Nicholas Newman

I am an Oxford based energy journalist , who writes about all aspects of the global energy business including exploration, production, investment, markets, technology, regulation, leadership, innovation, policy making and management.

United Kingdom

I specialise in the following topics: oil and gas exploration and production together with power generation, including renewables and nuclear.

Much of my energy writing is concerned with trends in policies, risks, exploration and production technologies as well as trading in energy resources. This includes, for instance in the gas sector, all aspects of current market policy, political and technological trends and developments that may affect the exploration, production and trading in natural gas, shale gas, CSG and LNG.

In addition, I often have to examine and analyse shifts in the terms of trade between coal, gas and oil as they are affected by structural market changes or opportunities and policy developments. For instance, there is the move towards deeper waters for offshore oil and gas production which is turning countries like Brazil and Angola into energy giants.

A unique contribution of my writing is to provide a geopolitical insight into the emerging energy challenges that face investors, consumers and decision makers. My main asset is my ability to turn clients’ complex and technical and financial stories into compelling narratives. My writing provides a gateway for investors and decision makers to comprehend the often complex issues that face the energy sector in a given part of the world, for example, the recent developments in Kazakhstan.

I regularly investigate emerging market demand and supply and how different solutions are being applied to common problems such as, adoption of environmental regulations and laws by Arctic nations’ following Norway’s lead in exploiting the Arctic Ocean oil and gas resources sustainably. I am well versed in researching, analysing, and sourcing my publications from a broad range of international, national, local and online business press and corporate clients. I am available for both short pieces of 750 to 1000 words and long pieces up to 5,000.

In addition, I have undertaken technology reviews and assessments. Most recently , I have supplied analysis about the viability of Russian government innovation policies for Engineering and Technology Magazine, a survey and assessment of exploration technologies for Petroleum Review and an investigation of Australian clean coal carbon capture technology for Power Engineering International.

Flame in Focus

Welcome to Flame in Focus - a publication dedicated to the key trends in the global gas industry today. After a hugely successful Flame 2016 in May, this magazine picks up many of on the developments that were discussed in Amsterdam, plus new and emerging issues within the world of global gas as we look ahead to 2017.

Nicholas Newman
Continental Shift: Africa's emerging gas to power revolution

Nicholas Newman Continental Shift: Africa's emerging gas to power revolution, a report just published, concerned with the issues of investing in gas fueled independent power production in sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on South Africa. This report... #banking #bowmangilfillanafricagroup #fiscal

Europe's oil capital | EniDay

This site uses cookies. By continuing browsing the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. By Nicholas Newman on Stavanger is Europe's oil and energy capital, home to Statoil's headquarters and nearly 300 energy service companies plus several petroleum-related government departments. Stavanger was also the 2008 European Cultural capital.

Market Issues

The Energy Trading Gamble!

Nicholas Newman European Energy Review September 2015. Did you know that energy traders are playing a vital part in keeping Europe's energy prices competitive and supplying countries with their energy needs? They are integral to the business of buying and selling of energy commodities such as power, gas and oil and their delivery from where they are produced to where they are consumed.

Will the Market Stability Reserve do the trick?

Nicholas Newman European Energy Review March 2015 In February 2015 the European Parliament's Environment Committee voted for reform of the European Union's flagship Emission Trading System (ETS). To address the chronic problem of an oversupply of carbon allowances, and to signal that it is serious about fighting climate change, the committee approved a proposal to park millions of carbon allowances in a Market Stability Reserve (MSR), starting on 31 December 2018.

Energy Policy

Is Britain’s energy leadership failing?

National energy leadership requires clear policy around encouraging investment to manage risk and development, and a healthy balance between the market, and the consumer (taxpayer)?

A crisis in leadership in Japan's nuclear industry.

Failing to make the right decision is easy to do. Regrettably, despite years of technological progress and experience, governments and energy companies continue to make such mistakes. Nevertheless, due to the increasing scale of investment and environmental hazards that the industry faces, the world energy leadership needs to do better than it has in the past.

Coal and the religious Pole | EniDay This site uses cookies. By continuing browsing the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. By Nicholas Newman on Coal and the Catholic Church are two of the most powerful institutions in Poland but Pope Francis has put them into conflict with each other.


Onda su onda | EniDay Questo sito utilizza cookie. Continuando a navigare, accetti l'utilizzo da parte nostra dei cookie. Le onde oceaniche generano circa 80,000TWh di energia all'anno, l'equivalente di cinque volte il fabbisogno mondiale odierno, eppure sono ancora poco sfruttate.

Petroleum Review
Innovation offshore

Operating in the polar regions of the world poses incredible challenges for the offshore oil and gas sector. Thirty years ago, operating in such extreme weather conditions was considered almost impossible. In response to these challenges, the industry has become ever more innovative and increasingly automated, and operating in the world's polar seas is now more commonplace. In the future, we are likely to see the industry operating even further north, above the Arctic Circle, but a...

Queensland Mining and Energy Bulletin
Bright Future for Australia's CSG

With Investment and expansion on the rise, the future is looking up for Queensland's csg industry. Nicholas Newman reports.

Fuel from algae | EniDay This site uses cookies. By continuing browsing the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. By Nicholas Newman on Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have discovered a way to turn a small mixture of algae and water into a kind of crude oil in less than an hour.

How to recycle CO2

Nicholas Newman EniDay 31 July 2015 The oil industry has come up with a practical method of using CO2 gas before storing it underground. The technique, known as Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), improves oil recovery rates and prolong the operating life of mature oil fields.


A literature review of the current state of western European oil gas pipeline and refinery...

Home / Eastern Europe / A literature review of the current state of western European oil gas pipeline and refinery infrastructure Given the current state of western European oil gas pipeline and refinery infrastructure, what are the opportunities for developing and reconfiguring that infrastructure to enable non Russian suppliers( if we ignored contractual obligations).

Nicholas Newman

The Caspian region of Central Asia is one of the world's most important oil and gas-producing regions. Until recently, Caspian gas traveled thousands of miles via largely Soviet-built pipelines to eastern Russia where a portion of it was re-exported to Europe at two and even three times the purchase price.

New Integrity Solutions Facing Many Same Old Problems

The protection of oil, gas and refined product pipelines against natural events such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis, not to mention human actions including construction excavations, illegal tapping and terrorist sabotage, is an ongoing concern for operators around the world.

Power Generation

Newman Energy
East Asia a nuclear hotspot?

Over the next few decades, at least half the world’s new nuclear power plants are likely to be built in in East Asia. Most of these new plants will be built in China, Taiwan and South Korea.

Power Engineering International
From power-hungry to power for the people?

Nigeria is a perfect example of years of energy leadership failure — a situation currently being overturned with an ambitious power-sector reform plan.

African Review November 2015

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Power Engineering International
Great Expectations: India's hopes for solar power growth

India is looking to solar power as part of its plans to mend its chronically dysfunctional power sector. Solar power is seen by both the federal government in Delhi and state governments as an essential contributor to help meet increasing demands for power.

Oil and Gas

offshore technology
Into the abyss - the world's deepest offshore oil rigs

As new oil resources become scarce, offshore companies are beginning to tap the very deepest deposits. plumbs the depths to reveal the technology behind the world's deepest offshore oil rigs.

Black Swans Bring New Challenges to Energy Leadership

At the GB Gas Security of Supply Seminar held on the 2 February 2012 at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering London, there were two groups, the first the free market ideologues, who held that it was not necessary for government to intervene. That existing efforts were unnecessary.

offshore technology
Arctic oil: an environmental disaster waiting to happen?

Resource exploitation could pose a serious threat to the arctic, but could new laws help open this treasure chest? Nicholas Newman reports on the lack of coherent legislation regarding extracting arctic oil and finds out more about the threat of contamination in this fragile environment.

OXFORDPROSPECT - The New Shale Gas Countries

This report by Nicholas Newman and published by PennEnergy Research and Power Generation Research highlights both the challenges and major factors that face the industry, investors and governments in the 13 significant countries, in terms of technically recoverable shale gas assets, outside the United States in repeating the American shale gas revolution.