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The Japan Times
Street artists in Japan try to wipe out conservative views toward graffiti | The Japan Times

Beneath the crackle and hum of the country's neon veneer, graffiti culture has traditionally been viewed as mindless vandalism assaulting the highly valued Japanese sense of order and cleanliness. Tokyo's lanes are considerably bare of the edgy street art - common in other major cities - that has brought global fame to guerrilla icons such as Banksy, JR and the late Keith Haring.

Japanese street art: Not quite Banksy, but trying

Beneath the crackle and hum of Japan's neon veneer, graffiti culture has traditionally been viewed as mindless vandalism assaulting the country's highly valued sense of order and cleanliness. Tokyo's lanes are virtually bare of the edgy street art -- common in other major cities -- that

Le graffiti doit ruser pour se faire accepter au Japon

Dans les couleurs vives des néons, l'architecture hétéroclite et le bourdonnement des grandes villes japonaises, le graffiti reste un intrus, une agression insensée contre les biens privés ou collectifs. Il doit ruser pour se faire accepter au Japon.

Alt Media

Point Break

Directed by Ericson Core and written by Kurt Wimmer, Point Break is a re-make of Kathryn Bigelow's 1991 surfer-crime film but fails to retain the charisma and chemistry that made the original such a cult classic.

Emily Shen
BALLET: McAllister in Conversation

Originally published online and in print on 23.11.15 || Alt Media If you're free on Saturday 28 November, head over to the Sydney Opera House to catch a very special edition of McAllister in Conversation. In a surprising twist, interviewer becomes interviewee as the Australian Ballet's Artistic Director, David McAllister, forays into the spotlight to discuss...

NEW BREED 2015 - Carriageworks

December 2, 2015 By Emily Shen The Australian premiere season of New Breed 2015 is set for a spectacular showcase at Sydney's Carriageworks. New Breed comprises of a four-part program built by two Australian choreographers handpicked from the independent sector and two selected from the Sydney Dance Company's own ranks.


Following eight successful runs in the United Kingdom, alternative art event The Other Art Fair will be hosting its inaugural Sydney edition next week. Launching at the aMBUSH Project Space at Central Park, the fair operates as a direct selling platform for independent artists and covers various artistic mediums such as installations, sculptures, painting and photography.

Emily Shen
Theatre: Desdemona at Sydney Fringe

Originally published online and in print on 22.10.15 || Alt Media Opening to audiences outside of its summer festival dates for the first time, Sydney Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary year with an October season of the acclaimed contemporary Desdemona. A re-imagined telling of the Shakespeare classic, Othello, by Nobel Prize laureate Toni Morrison, the...

BULL Magazine

BULL Magazine
Guys and Dolls

Feature in Issue 8, 2015, also here: http://bullmag.com.au/2015/11/24/2878/

BULL Magazine
Getting Catty on Tinder

Emily Shen isn't kitten around. Much like a newer version of Chat Roulette, Tinder is a neat little app designed to bring together two pseudo-strangers for the purposes of small talk, photo sharing and maybe even a little more.

BULL Magazine
Student Spotlight: Neel Kolhatkar

Emily Shen spoke to controversial YouTube personality and former USyd economics student Neel Kolhatkar about the power of satire. While he hasn't landed on the moon yet, at 21, Kolhatkar is now one of Australia's young comedy stars with his YouTube video ' Australia in 2 Minutes ' generating over three million views.

BULL Magazine

If you ever bothered to take a quick look at Instagram's terms of use (or, that not-so-little thing you clicked through and agreed to when you first made your account), bullet point number 2 states, "You may not post... nude [or] partially nude... photos or other content".

marie claire Australia

6 Times Amy Schumer Made Us Laugh

American comedienne Amy Schumer just might be our favourite funny girl of the moment. She dominates the headlines every week for her hilarious, yet thought-provoking sketches on her TV show Inside Amy Schumer. She is set to dominate the box office with the release of her first feature film Trainwreck in July and is on the fast track to becoming comedy's next big star.