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Danielle Parenteau-Decker

Managing Editor, Richmond Pulse

Location icon United States

I specialize in poverty, environment and local government reporting. I have a Masters of Journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor's in journalism from San Francisco State University. I am primarily a writer and editor, but I also have experience with photography, code, design, video and audio.

Richmond Pulse | Youth-led community news for Richmond, CA
Tax Day 2021: What You Need to Know

Federal and California taxes are not due until May 17. That is one of the key changes this tax season because of the pandemic and the American Rescue Plan.

Richmond Pulse | Youth-led community news for Richmond, CA
Voting Districts Are About to Be Redrawn. Here's Why It Matters

Voting districts play a key role in whether people can elect candidates who best represent their interests. This year, those lines can be redrawn, which could severely impact the voting power of racial and ethnic minorities.

Richmond Pulse | Youth-led community news for Richmond, CA
Student Debt Expands Racial Wealth Gap | Richmond Pulse

Low-income, Black and Latino students often incur more student debt and can face dire financial consequences if they can't repay, deepening economic divides.

Richmond Pulse | Youth-led community news for Richmond, CA
Laotians in Richmond Work to Avoid Losing Another Home

Many fled Laos to escape war and communist rule and eventually landed in Richmond. The coronavirus and cost of living have put their community at risk again.

Los Angeles Times
How 'Molly of Denali' helps Native American children feel seen

From white people in brownface to the "noble savage" - or just plain savage - the portrayal of Native Americans in mainstream TV and movies has long been one-dimensional and stereotypical, if they're even shown at all. So "Molly of Denali" is a huge step forward.

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
Geary in Obscurity (photo essay)

Every day, countless people make their way up and down Geary, one of the longest and busiest streets in San Francisco, staring straight ahead or down at their phones. As the scene shifts between wealth and destitution, they miss the artwork around them and the people on the streets.

Bay Area Reporter
Teen who wore tux welcomed at NCLR gala

Teen who was left out of her high school's yearbook for wearing a tuxedo was among those honored at an annual National Center for Lesbian Rights celebration. Cover story in print.

HIV in the Tenderloin

According to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, the Tenderloin is one of the top four neighborhoods in the city with the highest numbers of people living with HIV/AIDS, and in the top three for HIV-positive intravenous drug users.

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