Elizabeth Enochs

Freelance Writer & Journalist

United States

Liz Enochs is a writer and journalist from southeast Missouri. She's the author of the nonfiction prose chapbook, "Leaving The House Unlocked." She's written for Bustle, Narratively, USA Today, HelloGiggles, Leafly, PS, The Establishment, New Now Next, The St. Louis Post Dispatch, The Southeast Missourian, The Columbia Missourian, The Dodo, and a few others.

What Jane Goodall Wants You To Remember When You Think You Can't Make A Difference

You probably know about Dr. Jane Goodall's revolutionary work with chimpanzees, but how well do you really know her? Since the 1960s, the 83-year-old scientist's work with chimps has challenged the scientific community to redefine what it means to be human, and accept the fact that non-human animals have minds, personalities, and emotions.

Missouri Life Magazine
Plant-Based Comfort Food at Trio * Missouri Life Magazine

About one mile west of the Mississippi River stands Trio Restaurant-a 100 percent plant-based eatery in downtown Cape Girardeau. Yvonne Randolph and Laura Schumpert, friends since 2017, opened Trio in July 2019, when the lack of vegetarian fare in Cape inspired them.

14 essential vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the American South

If there's any food for which the American South is known best, it's probably meat-heavy comfort foods. Slow-smoked meat is king across great swaths of the South - like Texas, Tennessee and The Carolinas - and seafood-heavy Creole and Cajun cuisine reigns supreme in New Orleans.