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Business Systems Analyst (insurance/ reinsurance) and Freelance Writer. I also delve my hands in writing blogs, articles, forums and reviews.


I did B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering. Thereafter, I worked in insurance sector as an IT-specialist for almost 8 years. My job role was of Business Analyst and I was involved in requirement elicitation, documentation, SRS/BRD preparation, UML/Test case formulation and liaising with software integrator for functional implementations. While being in job, I contributed articles and research papers to Insurance Blog (Asia) and International Journal of Commerce and Management Research (ISSN: 2455-1627) respectively. One of my essays was also ranked 5th in India Insurance Industry Essay Competition arranged by Asia Insurance Review, Singapore. I left that job for some personal reasons. Of late, I have been writing at Upwork and Contentmart as a freelancer again. Within a single month, I've written almost 100+ articles for various clients. Writing has always been my passion and I want my future job to be aligned with what I genuinely love to do. I assure SEO-savvy / quality writing and delivery within timeline. I can emphatically vouch for my knowledge on computer science, general insurance (I did fellowship in general insurance) and statistics (yes, I cleared a couple of actuarial science papers too). This apart, whatever extra topic is required to learn for writing anything under the sun, I'm capable to grasp it quickly by browsing various Internet sources. I'd request you to kindly have a look at my sample works as displayed herein to draw a cogent conclusion about me as a professional writer.

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IJCMR (ISSN: 2455-1627)
Evolving Customer-centric Strategy in General Insurance

This paper analyzes the causes, importance and effect of paradigm shift in general insurance sector from 'policy-centric' to 'customer-centric' and eventually the gradual penetration of 'Customer Centric Business Strategy' in the mentioned sector. The main motto is to present some innovative strategic ideas, implementation of which can bring in positive impact in real-life scenario. Background considered is Indian general insurance in the discussion. Emphasis is mainly given on Customer...

Short Articles and Essays

Asia Insurance Review, Singapore
The Dynamics of Reinsurance in India

My essay ranges from page# 59 to page# 69. It ranked 5th in an essay competition arranged by AIR, Singapore and GIC Re.

Creative Snippets from my Personal Blog

`Ray` - My first delight of being a Bong

For most of the people in Bengal, it's the writing of Tagore that becomes their first delight. Strangely, my exploration did not unfold in the same way.. I can still remember, it was 1996 when I first watched Ray's film "Ghare Baire" ( The Home and the World) and it was a vast eye-opener for me as a school-going kid.

Love and Lollypop

It all started with one apple. Adam, who was an averagely curious student with a habit of absorbing all the studies without going into much post-effect analysis, started consuming that apple. On that apple's bliss (or curse), a devoted lover Eve gifted him a child.

Calcutta Chromosome - Do we carry Bengal in our genes?

Very recently I ransacked all the social networks looking for one of my bosom schoolmates but could not find her anywhere. Investigation is such an infectious pursuit that it feeds its virus within the investigator until he unravels what he's looking for.