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I am a communicator to a greater extent: I have experience in digital media, radio, online journalism, podcast, communication and web content management and production. Currently based in Berlin.



New Europe
EU moves forward with drone regulation as industry booms

The broadening scope for operation of drones: from search and rescue operations after natural disasters to the monitoring and repair of machinery and buildings, to use in agriculture, art and media has forced the EU to advance the regulation of the flourishing industry.

New Europe
The EU: German highway toll for foreign cars 'discriminatory'

The European Commission has decided on Thursday to bring Germany to the Court of Justice of the European Union for discrimination of foreign vehicles on their highways. Until now, German Autobahn highways were free of charge. But last year, the German parliament introduced a new road charging sch

Renzi, make it or break it

During his relatively quick rise to power, first as secretary of Democratic Party (PD) and subsequently as Prime Minister of Italian big-coalition government, Matteo Renzi was never reluctant to stir up issues in an unconventional way, mostly by banging his fist on the table and using a rather aggressive

New Europe
Black Monday: Polish women hold demonstration in EU capital against law banning abortion

On Monday Polish women across the European Union took a day-long strike to demonstrate against a proposed piece of government legislation seeking to ban abortion. Women were encouraged not to show up at work or otherwise show their opposition to the proposed ban on abortion by wearing black or not sending their daughters to school.


il Tirreno
Tronchi in mare, li rimuove il circolo - Cronaca - il Tirreno

LIVORNO. Il caso dei "tronchi galleggianti" ha dei contorni a dir poco curiosi. La vicenda comincia mercoledì 19 dicembre, quando alle 15, 30 Luigi Del Re, presidente del Circolo Arci Pesca di Antignano, avvista galleggiare nello specchio di mare antistante il moletto 2 tronchi di legno di notevoli dimensioni, entrambi superiori ai 15 metri di lunghezza.Preoccupato per il rischio che avrebbero potuto comportare per la navigazione, decide prontamente di intervenire e con due barche aggancia i...

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