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Nicholas Newman

I am an Oxford based energy journalist , who writes about all aspects of the global energy business including exploration, production, investment, markets, technology, regulation, leadership, innovation, policy making and management.

I specialise in the following topics: oil and gas exploration and production together with power generation, including renewables and nuclear. Much of my energy writing is concerned with trends in policies, risks, exploration and production technologies as well as trading in energy resources. This includes, for instance in the gas sector, all aspects of current market policy, political and technological trends and developments that may affect the exploration, production and trading in natural gas, shale gas, CSG and LNG. In addition, I often have to examine and analyse shifts in the terms of trade between coal, gas and oil as they are affected by structural market changes or opportunities and policy developments. For instance, there is the move towards deeper waters for offshore oil and gas production which is turning countries like Brazil and Angola into energy giants. A unique contribution of my writing is to provide a geopolitical insight into the emerging energy challenges that face investors, consumers and decision makers. My main asset is my ability to turn clients’ complex and technical and financial stories into compelling narratives. My writing provides a gateway for investors and decision makers to comprehend the often complex issues that face the energy sector in a given part of the world, for example, the recent developments in Kazakhstan. I regularly investigate emerging market demand and supply and how different solutions are being applied to common problems such as, adoption of environmental regulations and laws by Arctic nations’ following Norway’s lead in exploiting the Arctic Ocean oil and gas resources sustainably. I am well versed in researching, analysing, and sourcing my publications from a broad range of international, national, local and online business press and corporate clients. I am available for both short pieces of 750 to 1000 words and long pieces up to 5,000. In addition, I have undertaken technology reviews and assessments. Most recently , I have supplied analysis about the viability of Russian government innovation policies for Engineering and Technology Magazine, a survey and assessment of exploration technologies for Petroleum Review and an investigation of Australian clean coal carbon capture technology for Power Engineering International.

United Kingdom

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Douglass C. Perry

Comms/PR Professional, Editor, Journalist, Gamer

One of the best things about working in Game Journalism and PR/Communications is that I still get to tell original, compelling stories -- just from a different angle. After moving into Communications in 2012, I've worked with top-level press from Entertainment Weekly, The Wall Street Journal, and the LA Times to Venture Beat, PC Gamer, IGN, Edge, Polygon and others to tell my clients' stories. I've pitched and secured magazine covers, company documentaries, and profile-raising industry features, working directly with a wide array of outstanding developers and marketing teams. My goal is to work hand-in-hand with developers, the media and influencers to create real stories, genuine engagement and impactful campaigns to make their games a success. At Reverb, I launched Rocket League, ARK: Survival Evolved, Furi, Endless Legend, Kingston's HyperX headsets, and more. During Warframe's rise to popularity, I directed all of the PR campaigns from fall 2016 to spring 2021 to expand and attract a broader audience, helping bring the game to more than 60+ million players, securing awards and accolades along the way. Before working in PR, I wrote stories about games and the people who make them. I was the first managing editor for Next Generation Magazine. I was a founding editor at IGN (hire #2), leading five different channels to editorial success. I've launched, founded, and co-founded several publications, appeared as a critic and influencer on TV, and reviewed hundreds of games with brutal honesty and compassion. During my freelance transition period, I consulted on dozens of titles as a mock reviewer for AAA publishers such as EA, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., LucasArts, Take-Two, Sega, and more. In an earlier life, I wrote and published poetry and short stories and ran an indie literary magazine. When I'm not working, I spend time my wife and children, playing beach volleyball, surfing, backpacking, playing games, reading, cooking and gardening.

Grant Howitt

Freelance Writer

I am a freelance games journalist and writer with work in magazines and websites all over the place. If you'd like some words of your very own, I can put them in order for you in exchange for reasonable amounts of money. Below is a selection of some of the online work I'm happiest with; if you're interested in looking at my print work, come over sometime and I'll let you root through my magazine cupboards.

Estela Nogueira Monteiro

Jornalista, Social Media e Conteudista

Estela Monteiro é especialista em Comunicação Empresarial e Mídias Digitais pelo Instituto de pós-graduação de Brasília e graduada em Jornalismo pela Universidade Católica de Brasília. Atualmente, desenvolve trabalhos de assessoria de imprensa e consultoria em mídias digitais. Já passou por agências como Popsicle Digital Flavours, Grupo Objetiva e por órgãos do governo como a Secretaria Nacional de Juventude, ligada à Presidência da República e Ministério Público do DF. Também atuou como repórter e social media no Jornal de Brasília.


Valeria Beussink

Freelance Writer

Ukraine-born and Pennsylvania-based communications professional who has helped organizations to promote their goals through public relations and government outreach, arranging events and production of publications. Specialties: writing and editing | international cultural awareness | stakeholder relations | event planning and management | facilitating coalition work | government liaison | media monitoring | project management | administrative support The opinions expressed in my pieces represent my own and not those of my employers.

Matt Young

Writer/Researcher/Storyteller [email protected]

Skilled writing generalist for Content Marketing needs: -Case Studies -Blogs -Thought Leadership -News -Trends -Ebooks -White Papers -SlideShare Presentations -Interviews Particular experience with B2B/B2C tech companies including Avaya, BlackBerry, and Radware.

Andrii Degeler

Technology journalist

I've been writing about technology since 2007 for, Ars Technica, The Next Web, the Kyiv Post, and more.

Eleanor Wall


On-Demand Content Creation Startup Press

LeAura Luciano

Beauty & Fashion Editor

As a journalist and editor I share my world of beauty, fashion, travel, technology and cars with readers in the form of "Daily Style Bytes."

Henrique Kugler

Journalist, MSc Environment & Development

Hi there! I work as a freelance science writer and hold a master's degree in Environment & Development from the University of Edinburgh (UK). Science, technology, environmental issues, development and humanities are some of the beats that I like to cover. Addicted to travelling and exploring new cultures, I also work as a travel writer and occasionally as a photographer here and there. Disclaimer: I'm a heavy drinker of erva mate, a traditional herbal infusion from South America.