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Garry McLaughlin

Blogger and artist

I'm a comic book creator, working on my own long-running series 'Gonzo Cosmic' and 'Tomorrow' with BHP Comics. I'm also writing a number of comic scripts including 'Lacuna', 'Futurition' and 'Sux Ess', as well as working on a short novel called 'The Aftermathers'. I blog at and elsewhere on the interweb and run workshops and online tutorials for people looking to get into art and making comics - I share the things I've learned over the years such as setting up pages, working with perspective and getting ready for print.

United Kingdom

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Ellen Vessels

Staff Writer, The American Genius & The Real Daily

I'm a multi-talented writer specializing in business and real estate news, with a special focus on social justice. I also write about organic farming, gardening, the outdoors, and the environment, and have done pro bono writing and editing for several nonprofits. My goal is to provide high-quality, accurate, and engaging writing. I pride myself in being cooperative, positive, and always punctual with deadlines. Said my editor, Lani Rosales, "Ellen is one of our most talented writers, flawlessly connecting with our audience. Her writing is always exactly what we're looking for, is without error, consistently engages the reader, and stands out. She is truly one of the best Staff Writers we've ever had on the team, and her gift transcends topic - she is a rare jewel." I am also a freelance copy editor and proofreader. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]


M. Farhan Rais

Sports . Technology . Writing

He believes that if your boyfriend doesn't do sports, then you have a girlfriend. When not kindling his affairs with the gym and his mountain bike, he can be found wearing little at the pool, beach or Singapore's scenic fake water bodies. A tech geek at heart, he is easily tamed by offerings of hipster gourmet coffee. [email protected] For full portfolio:


Sanaa Siddiqui

Writer, editor, traveller, meme hoarder. Here's just a small selection of my work - please get in touch if you ever need someone to be your written voice.

Allison Plitt Basile

UX Copywriter | Editor | Technical Writer

Is your digital space bogged down by murky, lackluster content? I’m a dynamic UX content manager, writer and strategist. My passion for creating useful, engaging copy drives deliverables that inform and delight audiences—while advancing strategic business goals across Digital, Financial, Publishing, Automotive, and Pharma sectors. See a career cross-section of my writing samples below.


Ben Hyde

Senior Copywriter and Social Media Specialist

2013- Present. Senior Copywriter with experience producing engaging articles for a variety of sectors. Based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

United Kingdom

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Emily Shen


Words for Agence France-Press (AFP) in Tokyo, marie claire Australia, Alt Media, BULL, Honi Soit, You&Co, bespoke PR News. A selection of published works are available below.

Matt Brown

Managing Editor, The Delta Collegiate.

My earliest (and terrifyingly awesome) memories are of my father blasting RUSH records on his turntable when I was about 3 or 4. The percussive booms and sonic screams were the soundtrack to my youth. These events forged an affinity toward audio in me, and eventually, a desire to dabble in all forms of media.

United States of America

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Heather McCroan

Recreation Coordinator

Hello! My name is Heather McCroan. I am a creative marketing guru that loves to write. I am a bit of a stickler for grammar and a slight perfectionist. My current hometown is sunny Las Vegas, Nevada and my greatest pleasure in life is traveling. I have various interests including piano, sewing, college football, and pilates, but my favorite is coaching youth competitive gymnastics.

United States of America

Tim Fletcher

Copy for Blogs, Websites and Marketing Campaigns

15 years experience creating click-inducing content for marketing campaigns. Specializing in technology, business trends, careers and modern life.

United States of America