Sng Ler Jun


I am a Singapore-based lifestyle writer and a communications undergrad in University Buffalo. I am experienced in photojournalism, and have covered travel, F&B, and entertainment. You can find my works in HYPE & STUFF, and The Travel Intern.

I am always hungry for compelling human-interest stories and will probably do whatever it takes to let the voices of unsung heroes (or ordinary people) be heard.

If you ever find yourself seeking an extra pair of hands and an innovative mind, or when you look for an experienced writer with a bubbly personality, you may write to me at [email protected]

The Travel Insider
The Itinerary to Maximise your 2-Day Osaka Amazing Pass

It is impossible to conquer this enormous city in two days. There is bound to be an attraction (or a dish) that matches and resonates with every facet of your personality in Osaka. But if you're going to try, hands down the best way to do it is with the 2-Day Osaka Amazing Pass.

UOB Travel Insider

National Giving Week (2017)

Giving Week
Just 13, she's a sensible spender - Giving Week

Adults like myself may, at times, face difficulties doing that, so I would imagine it would be quite a daunting task for children. However, this is not the case for 13-year-old Chia Hui Qin, who has been managing her own expenditure since she was in primary school.

The Travel Intern

The Travel Intern
10 Reasons Why Nature Lovers Should Visit Beautiful Terengganu in Malaysia - The Travel Intern

While we often fly at least three hours for a quick getaway to that much needed retail therapy or digital detox, we often forget about the possible adventures that await right next door. The Malaysia we know embodies many things; from the scrumptious cuisines that reside in Penang's streets, to the back-breaking (but wholly satisfying) ascent to Mount Kinabalu, and even to the enigmatic Kuching city.

LE Castella: Famous Japanese Jiggly Sponge Cake From Taiwan Comes To Tampines 1

It's been slightly more than a month since LE Castella ( 樂古早味蛋糕 ), the famous Japanese sponge cakes from Taiwan, has reached our shores. To date, these jiggly Castella cakes, which are made of flour, eggs, sugar, and starch syrup, are creating a stir among the masses and attracting long queues at Tampines 1.