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Tim Fletcher

Copy for Blogs, Websites and Marketing Campaigns

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15 years experience creating click-inducing content for marketing campaigns. Specializing in technology, business trends, careers and modern life.



Public Access - 3 Bold Predictions About Android's Instant Apps

If you felt some sort of seismic shift on May 18, it was likely due to an announcement Google made at its annual I/O conference regarding Instant Apps, a new Android feature that promises to shake up the mobile app industry. Soon, Android users will no longer need to fully download apps in order to use them.


Messaging & Positioning

A guideline for communicating value propositions and mapping content to customer persona.

LinkedIn Pulse
Marketing's Magnificent Duo

Does talking with your marketing department feel like a re-boot of "Who's on First?"

Spin Sucks
Four Marketing Lessons from the Success of Hamilton

Clever marketing is the key to launching a successful product, right? Not quite. If you want proof, just take a stroll down West 46 th Street in New York City, where " Hamilton " is playing. This Broadway hit musical has received a Pulitzer Prize, a Grammy, and 11 Tony Awards, including Best Musical.


Print Campaign

Each poster in series speaks to a unique benefit. Produced in 8 languages.

BILLY Footwear
What Do Zippers Have to Do with Confidence?

With the funds contributed by our Kickstarter campaign supporters, we'll be able to offer more styles, in more sizes, to more people! I always told myself that the campaign would be a success, though at times I had my doubts. Two thirds of Kickstarter projects never get off the ground.


Part of the BOM for a multi-faceted nurture campaign involving email, a custom landing page, email templates, etc.

Your Top 10 List of Marketing Preparedness Tips for Severe Summer Storms

It's that time of the year again. The season of severe summer storms is upon us. In fact, 91% of Virginians live in areas that are impacted by severe weather and it's the best interest of your business to make sure your business is prepared with these six top marketing preparedness tips.


How to Prevent Unemployment Insurance Overpayment

This year, the value of overpaid unemployment insurance (UI) benefits will exceed $14 billion. That enormous sum of money comes from businesses just like yours. The good news is that your company doesn't have to contribute to that sobering statistic. You have the power to control your unemployment insurance costs.

5 LinkedIn Tips for Professionals Looking to Attract New Job Opportunities

Congratulations! You completed your LinkedIn profile. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and let the job offers roll in, right? Wrong! There are scores of qualified job candidates out there. To be successful, you need to leverage your LinkedIn network to attract new job opportunities.

5 Reasons You Should Pay Attention to Your Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claims

Overpaid unemployment insurance (UI) benefits total more than $14 billion. Many of the businesses that contribute to that statistic pay more than they need to. Are you doing all you can to manage the cost of your unemployment insurance? When you know the facts, the reasons to pay attention to your unemployment insurance claims are pretty compelling.

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