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Arnold Pinto

Digital Content Producer | Photojournalist

I am an Editor-in-Chief, Head of Content and Photojournalist, with several years of deep dive experience in all forms of hard news, business and lifestyle communications for digital and print platforms. I conceptualise, write, edit, curate and disseminate compelling and authoritative multimedia content for world-class news, business and lifestyle platforms, trending industry verticals and other targeted audiences across the Middle East region, Europe and South Asia.


Etienne Caillebotte


Diplômé d'un Master en Gestion Éditoriale et Communication Internet et passé par l'IUT de Lannion, j'écris sur les jeux vidéo, le sport ou les deux en même temps. Pour un projet, une collaboration ou mission, contactez moi ici : ✉️ [email protected]


Isabel Thomson-Officer

Comms specialist (PR, copywriting, journalism)

Hi there, it's nice to meet you. I'm Isabel, and I'm from Melbourne. I really like words — and food, music, books, oh, and puppies too. Things I don't like include 2020, alternative facts and pineapple on pizza (it's just gross I really don't get it). I'm the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Manifest Melbourne, part of the international brand communications group Manifest, PR Week's International Agency of the Year 2019 & 2020. With offices in New York, Manchester, New York, Stockholm and now Melbourne, we build brands that change the world. Most importantly, we work hard and we're nice to people. I've spent the last 10 years in media and comms on both sides of the Pacific. I've worked in-house for restaurant groups and in agencies specialising in entertainment, lifestyle tech, and brand comms working with early-stage startups through to billion dollar valuation companies. I've been a journalist with and Nine Digital as well as having worked on campaigns for sex toys through to boozy kombucha, launched America's first print newsweekly magazine in nearly 20 years, coordinated lots of funding announcements from seed through to Series E, and travelled the world doing PR for music festivals and DJs that took me to Mexico, Portugal, Costa Rica, Iceland, America and Morocco. No matter who I'm working with or what I'm doing, at the end of the day, I just really love helping people (and brands) find their voice, what they stand for and then making the world pay attention. My skills include: journalism, copywriting, editing, public relations, production, digital marketing, brand strategy, content management, project management, event management, account management... the list goes on. Basically, if it's new, exciting, there's words, music, food, a ridiculous deadline, a crazy story or a plane ticket involved, I'm interested. If you're doing something awesome and want a little help spreading the word, then drop me a line, I'd love to talk: [email protected]. Below you can find some of my published work and coverage I've landed for my clients below.

Sophia Lee

High School Writer

I am a current Content Writing Intern at digital entertainment media startup polljuice and a high school senior (Class of 2021). My desire to communicate knowledge on a variety of subjects in a clear and engaging manner defines my writing and translates to my academic endeavors. As a polljuice intern, I've been fortunate to enjoy the freedom to pick my article topics. I enjoy researching and writing the gamut. I weigh the merits of dark chocolate vs milk chocolate. I question why we don't refer to other countries' names in their own language. I explore the beautiful foreign words for emotions with no English equivalent. I look at the pumpkin spice latte and contemplate another double standard women face. I link the physiology of fatigue with the phenomenon of deep late night conversations. I marvel at the scientific persuasive power behind dogs' puppy dog eyes. I probe America's history of public shaming. At this point, I realize I've referred to a good number of my articles. All this to say, I have an enthusiasm to learn more and share this knowledge. I'm grateful that my polljuice internship gives me the opportunity to do just that. In college, I hope to continue honing my writing skills through class papers, lab reports, and joining a school journal. My wide range of interests influenced my primary academic interests in interdisciplinary psychology, neuroscience, and nutrition science. Although I've gained most of my professional experience in communications, the time management, research, and avid curiosity that fueled those endeavors will serve me well in my intended future areas of focus.


Joseph P. Gordon


I am a driven and detail-oriented writer with a passion for accuracy and expanding my horizons. I have worked as a Creative Writing English Professor, Journalist, and Editor, and I am always seeking new challenges.


Georgie Carr

Writer and Critic

I am a freelance writer and critic and a staff writer at Another Gaze: A Feminist Film Journal. I am also a doctoral researcher, writing on policing, film & built environments at the University of Sussex.

Marcel Deer

Journalist/Content Creator

I'm a qualified journalist with over 15 years of professional content writing experience. My background is In digital marketing and business development, and I specialize in creating dynamic long-form content. I'm currently looking for new challenges and opportunities. So, contact me if you need excellent content for your website or brand. Services offered: Blog writing, press releases, article writing, blogger outreach, website content, and product descriptions.

Gabriel Veras


Minha conexão com a minha Terra define quem sou. Sou apaixonado pelo verde que me cerca e pela cultura que me enriquece. Minha grande sorte foi ter nascido amazonense. Profissionalmente ,busco conhecer e entender cada vez mais sobre jornalismo ambiental e de dados.

Robyn Sidersky

Journalist in Norfolk,Virginia

Robyn Sidersky is a Norfolk-based journalist. She is the associate editor of Virginia Business magazine. Before that, she was a staff writer for The Virginian-Pilot, Virginia's largest newspaper. She studied journalism and political science at the University of Central Florida and has worked in Florida, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Deenah Jacques

Freelance Copywriter

I am inspired by words and believe that I can craft a story that will inspire you and your target audience.