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I'm an Austin, TX based writer with almost a decade of experience working for technology companies like Blizzard Entertainment and Applied Materials. Having several technical support rolls has helped me hone my ability to communicate complex technical jargon as heavily or lightly as needed so that my readers can get what they want.


Customer facing technical documents

Blizzard Entertainment (older version, revised)
Installing video drivers for our software

This is an example of the kind of documentation I would supply for our website and for direct customer contacts. I have revised it for modern issues, but the support site has overgone several changes and revamps. This is an older article.

Internal Whole Foods Market document.
How to fix Microsoft Outlook error.

This is a sample of a custom article I would send to users who contact us through email or tickets. This article deals with fixing a variety of issues in Outlook.

Blizzard Entertainment - Internal (info out of date)
Item Restoration Requests Guide

This was an internal article written as a guide for any customer support employee to be able to understand and act on in-game item restorations. Links have been removed as they linked to internal network. This data is long-since out of date. From what I understand, it is not reflective of any current policies.

News and features.

Zelda Universe
Nintendo announces new president, Shuntaro Furukawa - Zelda Universe

Nintendo's newest financial report in Kyoto saw the beginning of a change in leadership for the company as current acting president Tatsumi Kimishima prepares to step down for Shuntaro Furukawa to take the helm. Furukawa, 46, has been with the company since 1994 after falling in love with the NES.

Zelda Universe
Nintendo announces new Switch charging stand available next month - Zelda Universe

Do you love playing Nintendo Switch in Tabletop mode, but hate it when you forget to charge it beforehand? Then does Nintendo have something coming down the pipeline for you! Releasing July 13 of this year, the Adjustable Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch will allow lovers of Tabletop mode to play while charging, and at a more comfortable viewing angle.

Zelda Universe
Mother's Day: A link to his past - Zelda Universe

What was your first video game memory? Was someone else a part of that memory? Was there a specific game? For Michael, my partner, it was playing Link's Awakening with his mother on their Game Boy. They weren't a well-off family growing up in a remote part of Colorado, so the Game Boy was a luxury item for them.