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Abby Hassler

Content Creation Manager

I am a writer, editor, and project manager with a master's degree in English with a concentration in Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics. Currently, I work as a Content Creation Manager for a Knoxville, Tennessee, strategic communications firm that specializes in advanced energy, technology, and economic development sectors. With seven years of experience, I have relevant skills in project management, writing/editing, qualitative research, technical document design, strategic communications, and nonprofit work. My most recent clips can be found on my clients' websites. Please reach out with any questions to: [email protected]


Elizabeth Barmeier

Multimedia Journalist

DIGITAL REPORTER/WEB PRODUCER June 2021-Present Fox 2/KPLR 11 is a television station in St. Louis. As a web producer and digital reporter, I post stories and videos to Fox 2's website and social media that were aired during a news broadcast. I edit on-air reporters' scripts and transform them into stories for the website. I livestream breaking news, press events and regular news segments to Facebook and the website. I additionally write 3-5 news and feature stories on a daily basis for online, as well as develop original story ideas. FREELANCER Nov. 2020-May2021 West Newsmagazine is a bimonthly publication where I wrote a minimum of four news stories per month. As a freelancer, I attended city meetings for Town & Country and Ellisville municipalities and I reported on significant agenda items from those meetings. EDITOR May 2017-Jan. 2020 The Missourian is a biweekly paper, where I wrote seven to 10 news and feature stories, and published numerous original photos on a weekly basis. As the St. Clair editor, I attended city, school and county meetings, as well as community events. Most of the people I interviewed were prominent members of the city and Franklin County communities. For each paper, I assisted a page designer with designing the section. Together, we placed my stories and photos to fill three pages. I also proofread copy before it went to print. Deadline was always met. I wrote a weekly column about a variety of local and national topics. I won first place in the National Newspaper Association contest for my column about National Walkout Day. I also won other awards for my news stories and photos from the Missouri Press Association. Not only did I write stories and capture photos for print, but I also posted them online and to social media platforms. In addition to my regular duties, I provided interesting stories about senior residents for the monthly Senior Life Times publication. Most of my time was spent working independently, however, I enjoyed working in collaboration with my colleagues.


Daniel Goldblatt

Media Literacy Instructor

As a communications expert with more than a decade of experience delivering information in a multi-media environment, I believe in utilizing a broad variety of medium to reach as many people as possible in the most effective and efficient manners. In addition to expertise in web publishing, video editing, production, and storytelling, I have a strong familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite and all Microsoft Office programs.


Grace M. Taylor

Freelance Journalist, Content and Blog Writer (SEO), Copywriter, Editor, etc.

In 2018 I graduated from Western Washington University with a major in P.P.E. (politics, philosophy and economics) and a minor in journalism (news/editorial). During my time at WWU I gained crucial experience with research, academic and creative writing, fast-paced newsroom functions and publication requirements (copywriting, editing, InDesign/Adobe, SEO functions and content writing as a whole). Since graduation, I have gained both professional and personal writing experience. Some of my professional experiences include SEO content, blog editing and content creation, community advocacy reporting, travel magazine content and so on. My personal writing is more focused in topics ranging from consciousness and mindfulness, to creative storytelling. As time swirls by, I really just want to continue learning and expanding my skillsets and my written voice. My writing style connects deeply with readers through vivid storytelling and accurate reporting. I bring the curation of my experiences with mindfulness, political and ethical theory, and my education in journalism, to every piece. I have a strong attention to detail. Meaning, I am a strong and meticulous editor, researcher and content creator. I pride myself on professionalism and effective, ethical journalism. "Attached to nothing, connected to everything."


Gabrielle Simpson-Hass

Marketing Content Specialist

There's nothing quite like a personal voice to make an organization stand out. The internet is a big place - to connect with your chosen audience, it's important to make a genuine connection. My driving purpose is to help people find the information they need to achieve their goals. Whether that's through writing top-shelf content for brands as diverse as law offices and horticultural websites, or teaching voice lessons in my personal music studio, connecting people with information is always my core objective. By creating unique voices and content for every client and connecting with each student, I aim to help increase others' knowledge in a real way. My experience as a content creator and an artist has given me a deep understanding of the importance of branding and inspiring consumers. It has also given me the skills that allow me to create connections in a variety of mediums. Social media marketing, SEO-oriented content creation, long-form content development, and website creation are just a few of the specialties I use daily to support my own and others' brands while making the Web a better place.


Marissa Phillips

Copywriter / Content Creator

I am a PA-based writer with nearly 15 years of experience writing across different industries. I strive to create content that informs, as well as engages my readers. Ultimately, I am fueled by my desire to learn more about the world around me.


Lynn Marie Hulsman


Lynn Marie Hulsman is a novelist, journalist, lifestyle writer, health and wellness blogger, cookbook author, co-writer, and ghost writer. Her books have been published with HarperCollins UK, The Running Press, and Clarkson Potter, among others. She has written articles and blogged for Withings, Orvis, Man of the Hour Magazine, The Forward, We Heart Writing, HarperImpulse and more. Lynn Marie spent years in high-pressure production work editing and proofreading for Big Pharma. She works as a Creative Ideation Agent, specializing in concept writing and product optimization through Thoughtly Crew in Chicago. She co-founded and performed with the popular all-woman sketch comedy group Hits Like a Girl that performed at Caroline's, and The Big Stinkin' Comedy Festival in Austin.She performed stand-up comedy regularly at Don't Tell Mama, and co-hosted an long-running, all-woman comedy show at Rose's Turn, which often featured Jim Gaffigan. She also brings to the table a background in direct marketing and advertising.

Lisa Newhouse

Copywriter/Content Marketing Specialist

I'm a former pharmaceutical salesperson who uses my sales skills to write persuasive copy with the intent to increase sales by accelerating customers through marketing funnels. I have been writing the Children's Factory blog for the last 3 years. (Probably 95% written in that time frame are mine.) I built our Amazon Storefront and wrote the copy. (Find it at: https://www.amazon.com/stores/ChildrensFactory/page/17C62F9A-3416-4E6D-8B53-F39DE3B35005?ref_=ast_bln) Sales have doubled in 2022, which is largely due to me improving the UI/UX. We are on track to sell more than 1.15 million in 2022.


Nicoletta Richardson

Editor / Writer / Reporter

Nicoletta Richardson currently works as Trending Editor at TODAY Digital, where she's part of a dynamic morning team and ideates, edits, and reports on entertainment trends and breaking news — from the latest TV show that the internet is buzzing about to uplifting stories in the face of political turmoil. Previously, she was Entertainment Editor at Apartment Therapy Media, where she built out and shaped the brand’s entertainment section. In addition to her full-time job, Nicoletta is a freelance travel writer and editor, and her work has appeared in Thrillist, Women’s Health, AFAR, Tasting Table, Travel + Leisure, National Geographic (Kids), and kimkim, among others. A graduate from Fairfield University, Nicoletta majored in English and minored in Art History and Anthropology, and she loves to embrace her Greek identity in both her professional and personal life (she not-so-secretly dreams of traveling to Greece someday soon to explore her family lineage further!). She is also a certified fitness instructor and loves to share her passion for fitness through teaching classes, writing about wellness, and sharing inspiration on her Instagram. Come join her next virtual class! Enjoy reading through some of her recent clippings below, and feel free to reach out! Email: [email protected]

Kathryn Funk

Content Writer

I am a writer, communicator and side entrepreneur. Hailing from Appalachia, I pride myself as a natural-born storyteller. Through my experiences of living, working, and traveling abroad I've developed an engaging yet digestible voice. My professional specialties are balanced between acting as an outward-facing company representative to writing evergreen content, thought pieces, on-the-pulse news, social media copy and email campaigns. When it comes to editing, I can maintain an existing tone or breathe in a fresh one. Beyond being a wordsmith, I am a wanderer who colors outside the lines. I thrive in lively cities yet enjoy the serenity of an enduring hike in the hills or open water swim. Observing cultures and indulging the tasty foods alight me, but my idea of fun is little more than a good conversation over a dark beer.