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Jack Tran

Content Writer

I'm a writing workhorse, pure and simple. My finger is always on the pulse of the latest technologies, political happenings, pop culture events and just the general spirit of the times. I'm a curious and enthusiastic writer who enjoys researching new topics as much as penning them. My greatest strength is my versatility in adapting my writing tone and voice to whatever the situation requires. I have experience in writing blogs, articles, copy, press releases and descriptions. In today's digital print world, I thoroughly understand the crucial relationship between keyword-rich content and SEO. I am also very keen on how to leverage popular social media platforms to further a company's profile and brand reputation. Please have a look at some of my writing samples below.


Muhaimin Zulkarnain

UX Writer & Content Creator

Tech, finance, and other nonsense! :) (Clipping documents will be downloaded before you can read them, so please click on the articles below to read my work one by one)

Jamil Khan

Senior Copywriter, Content Strategist, and Social Media Marketer

Using a process honed across numerous engagements, I help organizations find their voice, tell their story, and get the right message to the right person at the right time. My content moves your target audience along their journey to complete a sale, take action on an issue, or endorse your product. I deliver results for B2B/B2C, for-profit/nonprofit, and in-house/agency clients. I have worked within a wide range of industries including technology, education, arts, public affairs, energy, and consumer products among others. As a former political consultant, I’ve been using a persona-based approach ever since they were called “soccer moms.” Additional samples available on request - including videos, press releases, sales presentations, speeches, longform articles, and more.

United States of America

Laurah Mwirichia

Freelance [FinTech] Writer

Who: I'm a NYC based Freelance Writer with a focus on Financial Tech (FinTech) startups. What: I help businesses use their brand voice to reach their audience, build trust, and stand out from the crowd. Where: I write for startups like Morty, Debitize, CommonBond, and Planted (See full portfolio here: I also write about the intersection of Design and Technology. I am currently a writer for ChatBots Magazine, and have been featured on publications such as UX Design Collective and Prototypr on Medium. Shoot me an email, I'd love to chat: [email protected] Or check out my website for more info:

United States of America

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Chris Barnes

editor | writer | digital project manager

Hi, I’m Chris. I’m an outdoors- and music-loving editor, writer and digital project manager with 15 years' experience within online and print publishing landscapes. This includes managerial, strategist and project coordinator roles for many market-leading brands, helping each of them to realise their creative and commercial goals. Do you need someone to wrangle your next video campaign or to write some engaging features, new stories or blogs for your brand? How about an experienced pair of hands to ensure your next event goes with a bang? I can do all of this and more. Better yet, I have the experience and the results to prove it. Below you'll find examples of my editing, writing, project and event management work. If you'd like to see more, or you're ready to talk shop, drop me a line: [email protected]


Brian Dean Nibley

Freelance Writer

Hi, I'm Brian Dean Nibley. If you're looking for excellent content, you've come to the right place. I'm an experienced writer specializing in topics relating to technology, finance, and blockchain. My work has been featured in premier blockchain and financial news sites such as,,,,,, and I'm a certified content strategist, able to research keywords and plan topics to drive traffic to your website. Everything I write is SEO-oriented, designed to attract relevant readers and rank higher in search results. Your business will enjoy increased conversions as a result. I'm committed to providing all of my clients with the most preeminent content possible. Cryptocurrency and blockchain tech is my most specialized topic area, yet I'm capable of writing on almost any subject. I'm here to help with all of your content needs, including blog posts, articles, social media posts and management, e-books, white papers, informational guides, or anything else. Connect with me on social media or email me through the links below.

Amanda Shea

Marketing Strategist / Demand Generator / Writer / Messenger

I am a marketing leader with over 13 years experience telling stories that build brands, drive revenue, and enhance the customer experience. I've scaled marketing departments for both enterprise level companies and start-ups and have a passion for delivering the tactics that drive strategy. My AHA Moment: Lead generation can’t work effectively without a streamlined customer journey and a targeted value proposition. Any leader of Marketing should understand the tools, technology and be able to write, but the best will work with sales, product, and customer success teams to streamline where, when, and how customers (prospects) are communicated with, and create a message that articulates value. Do this well, and lead and revenue generation follows suit. To this point, I pay attention to both the strategy and the tactics that deliver this well. That means the engine and the gasoline. On a personal note, I am at my best when I am uncomfortable - which means building teams or seeking environments where I am not the smartest person in the room.

United States of America

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Mary Devereux

Principal, Right Here Right Now

Experienced corporate communications practitioner who works in diverse industries spanning insurance, wealth management, financial services, fintech, technology, and the property sector. Specialises in thought leadership, content and storytelling, issues and crisis management, employee engagement, and DEI and sustainability communications. A team player and mentor with a strong track record of developing strong client and internal relationships, and driving successful outcomes for clients and organisations. Based in Hong Kong SAR, serving clients across APAC.

Ola Nordal

Redaktør og skribent – Musikk og teknologi

Jeg skriver, foreleser og snakker om musikk – mest den klassiske musikken. Jeg har god teknologiforståelse, og bruker dette i jobben min som redaktør i Store norske leksikon ( I leksikonet har jeg overoppsyn med teknologi, industri, jazz og klassisk musikk, og synes dette er en fin blanding av ansvarsområder. Jeg skriver på norsk og engelsk. Jeg tar også bilder (se nederst på siden) English: I write, teach and talk about music. I also have a broad understanding of technology and science. My day-job is being an editor for the Great Norwegian Encyclopedia ( I write in Norwegian and English.

Colin Linneweber

Broadcaster, Reporter, Copywriter, Editor, Content Development Specialist and Voice-Over Artist

Colin Linneweber is an experienced writer who creates content for renowned television networks, Fortune 500 companies, and multiple industry sectors. Linneweber, who produced online content for Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, Modern Metals, CBS Sports, and the New England Sports Network (NESN) among prominent media outlets, works as a freelance copywriter, content creator, and editor. To see his marketing-related work, click the link icon below or visit For all inquiries, email Linneweber at [email protected].