Lee kolinsky

Lee Kolinsky

Copywriter, Screenwriter

Location icon United States

I am an award-winning writer focused on leading effective content initiatives. My knowledge covers an array of subjects including healthcare, industrial supply, film. finance, retail, entertainment and lifestyle. My goal is to build data-driven strategies for clients and support the development of results-oriented content.

MSC Industrial Supply
Safety Training

Stay well-informed with innovative solutions and safety regulations that are essential for our customers.

DoubleDay Entertainment
Behavioral Science Sample

Behavioral Science Book Club material I have written. This was a bi-weekly publication.

DoubleDay Entertainment
HealthCare Professionals Book Service

Full HealthCare catalogue I wrote for DoubleDay. This was written on a bi-weekly basis. NOTE: Please download to see whole catalog.

DoubleDay Entertainment
Merchandise Copywriting Samples

Samples of my merchandise copywriting work from various publications at Bookspan/DoubleDay Entertainment

Common Ground Sizzle Reel

Common Ground brings law enforcement and youths together as they take an opportunity to network, connect, and understand one another by building positive relationships. They discuss how to handle encounters with one another and overcome historically, negative interactions that have resulted in distrust, a lack of respect and violence on both sides. Moderated by Alicia Nieves, Written by Lee Kolinsky, Directed by Joseph A. Halsey

MSC Industrial Supply
Account Administration User Video

Discover how to use MSC’s Account Administration page. This video provides information on adding new approvers and users, setup of spending limitations for approvers, setting permissions for the addition of shipping addresses and control the visibility into a user’s order history.

MSC Industrial Supply
Customer Part Number Guide Video

Find out how to tailor your frequently purchased MSC items by setting up your own part numbers. Each part number that you customize can be found in the keyword search bar, product detail page, shopping cart and order history on mscdirect.com when logged into your account. This feature is set up by administrative account holders and is available upon creation, however all users for the account can search by the custom part numbers.