Laurah Mwirichia

Freelance [FinTech] Writer

United States of America

Who: I'm a NYC based Freelance Writer with a focus on Financial Tech (FinTech) startups.

What: I help businesses use their brand voice to reach their audience, build trust, and stand out from the crowd.

Where: I write for startups like Morty, Debitize, CommonBond, and Planted (See full portfolio here:

I also write about the intersection of Design and Technology. I am currently a writer for ChatBots Magazine, and have been featured on publications such as UX Design Collective and Prototypr on Medium.

Shoot me an email, I'd love to chat: [email protected]

Or check out my website for more info:



Morty Blog
Millennials are buying homes-here's what they've learned. - Morty Blog

Homeownership for many represents the American Dream signifying security, family, and stability. However, the 2008 housing bubble burst managed to shake this dream-just as the earliest millennials started making their way into adulthood. Despite this setback, many continue to aspire...

9 Important Questions to Ask at an In-Person Interview

So you've made it through the endless emails and countless phone screenings and have finally been called for an in-person interview at the company of your dreams. You've spent time doing your research and preparing for this interview, and are ready to answer whatever questions they throw at you with increasing confidence...until the part where the team looks at you and says, "So, what questions do you have for us?"

How To Save Big While Budgeting For The Holidays

Although we see it coming every single year, the holidays always seem to catch us- and our wallets-by surprise. In fact, this year alone, Americans plan to spend about $983 on holiday shopping alone- not including expenses like travel and time off work. For most of us, this can make or break our budget for ...

Tech and Design

UX Collective
3 Reasons Why Every Startup Needs A Blog. - UX Collective

Blogging is not as scary as it looks. Blogging is also not as easy as it looks. What blogging is, however is a useful tool that gets people to your website, app or product. But why does it work so well and why are there businesses that are so hesitant to use a blog to promote their product?

UX Writing vs Copywriting - Prototypr

I recently stumbled across the term, "UX Writer" and since then I've had plenty of questions- the most important one being, "what exactly is UX writing and how is it different from copy-writing?" UX writing in and of itself is not a new concept, but it is a new title that came about as recently as a few years ago.

Net Neutrality and Design - Prototypr

As designers, we often think of the work we do as operating on a merit based system. If you are able to solve problems and articulate those ideas to a group of people who are working with you on a project then you're likely to get ahead.


4 Reasons to NOT Take Career Advice from Your Parents

When we were small, our parents picked us up, looked into our adorable, yet mostly soulless baby eyes, and said out loud, "This one is perfect." Years later when we picked up our first book, or tinkered with our first toy, they might've bragged to their friends about how smart and curious we were, and how we were for sure going to become a doctor or lawyer.