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Spencer Cook

Student Journalist

I am a journalism student at the University of Central Florida. I am a multimedia journalist proficient in photography, videography and writing. I am currently an editor for the Life section at NSM Today, a student-run publication on campus. I will graduate with a bachelor's degree in journalism with a focus on print/digital media on May 3, 2019.




Littéraire et toujours connectée à l'actualité sous toutes ses formes, j'ai développé naturellement un fort intérêt pour le journalisme. Communiquer avec rigueur une information aux gens me tient à cœur d'autant plus que j'accorde une réelle importance à la véracité des faits. Je suis passionnée par les sujets culturels et artistiques, la société et son évolution et j'aime capturer l'individualité de chaque personne pour la transmettre.

Joshi Herrmann


I got into journalism as a student by joining the founding team of The Tab at Cambridge University. From 2011 to 2015 I was a staff writer on the London Evening Standard. I have written for The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent Magazine, The Spectator, Newsweek and VICE. I can be reached at joshiherrmann at gmail dot com Highly Commended 'Young Journalist of the Year' (Press Awards 2013) Highly Commended 'Feature Writer of the Year' (Press Awards 2015)

Alex Waite

Writer and Journalist

I started writing articles on football, sports and culture in my spare time. I now write articles for a Crystal Palace fan site, The Cultural Me and various other websites and publications - always enthused and motivated to start my next writing project. [email protected]

Kim Haldin

Freelance Writer

A trained scriptwriter and online journalist with a wide understanding of of storytelling. Studied creative writing in Singapore. Now back in Finland, looking for new challenges.


Mark Berman

Writer / Content Producer / Music Nerd

CSULB journalism grad. I've created a wide range of music/media-related content both DIY and in local publications, in the form of interviews, criticism, feature writing and digital audio/video production. "I have a lot to say about this sad sack of **** song that I love..." -Bob Castrone, Throwback Podcast (2019)

Anna Siwecka

Freelance Journalist & Podcast Producer

Hi! I'm Anna. Happy you dropped by! I'm the author of the Pracownia Dziewczyn podcast (in Polish). The show has been noticed by Forbes Women Poland and appeared on the list of 30 worth-listening podcasts created by women. Currently, I also produce the Montel Weekly podcast. When the Covid-19 pandemic began, I helped launch the Covid-19 & Energy show. My radio features aired on Monocle 24 radio, and I worked for Monocle Magazine as a fact-checker. In 2019, I co-wrote with Anne-Sophie Garrigou and produced The Beam Podcast. My portfolio also includes pilot podcast episodes for DWReco and Podigee. My articles appeared in Caffeine Magazine, The Beam, CleanTechnica, and Montel Online. MA International Journalism. City University of London alumna. Based in Berlin, Germany. Open to new opportunities within radio and brands interested in starting their podcasting journey, as well as within journalistic writing. Email: annamariasiwecka[at]



Welcome here! I'm Lina and here you can find my articles. I write long-reads about lifestyle, IT, technologies and culture, make translation and editing. It is a pleasure for me to write on important topics and create relevant articles nowadays. Make your contribution and choose a topic for me to write!


David Schout

Freelance journalist

Melbourne-based freelance journalist covering cricket, sport and inner-city news. Worked with: The Guardian, IPL, ICC, BCCI, The Roar, NCA Newswire, and more. Drop me a line at [email protected], or via the links below.

Michel Serra

Journaliste presse écrite (bimédia) et télévision

Journaliste bilingue anglais/français spécialisé dans l'actualité télé et musique. Presse écrite et télévision. Réalisation d'interviews, caméra, son et montage.