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Linda Doughty

Editor and Writer

With over fifteen years of writing experience and marketing savvy acquired while working in the legal, accounting and marketing sectors, I am passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals by harnessing the power of language and words.

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Jessica Sirkin

Freelance Writer and Editor

Writer and editor specializing in technical content and technology journalism. Specialties: tech writing, online content management, developmental editing, writing for the web

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Jenny Splitter

Food and Agriculture Writer

Jenny is a D.C.-based writer and Senior Contributor for Forbes covering food, agriculture, climate and technology. Additional bylines: The Washington Post, Popular Mechanics, New York Magazine and Mental Floss. Events and panels: National Academies of Science's LabX, the Reducetarian Summit, the International Food Information Council and the Museum of Science Fiction. Inquiries: [email protected]


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Ellen McGrody

Freelance Journalist, Author, and Activist

Ellen's writing credits include Pioneers of the LGBTQ Rights Movement and Coping with Gender Dysphoria, both published through Rosen Publishing. She is currently a staff writer for the Bay City Beacon and for TSSZ News, and has appeared on Waypoint, PC Gamer, The Mary Sue, Broken Joysticks, and elsewhere. Her work has been featured at TRANSform Tech, Lost Levels, GaymerX, and the Queerness in Games Conference. Ellen lives with her fiancée and cat in Oakland, California.

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Sng Ler Jun


I am a Singapore-based lifestyle writer and a communications undergrad in University Buffalo. I am experienced in photojournalism, and have covered travel, F&B, and entertainment. You can find my works in HYPE & STUFF, and The Travel Intern. I am always hungry for compelling human-interest stories and will probably do whatever it takes to let the voices of unsung heroes (or ordinary people) be heard. If you ever find yourself seeking an extra pair of hands and an innovative mind, or when you look for an experienced writer with a bubbly personality, you may write to me at [email protected]


Gabriel Swain

Award winning marketing strategist, innovator, and thought leader

My Philosophy on Content Marketing: Marketing is in a state of transition. We've reached content saturation. Millennials are the largest consumer demographic. Success now requires a focus on the customer experience. I find ways to stay ahead of these trends. Existing best practices work today. But I prefer to use my creativity and define NEW disruptive and innovative best practices. Content marketing now must focus on the customer/prospect and their needs, goals, interests and challenges You must know them. You no longer boast about your amazing company. Now you research and understand the customer's needs. Then you educate them on trends and best practices that will help them best meet those needs--normally with technology and automaton software. This leads to increased customer engagement, a better customer experience, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and faster revenue growth. If you don't produce original, valuable content, it will get lost in an abyss because we've reached content saturation. Produce content that stands out, or your content will not be read. I specialize in: • Content/Copy Creation & Management -- Content that differentiates you. • Thought Leadership and Content Strategy • User-Centric Messaging Development • Social Media Management and Engagement • SEO and SEM Program Management • Brand Reputation Management and Brand Awareness Initiatives • Marketing Automation and CRM Systems • Strategic Website Mapping and Web Content Creation ________________________________________________________________ [NOTE: I'm happy to send my resume upon request.]


Chandrima's Clippings

Business Systems Analyst (insurance/ reinsurance) and Freelance Writer. I also delve my hands in writing blogs, articles, forums and reviews.

I did B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering. Thereafter, I worked in insurance sector as an IT-specialist for almost 8 years. My job role was of Business Analyst and I was involved in requirement elicitation, documentation, SRS/BRD preparation, UML/Test case formulation and liaising with software integrator for functional implementations. While being in job, I contributed articles and research papers to Insurance Blog (Asia) and International Journal of Commerce and Management Research (ISSN: 2455-1627) respectively. One of my essays was also ranked 5th in India Insurance Industry Essay Competition arranged by Asia Insurance Review, Singapore. I left that job for some personal reasons. Of late, I have been writing at Upwork and Contentmart as a freelancer again. Within a single month, I've written almost 100+ articles for various clients. Writing has always been my passion and I want my future job to be aligned with what I genuinely love to do. I assure SEO-savvy / quality writing and delivery within timeline. I can emphatically vouch for my knowledge on computer science, general insurance (I did fellowship in general insurance) and statistics (yes, I cleared a couple of actuarial science papers too). This apart, whatever extra topic is required to learn for writing anything under the sun, I'm capable to grasp it quickly by browsing various Internet sources. I'd request you to kindly have a look at my sample works as displayed herein to draw a cogent conclusion about me as a professional writer. Catch me up by dropping a line at [email protected]


Jenny Platt

Copywriter, Communications Manager

<h4>What have I got that "they" haven't got?</h4> <p style="text-align: left;"><strong>Machine-like Work Ethic<br /></strong>No coffee needed. Crashing only occurs outside of work hours to the tune of couches and Netflix.<br /><strong>Imagination<br /></strong>Forming new wrinkles in my right brain daily; in the box, outside the box, around the box, sometimes not even including the box.<br /><strong>Punctuality<br /></strong>I crush deadlines.<br /> <strong>Punctuation<br /></strong>Show me a missed comma and I'll implode. I might even shed a tear. But I'll never eat Grandma.<br /><strong>Integrity<br /></strong>I care deeply about the quality of work I provide. It ranks second on my list of things I care about the most, underneath "puppies" and above "cheese."<br /><strong>Individuality<br /></strong>According to Myers-Briggs, I have the rarest personality type. If you want to shake things up in your corporate structure, I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.<br /><strong>Initiative<br /></strong>Candy Crush makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a fork. Rest assured, I will find something productive to do, even if you didn't know you needed it.</p> <p><strong>This is my brand. How can I help you with yours?</strong></p></br>

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Chris Smith

Content Manager & Writer

I'm a content marketing manager, writer, and inbound advocate who's passionate about all things writing and marketing; from producing website copy that stands out to understanding and conceptualising a brands identity. I've worked with businesses in the sports, technology, business/marketing and health industry. My primary work is in B2B technology and clients include Lenovo, Cognizant, DocAuthority, SecureData, IP Solutions, Efficient IP, Veritas, Panasonic and Blue Coat. My experience includes: - Producing a range of content for each stage of the marketing funnel - Writing both short and long-form copy for various audiences - Managing marketing campaigns across sectors including technology, sport and health - Coming up with creative ideas to drive leads and brand awareness - Using marketing technology (such as HubSpot) for more efficient and effective results - Creating marketing strategies for long-term growth I also created Vivi Nation, a community for runners, cyclists and those who want to get healthier, to encourage an active nation. Additionally, I regularly blog about sports and technology topics.


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Sergio Ferrer


Science, technology, health, environment and innovation.


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