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Daniel Coll

British brand journalist based in Tallinn. Covering Estonia, Finland, Latvia and the UK.

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A selection of articles and features written for business clients and online media in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and the rest of Europe.

As original author I cannot be held responsible for any changes made by the client post-delivery that may affect quality, present factual or libelous issues, or result in grammatical and orthographic errors. Ghostwritten and co-written pieces may appear under the client's nominated name.

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Irish Tech News

Irish Tech News | GSMtasks
London cupcake deliveries driven by real-time virtual solution

GSM Tasks celebrate the success of their relationship with trendy London bakery Lola's Cupcakes, who currently use the company's subscription-based portal that runs across a network of employees' and contractors' smartphones, feeding real-time delivery information to a central desktop dashboard underpinned by readily available mapping services.

Irish Tech News | Kisko Labs
Can technology save us from itself?

Can technology save us from itself? Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we live our lives. It's changed our social habits, it's changed our relationships and it's changed the way we access information, and of course the sheer amount of that information.

Irish Tech News
Why established startups are no place for entrepreneurs, by Daniel Coll

Latest great guest post by Daniel James Coll. Image from Shutterstock. So you're entrepreneurial, that's great. Fancy ploughing through five rounds of a painfully corporate recruitment process? How about being a fast-fading voice in a rapidly growing company? Or maybe you're turned on by team-building events, rewards at work, being 'the perfect fit' for a company?

Irish Tech News
Neural networks: Delivery robots with 'brains' that write their own code

Starship Technologies is building a fleet of robots to deliver packages locally on demand. To successfully achieve this, the robots must be safe, polite and quick. Their dilemma is how to get there with low computational resources and without expensive sensors such as LIDARs.

Irish Tech News
Life, Fate and Family: The Best Resources for a Startup

Latest great guest post by Daniel James Coll. Every so often you meet a startup team who have an interesting story, sometimes positive and inspiring, and sometimes of hardship and challenges. Konstantin Klugman along with his son Alex and two other members of the team, run MRPEasy .


Estonian World
Daniel Coll: Let's make Estonia happy again

Mental health issues are dominating the headlines now, with prominent names like Ed Sheeran and the younger British royals throwing their weight behind creating awareness; it's time to take a proactive approach to tackling the problem - could innovative Estonia lead the way on this as it has in the world of technology?

Invest in Estonia
The robot cleaning up in snowy Estonia's AI sector

Developed after regular jobs ended for the day, in a whitewashed space optimistically named the 'development centre', this autonomous snow-clearing robot, now known as Lumebot, has gathered an impressive amount of traction over the last year.

How to avoid the stress of big city life

City life can be exhilarating, vibrant, life-affirming and full of opportunities. A life in the city can also push our minds and bodies to their very limits, with catastrophic results over time. The metropolis is a recent development in the history of the human being, and as such it seems only logical that our natural roots might push against urbanisation in some way.

The 8 most secluded places in Estonia

Getting away from the chaos and buzz of the city, far from the madding crowd and into the depths of nature is proven to have significant positive effects on your health. From lowering stress levels, blood pressure and heartrate, to the added benefits of clean air, green fields and blue skies; a natural environment has a calming effect on even the most stressed of people.

How does nature heal stress?

There are few things in life as relaxing as sitting at the edge of lapping waves on a warm Mediterranean beach of an evening, taking a slow stroll through an orchard in summer or picking berries or mushrooms in the luscious green forests of Estonia.

Stressed out? Here are 6 ways Estonia's pure nature can help

Estonia, a destination reachable by plane in around three hours from even the furthest of European capitals, is a country half covered by forest, has five national parks (each with their very own distinct personality), has a selection of wonderful beaches and several notable lakes.

Brand Journalism

Ten quick fixes to boost your levels of contentment

You're feeling a bit shitty and want to make changes that bring near instant returns. However, you're pretty sure you have neither the time nor the energy to go there. What you need is a good list of pointers that will set you on the right road to contentment - and might do you good in other areas too.

11 thinking styles you can change to improve your life - Part 1

'Us humans' tend to think that we're in total control of our own thoughts. We believe that if we can't trust our own mind, then we can't trust anyone or anything. In reality, what goes on in our heads loosely has our best interests at heart, but might not be so adept at coping with modern life.

11 thinking styles you can change to improve your life - Part 2

The second of a three-part piece detailing the eleven unhelpful thinking styles. It highlights that what goes on in our heads has our best interests at heart, but struggles to cope with modern life and often needs a helping hand to function. Five - Rigid Rules We have rules about how we and others should behave, it's normal.

11 thinking styles you can change to improve your life - Part 3

The third and final instalment of a three-part piece detailing the eleven unhelpful thinking styles. How knowing about the ways in which your mind works can take you on a journey to contentment. Nine - Labelling Labelling is when we define ourselves entirely by the way we reacted in one or several similar situations.

Flat Tire - There's no need to reinvent the wheel

Starting up in business can be daunting, once you've figured out what your service or product will be, you need to find the best possible way to deliver it. For small and medium sized businesses this can be where the headache begins.

Otis - Efficient and eco-friendly thanks to GSMtasks

Otis is an elevator maintenance and installation company, based in Helsinki, Finland, with branches all over the world. They were one of our very first customers over two and a half years ago, and approached us when they needed an external solution for the digitisation of job sheets and paperwork associated with maintenance callouts.

Case Study: Right Bite, UAE | CompuCash

Healthy food meets reliable, fast and convenient POS ecosystems Client case study - Right Bite, UAE Our client, Right Bite, is a company specialising in healthy, nutritious foods based in Dubai and founded in 2004. They currently describe themselves as, "a specialised centre for expert nutritional consultation and bespoke gourmet healthy meal delivery service".

Starship Technologies
Hello, Robot!

Ghostwritten for Ahti Heinla, co-founder and CTO at Starship Technologies I see robots every day. I see them gliding down the sidewalks at pedestrian speed, stopping to make sure it's safe to cross the road. Sometimes I even catch them talking with pedestrians. It's a glimpse into the fantasies of the technologically minded - an AI wonderland.

The Coingaming Group
Scaling up and Doubling down

Ghostwritten for Tim Heath, CEO ofThe Coingaming Group. I love poker; the opportunity, the pressure, the quick decision making, the money management, the calculation of pot odds and ROI, the execution of a strategy for setting up a hand against a specific opponent, the blending of mathematics, probability and human psychology.

Postimees (In Estonian)

Daniel James Colli veste: miks ma siin olen?

Kui Eesti lugu saaks vaadata Netflixist, oleks see sama pinev ja põnev kui ehedad Ameerika mäed, kirjutab Eestis elav briti kolumnist Daniel James Coll. Talv on tulekul, kõlab ühes televisiooni hittseriaalis nüüdseks juba laiades massides kuulsaks saanud menuväljend. Siinne maa valmistub selleks instinktiivselt.

Daniel James Coll: nägu naerule, Eesti! Vähemalt ei ela te Stanleys

Meie, britid, kohe armastame kurta ja ägada. Me kurdame oma töö, valitsuse, kohalikus pubis pakutava toidu, Euroopa, prantslaste, liikluse ja leivahinna pärast, aga eelkõige kurdame ilma pärast. Ja selleks on ka kõigiti põhjust: meie ilm on lihtsalt jube, kirjutab kolumnist Daniel James Coll.

Daniel Coll: Brexit ja massid

Kui uskuda demokraatiasse, tuleb öelda, et inimesed saidki täpselt seda, mida tahtsid, kolme kuu eest, 23. juunil, mil 52 protsenti Ühendkuningriigi elanikest hääletas Euroopa Liidust lahkumise poolt. Paraku kipub juba demokraatia mõiste ise kahtluse alla sattuma, kui massimeedia asub poliitilise eliidi survel kindla kava taha.

Daniel Colli veste: Eesti ja briti noored ehk õnne hind

Niipalju kui mina tean, innustatakse Eesti noori koolis kõvasti õppima ja minema edasi õppima. Paljud asuvadki kõrgharidust omandama, olgu kodumaal või mujal, ja saavad lõpuks tunduvalt parema töökoha kui nende Briti eakaaslased. Jääb mulje, et tark laps, kes on sündinud vaeses Eesti peres, võib - muidugi, kui teda toetatakse - saada arstiks, juristiks või firmajuhiks.

Daniel James Colli veste: Armastus karri vastu

Mu elus on mõned üksikud asjad, mille kohta ma võin öelda, et armastan neid. See tunne on reserveeritud erilistele inimestele, erilistele kohtadele ja erilistele asjadele, mida on õige vähe, kui päris aus olla. Ent hoolimata nende vähesusest, satume tihtipeale olukorda, kus peame nendegi vahel valima. Kas pole irooniline?

Daniel James Colli veste: kui räägid nagu kuninganna, võib auto olla roostes pann

Briti staatusesümbolid võivad olla naeruväärselt tagasihoidlikud, aga nad vähemalt ei tapa sind. Ei ole ühtegi valdkonda, kus erinevus inglaste ja eestlaste vahel oleks nii suur kui jõukus ja sellega uhkeldamine. Minu kodumaal peavad paljud seda vulgaarsuseks ja tabuteemaks, me teeme kõik, et mitte rääkida rahast, palgast ja omandist.

Daniel Coll: ma saan isaks!

Ma olen taas isaks saamas. Ma ütlen "saamas", sest me praegu ootame veel teda. Just praegu, kui ma seda lugu kirjutan, on aeg käes, aga teda ikka veel pole. Ämm on kohal, ta kõneleb ainult vene keelt, mina aga seda kuigi palju ei oska, nii et olukord on kummastav.

Daniel Coll: Jeremy Clarkson, viimane mees

Need, kes on mu kolumne regulaarselt lugenud, teavad, et mul on sageli millegi üle pisut kurta, visata mõni pisike nali või vahel pajatada lausa lahe lugu. Sel nädalal aga, tahtmata kellelegi pettumust valmistada, on mul palju tõsisem sõnum, mille aluseks on üks hiljaaegu laia kõlapinna saanud sündmus.

Daniel Coll: vastutustundlik natsionalism

Eestis paistab valitsevat vastutustundlik ja positiivne suhtumine natsionalismi, mida jagatakse ka siinsete välismaalastega, kirjutab kolumnist Daniel Coll. Uhkus oma maa üle ei pea tingimata tähendama teiste põlastamist ja isegi kui neisse suhtutakse ettevaatusega (vahel ehk lausa liigselt), ei pea see väljenduma agressiivsuses.

Daniel Coll: kuidas ärritada eestlast

Enne süüvimist eestlase vaimuilma on mul küllap mõistlik vaadelda pisut briti vaimuilma. Me oleme teada-tuntud välise viisakuse ja vaoshoituse poolest, aga meile on omane üks iseloomujoon, mis ilmneb alles siis, kui minna välismaale ja vaadata sealt juba teise pilguga Suurbritanniat.

Daniel Coll: jõulud jõulude ajal

Eestis elava inglasena pean ma lihtsalt suurepäraseks, et siin algavad jõulud jõuluajal. Mida vanemaks inimene saab, seda tõtakamalt, jah, ausalt öeldes kohe palju tõtakamalt kui vaja hakkavad aastad mööda jooksma, nii et kiirustamine tundub liigagi meeleheitlik, peagu enesetapjalik. Kuid minu kodumaal kiirendatakse igasuguseid asju võimsalt, väga võimsalt.

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