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Hannah Moran

Journalism Student

Location icon Ireland

Hannah Moran is a final year Journalism student in DCU.
Throughout her time in DCU Hannah has been a member of DCUfm and DCUtv working on radio and video packages and shows.
Hannah has been acting as Deputy Online Editor for The College View for the 2015/2016 academic year.
Through her work with The College View and other publications, she has created a portfolio that is varied and accurately showcases her abilities as a digital journalist.



Oscars 2016 Coverage

2016 Academy Awards News Round-up. Featured on DCUfm radio show: Tuesday Sessions.


Ireland: The Data Capital of Europe

Data centres are not something of common knowledge, however that is beginning to change as in Ireland there are new centres being created every year. Facebook is one of many tech giants with a European base in Ireland.
Society Promotes Unhealthy Relationships with Body Image

A weighing scales with model Kate Moss' quote 'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels' and a 'I hate my thighs' baby-grow for a girl caught my attention recently. Both products promote an unhealthy relationship with body confidence and stem from a social belief that we should all look and act in a certain way.
Our Flawed System of Education

Too much emphasis is placed on remembering and regurgitating reams of information. In a practical setting, so much of what is studied in school, and even in college isn't useful. For people with greater aptitude for practical work than theory, there is far less opportunity to showcase their abilities.
Sugar Crash: The Warning for Ireland and its Sugar-Fuelled Future

Ireland is the fourth highest consumer of sugar in the world, according to Dr Eva Orsmond in the documentary Sugar Crash last week. Most people will remember Dr Eva from her days as an advisor on Operation Transformation and now she's back with a one-off documentary, trying to change our "toxic relationship" with sugar.
Proposed J1 Rules are 'Unfair' and 'Unjust'

I love to read. It's amazing to read something and feel transported to another place. But, there is a vast difference between reading about working abroad for the summer and actually doing it yourself. Last summer I decided to go on a J1 visa to New York, and it was arguably one of the most valuable experiences of my life.
The Importance of Taking Time Away from Technology

This passive listening culture is directly related to the attention-grabbing social media that is a constant in our lives.Not only is it insanely irritating if you are telling a story and have to repeat yourself multiple times to recapture the eyes and ears of your screen junky friends, it's embarrassing to be the friend that's always saying: "I'm sorry, what?"

The College View
If the Catholic Church is to survive, reform is essential

The role of the Catholic Church in society has become something of a debate in recent years. Is the church relevant to life in this day and age? Should we believe in an institution that has abused the trust of its followers in the past?

The College View
#SmearforSmear Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign

The latest trend on social media in regards to social awareness relates to women, but more specifically to cervical cancer. The 'Smear for Smear' campaign was launched to raise awareness for Cervical Cancer and to encourage woman to get regular smear tests.

The College View
LinkedIn: The new way to network

For students LinkedIn is an important tool to help connect with potential employers post-graduation. LinkedIn is like an online CV which gives users a platform to share work experience and engage on a professional level with connections. It allows you to personalise your profile to list skills and achievements, which can then be endorsed by...

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