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I'm a writing workhorse, pure and simple. My finger is always on the pulse of the latest technologies, political happenings, pop culture events and just the general spirit of the times. I'm a curious and enthusiastic writer who enjoys researching new topics as much as penning them. My greatest strength is my versatility in adapting my writing tone and voice to whatever the situation requires. I have experience in writing blogs, articles, copy, press releases and descriptions.

In today's digital print world, I thoroughly understand the crucial relationship between keyword-rich content and SEO. I am also very keen on how to leverage popular social media platforms to further a company's profile and brand reputation. Please have a look at some of my writing samples below.

VR Music Videos and Apps for Google Cardboard

It's amazing what virtual reality can bring the masses these days. Just conduct one simple "VR" search on Google Play Store and you'll come up with hundreds if not thousands of results. Most of what you'll see are a mix of endless runner clones and tons of interesting and dynamic VR games that redefine what it is to being a first person player.

Awesome Free Google Cardboard VR Games That You Must Play!

With VR games taking off in a huge way, there's no shortage of the creative powers being utilized. You may have heard about all of the really cool VR games being on the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, but there are tons of interesting and powerfully immersive games that are totally free for your Google Cardboard.

Oculus Touch and HTC VIVE Controllers Comparison Review

Right now, a virtual reality battle is being waged between high-end VR companies, HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift. Both platforms came out at the same time, but only the HTC VIVE had dedicated tracking controllers while the Oculus Rift only had a traditional XBOX controller for users to play around with.

Fun Casual VR Games for the HTC VIVE!

If you're the owner of an HTC VIVE or any other high-end virtual reality gaming device, consider yourself one of the lucky ones who have ascended into that rarefied air of amazingly immersive VR gaming! As VR games catch on, developers are making games for all sorts of gaming genres - the casual genre being one of the most popular.

VR Experiences For the HTC VIVE

With VR games taking the virtual reality world by storm, it's truly amazing to see how a lot of these "games" aren't games at all, but creative and immersive VR experiences that aim to take users on for a psychedelic ride. This is what it means to be a VR developer these days.

Writing Samples

BeSocial Dating Blog
Why 30-Something Men Are Afraid of Commitment!

Are you single? Better yet, are you single AND in your thirties? Did you wait too long? Did you screw up and let the right one go and let all the wrong ones in? When did you stop caring?

Top Best Cardboard VR Headset Reviews!

What an awesome time to be alive! Virtual reality is really here and it's not going anywhere. Thanks to the innovative Google Cardboard concept, the VR movement has officially kicked off with unprecedented user accessibility and massive groundswell interest. Now, practically anyone can try out virtual reality for themselves.

BeSocial Dating Blog
5 ways to be more attractive

Dating is a mental labyrinth of body language, facial nuance and fragile egos. With every flirtatious line, comes the next subtle clue for the next dizzying turn in the maze. The trick is not to hear what people are saying, but to read into the deeper subtext. See the world behind the world.

How VR Helped My Anxiety and Public Speaking

As a kid growing up, I always had anxiety and to a certain extent, I still do in my adult life. Throughout my formative years, anxiety always had a murderer's grip on my social behavior - especially when it came to public speaking.

BeSocial Dating Blog
Don't Be A Clingy Emotional Vampire! -

An emotional vampire is someone who is overly clingy, emotionally greedy and seeks out not a healthy relationship, including ANY relationship to use as an emotional crutch to lift themselves out of their own rut of depression. I know because I was one.