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Matt Brown

Managing Editor, The Delta Collegiate.

Location icon United States of America

My earliest (and terrifyingly awesome) memories are of my father blasting RUSH records on his turntable when I was about 3 or 4. The percussive booms and sonic screams were the soundtrack to my youth. These events forged an affinity toward audio in me, and eventually, a desire to dabble in all forms of media.

The Delta Collegiate
Bright Nights - How to bring back dark skies

Received first place competing in all divisions in multimedia reporting (Michigan Press Association) “...example of true multimedia platform integrating video, text and graphics in a dynamic way.” Earned second place in multimedia reporting (Michigan Community College Press Association) "...makes consuming the news fun.”

The Delta Collegiate
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Acted as lead page designer from 8/2014 til 5/2016.



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