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Could an Emmy Award-winning Journalist with three decades of global network broadcast experience — using compelling business storytelling techniques to elevate your business, your brand, or your cause — solve your messaging challenges?

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I’m an expert project manager, writer, and sales-focused content developer who brings expertise from:

20+ years of content development leadership experience in producing business-to-business technology services content, including RFP and RFI proposals, sales collateral, technical documentation, and marketing content in print, video and multimedia formats.

Industries include: Technology (Apple); Finance and Global Banking; Healthcare (Lifescan); Technology Consulting (NTT DATA); Marketing and Advertising (Deloitte); Broadcast Journalism and Television Production (CNN, ABC News, CBS News, WFAA)

15+ years of business-to-consumer technology learning and development training and support with Apple, including lead generation activities and CRM management with Apple Business and marketing content creation and execution

20+ year career in international television news and documentaries as an editor, writer, and producer

Fluency in AP Style for editorial content and Chicago, Microsoft, and Apple style for technical documentation

5 years of expertise in authoring user guides, wikis, product demo webinars, training videos, and workshops that efficiently explain highly complex systems and processes in an Agile environment, using Atlassian's Jira and Confluence, HubSpot, and GitHub

Ability to turn complicated into compelling and explain groundbreaking software and infrastructure concepts in a structured and understandable manner

I would love the opportunity to create for you.
I'm a one-man band who can deliver your message in many types of multimedia, and with that, deliver results!

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Keywords: Ad Serving, Web Content Writing, Customer Service, Business-to-Business (B2B), Writing, Digital Content, Organization Skills, Sales & Marketing, Technology Consulting, Presentation Skills, Social Media, Leadership, Marketing, Journalism, Editorial, Content, Producer, Editor, Writer Prolific, innovative and creative multimedia, strategic marketing, sales, and sales proposal content creator for diverse B2B and B2C audiences worldwide.


Deloitte (Green Dot Agency)

Indirect Taxes in the Age of COVID-19 (A Deloitte POV)

I wrote this point-of-view thought leadership for Deloitte's Indirect Tax practice under the direction of Principals Kirsten Gulotta and David Yaros, on a contract assignment with the firm's Green Dot Agency.

Deloitte United States
Capital H - A Human Capital Podcast Series

(I wrote social media and email campaign content for Season 7 and worked as a scriptwriter on the episodes) Disruptive business, technology, and societal forces are causing unprecedented change in the workplace. Our human capital podcast series, Capital H, offers insights, research, and learnings on changes in the workforce, the workplace, and the nature of work itself.

Deloitte United States
Leading the shift from survive to thrive - Podcast

(Podcast scriptwriter) In 2020, COVID-19 forced organizations to enact radically new ways of working and operating, and we discovered that having a plan to deal with the unexpected isn't all organizations need for the future: more mission-critical is a fundamental mindset shift from surviving to thriving.

The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool
Apple Has a New Fitness Target | The Motley Fool

In 1984, it came for the personal computer. In 2007, it changed the way consumers used cellphones. In 2015, it strapped technology to our wrists. Now, in 2020, ( Apple, Inc. NASDAQ:AAPL) is taking aim at personal fitness. Given its track record of disruption and innovation, this trillion-dollar company will likely remain the apple of many investors' eyes.

The Motley Fool
How the Pandemic Unmasked Etsy's Profit Potential | The Motley Fool

As the pandemic raises awareness of their effectiveness in slowing the spread of disease, the market for face masks could be worth more than $21.2 billion by 2026. In the COVID-19 era, this accessory has become de rigueur by law and by practice, and demand for it has helped elevate online retailer ( Etsy, Inc.

The Motley Fool
The Difference That Helps Domino's Deliver More Than Pizza | The Motley Fool

For decades, ( Domino's Pizza, Inc. NYSE:DPZ) has been synonymous with pizza delivery, and its business model is perfectly positioned for pandemic prosperity. Since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11, Domino's has been delivering tasty returns for investors along with their pepperoni pizzas -- in part because its clever business model made it ready for the pandemic long before rivals could have a ghost of a chance playing catch-up.

The Motley Fool
Will Movies Ever Be Safe Again? | The Motley Fool

If you're a movie fan, you know that sequels rarely live up to the original, much less surpass it. Cinema chains across North America have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and lately, they've been working on sequels of their own. The big three U.S.

The Motley Fool
Sign Here: DocuSign Beats Q1 Expectations | The Motley Fool

Pandemic stay-at-home orders have moved a lot of business online these days, and that's a sweet spot for digital documents leader ( DocuSign NASDAQ:DOCU). A strong Q1 earnings report with better-than-expected revenue, plus confidence that the trend will continue through Q2, indicate that investors should consider signing the digital dotted line with the company that's leading a market expected to eclipse $6.1 billion by 2026.

The Motley Fool
Who's a Good Boy? For Investors, It's Chewy.com | The Motley Fool

Our four-legged family members are getting the most out of our quarantine lockdown lifestyles these days. Multiple daily walks, endless ear scratching, and videoconference cameos are de rigueur. Their humans can experience a dog's life by buying in on the largest online pet store on the web, ( Chewy, Inc.

The Motley Fool
Do Carnival Insiders Know Something We Should? | The Motley Fool

The COVID-19 pandemic has surely sunk ( Carnival Cruise Line NYSE:CCL), right? There's no way the company could recover from the immense negative publicity and dockets filling with pending lawsuits, right? Well, some insiders are holding out hope - and one even made a $10 million bet on its future.

The Motley Fool
Is Clorox a Pandemic Safe Haven? What About After? | The Motley Fool

Consumer cleaning goods manufacturer ( Clorox NYSE:CLX) has never been on most investors' "growth stocks" list. But now, in the era of COVID-19, is it time to wipe away past prejudices against the bleach brand? Based upon recent performance and the sold-out status of products at the local grocery, the answer (for now) is yes.

The Motley Fool
3 Stocks That Thrive in a Pandemic | The Motley Fool

The COVID-19 global pandemic has altered everything about how we conduct business and live our lives. In today's climate of disconnecting, technology companies that have created methods to bring us together safely - from six feet to six time zones away - are a strong play right now, and worthy of a long look.

The Motley Fool
R&D Keeps YETI Cooler Than the Competition | The Motley Fool

In Austin, Texas, robots zip zippers thousands of times. Hydraulic presses crush cups under tens of thousands of pounds of pressure. It's a chamber of horrors for consumer products, and their suffering is in the name of sales. Research and development are the engines that keep ( YETI NYSE:YETI) running ahead of the pack.

The Motley Fool
YETI Earnings: Lots of Treats and a Clever Tariff Trick | The Motley Fool

Holding a Q3 earnings call on Halloween is a spooky thought for most companies - but ( YETI Holdings NYSE:YETI) is not most companies. Driven by a strong direct-to-consumer business and a colorful perspective on its product line, the Austin, Texas based company looks poised to finish 2019 strong.

The Motley Fool
Mike Raye Articles

Read the bio and all of the Motley Fool articles by Mike Raye.

Around the Rings

Paris Final Checkpoint Before Karate 2020 Olympic Debut: ATR Extra

The Stade Pierre de Coubertin is the last stop before karate's Olympic dream comes true. A multinational assortment of karatekas descending upon the 16th Arrondissement in Paris from June 11-13 will finalize the roster for Tokyo 2020. It's a completing of a circle. One might even say an Olympic ring.

Karate: Spiritual Homecoming, Anniversary and a Rebirth - ATR Extra

At Tokyo 2020 there will be a homecoming, an anniversary, and a milestone marked when karate debuts as an Olympic sport. The biggest event in the past 50 years in international karate came in 2016 when the IOC added it to the program for the 2020 Games.

NTT DATA Services (Ghostwritten blogs and non-byline content)

NTT DATA Services (Healthcare & Life Sciences)
The COVID-19 Big Pivot Turns on Trust

The global pandemic brought new challenges for healthcare providers that were already pivoting towards digital transformation

NTT DATA Services (Healthcare & Life Sciences)
Healthcare is Powered by People (Not Data)

Ghostwritten POV from Andy Arends, VP Healthcare Strategic Solutions and Innovation, NTT DATA Services, for National Healthcare IT Week

Digital Humanist and Dream Designer Lisa Woodley

Technology and innovation have always been key components of Lisa Woodley's life. She's a deep thinker, a puzzle solver, and a dreamer. She's creative and fearless, not one to turn away from a challenge. In fact, the stickier the challenge, the better. There are no obstacles, only opportunities.

Kim is an NTT DATA #gamechanger who helped streamline one top bank's operational risk programs...

With a 25-year track record in the business consulting and financial services industry, Kim Curley knows what it takes to help her clients make game-changing transformations. As NTT DATA's People and Organizational Change, Process Optimization, and PMO practice leader, Kim's been recognized as a Game Changer for her ability to cultivate relationships, improve processes and drive organizational change.

Using Fly Fishing to Cast a Consumer-First Approach

Fly fishing is a sport that requires true craftsmanship, patience and the ability to adapt based on the environment. Delivering healthcare solutions successfully with a consumer-first approach is not much different. Meet NTT DATA Services Strategy and Innovation Vice President, Dan Kinsey, who took lessons learned in waist-deep chilly water and added them to his client relations tackle box.

Coaching Leaders is a Kick in the Grass for This Game Changer

Soccer is known around the globe as "A Beautiful Game." For a team to be successful, they have to be unified and seek the same goal. In healthcare, for an organization to rise to the top they must be guided by a coach and a leader who is both innovative and transformative.

Down to the Wire: Saving Doctors in an IT Emergency

In the client services business, everyone has had a few critical rush deadlines, such as eleventh-hour heroics to complete a project. or the stress of going down-to-the-wire to get it done. NTT DATA Services Field Tech Manager Ohma Eddie is no stranger to operating under aggressive deadlines given the dynamic nature of the healthcare business today.

BenQ America (Knowledge Center original non-byline content)

Color is the Core

Did you know colors can create moods? Think about it. Does blue make you feel calm? Does red make you angry or agitated, or does it give you a feeling of warmth, like love? Does brown get you down?

Thunderbolt and Lightning Very Very Frightening Me (and USB-C)

Pardon the headline. It's just, here in awards season, it's hard not to get swept up in Rami Malek's electrifying performance as the even more electrifying Freddie Mercury in the Best Picture-nominated Bohemian Rhapsody. The Brian Singer film is a biopic of a band and its front man and it uses a wide color palette to paint a picture of one of rock's most legendary showmen.

How do We Define 'Accurate' Color?

When we try to describe a color, the most common way of doing it is to refer to an object with the color in mind. For example, when we describe the color 'red', people will usually use 'apple' to describe 'red'. But what kind of apple are we talking about?

Knowledge Center - BenQ

Welcome to BenQ knowledge center, Here you can find the helpful information from BenQ's exclusive technologies, product reviews, awards of monitors, projectors, lightings, and speakers...

CNC Software, Inc. (Mastercam)

Green Bay Shop Does Championship Machining with CAD/CAM | SME Media

Green Bay, Wisconsin, was built on paper and paperboard manufacturing and is known as "the toilet paper capital of the world." Wisconsin's paper industry accounted for 30,000 jobs and $18.2 billion in economic output in 2018, according to a report from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.

CAD/CAM Helps X-Cel Compete in Competitive Tool & Die Industry

"We build progressive and transfer dies for all sorts of different industries; automotive being the biggest," said Manufacturing Manager Mike Mamerow. "John Deere, Toyota, Doosan, and Bobcat are big customers for us, and we're a Tier One Ford supplier." X-Cel puts its manufacturing space to good use, running a full complement of the latest industrial machines.

Royell Manufacturing Now Tier 1 Manufacturer | Mastercam Case Study

Started more than forty years ago, Royell Manufacturing is a contraction of founder Ron Yelle's name. Still going strong, Royell rose from a small business to a Tier 1 manufacturer of structural components, kits, and assemblies to the commercial aerospace industry.

Canadian Metalworking

Canadian Metalworking (Digital)
Canadian Metalworking - November 2021 - page 42

Bylined profile (Page 42) of Eclipse Automation, a company that used innovation and advanced computer-assisted manufacturing to produce hundreds of thousands of N-95 respirator masks and Covid-19 testing equipment for Canada's supply-strapped healthcare industry.

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing 2020 (SME Media)
CAC/CAM Software Works to Transform Royell's Capabilities

(Feature story) A case study profile of computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM) aerospace component maker Royell Manufacturing and their use of Mastercam CAD/CAM software by CNC Software. Freelance writing, producing, and editing assignment.

American Machinist

American Machinist
Failure, Then Start-Up, Now Success

An entrepreneurial machinist credits his own setbacks and his mentors’ encouragement for developing the passion he brings to his business, his work, and the new opportunities he’s fostering.

Metal Forming Magazine

Lifestyle Frisco

Mike Raye, Author at lifestylefrisco.com

I'm not from Texas, but I got here as fast as I could. My family has lived in Frisco since Preston was a two-lane. Fearless and true Auburn graduate. War Eagle! Grateful husband and proud dad of an Oklahoma Sooner and UNC-Charlotte 49er. Former trainer for Apple, creator of multimedia content, capturer of light, storyteller.

At the Top of the Giant Wheel I Could See Frisco's Future

You get a clear perspective from 108 feet. In fact, if you look hard enough, you can see the future. Frisco's future. We were excited when the first Frisco Fair was announced. We eagerly awaited the caravan from Talley Amusements to roll into town and set up their magical carnival on the corner by Frisco Fresh Market.

How to Stay in Business When Disaster Strikes

You've probably heard the old saying, "Hope for the best but plan for the worst." It's been around at least since the days of Marcus Tullius Cicero, a Roman politician, lawyer, and orator who lived from 106 BC to 43 BC.

StepUP Frisco Calls Faith Community to Action for the Homeless

Cold, dreary and misty mornings in late February heighten the plight of our neighbors living without shelter. It's one thing to shiver against the weather as you make the 50-yard trek from your warm and dry car into a warm and dry Frisco church with a catered breakfast awaiting at the top of the stairs.

Five for Frisco Football: Regional Semifinals

The two highest-ranked high school football teams in Frisco ISD continued their quest for State last weekend, providing local football fans lots to be thankful for. The Frisco Reedy Lions (12-0) continued their unblemished magical season and the Lone Star Rangers (10-2) shined big and bright with Area Round wins.

Major League Roofing Has the Right Pitch for Your Home

Jason Hamilton and Steve Nathan met playing baseball, and they've worked hard to ensure their business is worthy of "The Show." Steve Nathan, Co-Owner, Major League Roofing, shared, Jason chose the name 'Major League Roofing' because, in baseball, that's the highest level you can reach.

Other Writing Samples (PDF)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
"Amazon Kronos" User Guide

A user guide for a fictional application I designed for an AWS Technical Writer assessment. This was part of the job interview process. I designed all elements including the UX/UI of the application and annotated screenshots. Applications used: Snagit, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe In Design. "Kronos" is a customizable desktop world clock and calendar for macOS, Windows and Chromebooks.

Journalism (Television, Newspaper and Magazine)