sara de vos Archives | Cultured Vultures

Dominic Smith’s historical-fiction meets mystery novel, The Last Painting of Sara de Vos, recently won Amazon’s best book of the month. His Sara de Vos is a fictional artist, inspired by the lives and paintings of Sara van Baalbergen and Judith Leyster, the first two women painters to be admitted to a Guild of St. Luke in the Netherlands. Setting out to fill in the “gaps and silences of art history,” Smith uses

Santa Fean
Santa Fe's Digital Pulse

"THE MUSIC HELPS TO PROVIDE a rhythm for each composition," says local artist Mike Namigha of his new collection. "In each one I thought of the abstract expressionists, how they could attack a canvas - and that's what I wanted to do, only with a camera and using light as my brush."

Santa Fean Holiday Issue
Art Previews (5)

Galloway's photographs reflect the timelessness of the gifts around us - the beautiful nature that will exist long after the churning wheel of ages has passed us by. Originally from the bucolic hills of Arkansas...

Santa Fean NOW
Soft: An Art Review

The 20 photographs exhibiting in Soft each create their own poetic evocation of this theme with images ranging from abstracts to portraits. It's their use of gentle light, such as Mark Berndt's implementation of light bouncing off glass, or Dianne Duenzl's ability to capture affection, that reflect the quite moments often lost in the loud noise.

Santa Fean
The Art of Planning: IFAM

For three days in July, folk artists from around the world assemble on Museum Hill, where they display their artwork for 20,000 visitors and shoppers.

Santa Fean History Issue
Becoming a Steward of History

THE UNITED STATES' OLDEST CAPITAL CITY, Santa Fe is considered one of the most beautiful and historic places in the country. It also offers the opportunity to own historic properties, from old Spanish forts and Territorial-style homes of renowned artists and writers to old adobe ranch dwellings.

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