Nathan Simone

Freelance Writer

Location icon United States

I'm a lifelong writer, formally trained in Journalism at Auburn University in 2013.

Comfortable with all genres of writing, but prefer creative and business writing the most. Easily able to distill and craft human pieces out of technical jargon. No stranger to SEO and slipping random facts or keywords into marketing pieces.

Lover of Bitcoin, freedom, and art. These things never get boring to write about.

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Client Marketing Document
Breaking the Beam

Minimalist Modern Whitepaper for AIStorm

Marketing Document
Keeping the Beat

Minimalist Modern Whitepaper for Linear Dimensions


Living Democracy Project
Getting a JumpstART in Elba

Living Democracy fellow Sierra Lehnhoff gave her contributions to Elba a jumpstart Tuesday, June 4, when she introduced herself to the Elba Rotary Club and held an art class on the second floor of the Jared & Brunson law offices in downtown Elba.

Living Democracy Project
The Collinsville Knights of the Round Table

Every town has that early morning meeting spot for the local bigwigs. A place for the movers and shakers to have a cup of coffee, slap some gravy on a couple of biscuits and get local news the way it was disseminated for centuries before the printing press: conversation.

Creative Writing

If Kerouac Had Bitcoin

Admittedly, Jack Kerouac is not the best role model for a conventionally stable life of security and comfort in America (regardless of the era).

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