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stephen waniewski

Social Media Manager

Social media manager with experience creating content and managing accounts across several platforms. I have a history of social media work ranging from fine dining restaurants to real estate.

Michael Smith

Communications specialist

I’m a multimedia communications specialist with more than 25 years of experience. I work well under deadline pressure, am detail-oriented and possess outstanding organizational skills and creativity.


Dave Millhouser

Underwater photographer/Independent writer

Based in Gloucester Mass, specializing in the Motorcoach Industry and underwater/scuba topics. Having spent a number of decades in the motorcoach transportation business, I now write news articles and opinion columns for trade publications. Over ten years a regular column in Bus and Motorcoach News explored that industry's issues, often with a humorous take. A parallel career in underwater photography and writing has been a part time, but very rewarding, endeavor. You get to decide if those offerings are eclectic... or schizophrenic. [email protected]


Rachel Garris

I build impactful messaging for memorable brands. My content turns complex concepts into clear, simple campaigns built to perform. With a versatile background covering many industries and clients, I can't wait to help you bring your vision to life. Below are examples of my long and short-form content - including ad campaigns, customer success stories, case studies, white papers, event messaging and landing pages, press releases, email marketing, web copy, technical articles, opinion articles, and more. Please reach out at [email protected] for inquiries.


Jay Krieger

Freelance Writer & Podcaster

Jay Krieger is a freelance writer and podcaster with a focus on film. In addition to covering games and film for websites such as Bloody Disgusting, Dread XP, Killer Horror Critics, and Cultured Vultures, Jay hosts and produces the weekly horror video game podcast Safe Room (part of Bloody Disgusting's Bloody FM podcast network), as well as the Daily Horror Habit a weekly horror movie discussion podcast. If you are interested in his work, please contact Jay via email: Jaykrieger7(at)Gmail.com.

Vicki Powers

Words have taken me places and given me opportunities I never imagined. And it all started with a 7th-grade journalism class. I have experience writing all types of content including web copy, social media content, case studies, blogs, white papers, and more. I'm a strategic storyteller who loves sharing success stories of people and organizations. I have broad communications experience in corporate, nonprofit, and freelance writing with national clips in Entrepreneur and United Airline's magazine. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and started a hyperlocal site, Houston on the Cheap. I sold it in 2018 after publishing content for 9 years reaching 10+ million pageviews. My site was much more than a calendar -- but also a community. Readers shared how my site changed their life -- like the single mom who wrote how she wouldn't have had such an amazing summer with her kids if not for ideas from Houston on the Cheap.


Vanessa Burke

Senior Writer & Editor

If you had to live with one gift, what would it be? My answer: writing, hands down. Since I began the journey to write, edit and proofread, I've traveled across a landscape decorated with a diversity of print, digital, short- and long-term projects. I invite you to peruse a snapshot of my experience.


Barbara M. T. Cavanaugh RN, BSN

Nurse, Healthcare Recruiter, Health and Medical Writer and Curriculum Designer

I am a nurse,healthcare recruiter, researcher, writer, and talent acquisition specialist with over 20 years experience. I am 9 credits shy of completing my masters degree in nursing education and curriculum development. I have worked as a freelancer and taught as an adjunct instructor for 6 years and loved every minute of it. I love researching and writing in a varity of areas including academic and medical research project, IRB proposals, study design and methology and literature reviews. I have experience in both qualitative and quanitative research. I also love educating others and have experience writing CEU courses, test question practice materials, curriculum design (both online or classroom), and writing quality content pieces for blogs, patient and professional education, and clinical/practice material. I have numerous sample pieces available and work effectively and efficiently to produce excellent pieces that stand out from the crowd.


Joan Gralla

General Assignment Reporter, Newsday

I adore breaking news, excel at finding the sources to do so and spotting holes in what's presented -- hopefully improving the outcome. It’s wonderful working with such a talented group excelling in so many areas, including video and graphics. No newcomers to SEO. My hope is my public service aims, starting with my Reuters Holocaust restitution series, will appeal to you. Researching, spotting a new angle -- and then writing as simply as possible to truly explain complex problems, from global warming to COVID-19, are some of my strong suits. Curiosity always serves me well. For Reuters, where I worked most of my career, I covered many financial markets; New York, NYC and states from Maine to Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas, reporting on all manner of policies, legislation and budgets. Breaking news with New York City's budgets was one strength. Covering 9/11 -- from the attack through the reconstruction -- later led me to report for Newsday about flawed safety gear provided often immigrant asbestos workers. For Reuters TV, I interviewed a few dozen governors, treasurers, mayors and the like; wrote companion stories; gave live reports. I've co-moderated Crain's Business Breakfast panels; spoken on journalism panels. A Loyola Law School public service fellowship was wonderful. Recently I was on "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace at 7 minutes, 29, 36, 39, 42, for example. https://omny.fm/shows/crime-stories-with-nancy-grace/loving-dad-of-3-at-sons-college-family-weekend-sho. At Reuters, I regularly led competitors covering precious metals, debt, equities and energy -- a highlight was the UN-Iraq oil-for-food talks, a lengthy assignment. My multi-year Holocaust series began when NYC axed a Swiss bank from a bond sale. Two days later that was a front page New York Times story; that wasn't the first; I've had to match them too. Local, national, such as the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, and global media often ran my stories outlining talks between advocates, governments, museums, rail roads, banks and insurers. I also put Reuters first with the U.S. EPA's demand NYC cleanse its water with a new plant the city said cost too much. That was a bit of a merry-go-round. A recent Newsday story about stiffer rules for wastewater plants benefited from my in-depth experience reporting on this problem. So did a story on the curtailed lives of the oysters planted in New York Harbor's restoration programs. Previous stints: Securities Week, Physicians Financial News, the Research Institute of America, The Wall Street Transcript. Thank you for considering me, Joan

Killian Hagen

Senior Copywriter at WP Engine

Professional writer in Austin, Texas. I never stop thinking up ideas from mild to wild, and enthusiastically bring people together to make it happen with a smile. My passion is inspiring the world through creative brand executions with words, imagery, and experiences. Click the bolded headlines or images below to best render content.