Mark Berman

Writer / Content Producer / Music Nerd

United States

CSULB journalism grad. I've created a wide range of music/media-related content both DIY and in local publications, in the form of interviews, criticism, feature writing and digital audio/video production.

"I have a lot to say about this sad sack of **** song that I love..."
-Bob Castrone, Throwback Podcast (2019)



Daily 49er
Who Is Just Like Heaven For?

Throwing back with artists, fans and bloggers ahead of the new festival about where this 2010 indie pop nostalgia is coming from barely a decade later. Includes interviews with Denise Nouvion of Memoryhouse and Sami Jarroush of the late Rock It Out! Blog.

OC Music League
UNLEASH THE ARCHERS on SoCal Fans, Writing APEX & the Upcoming Sequel

Q&A interview with Brittney Slayes, lead vocalist and songwriter of Canadian power metal band Unleash the Archers. Takes an in-depth look at the songwriting process behind their recent concept album Apex, as well as their experiences playing in the SoCal area.

OC Music League
It’s About Participation: The Outsider’s Guide to OCML’s EDM Shows

A first-person editorial piece/concert review hybrid where I, an OCML writer clueless about electronic music culture, attend the OCML house music night at a local bar. I set out to learn & get across the appeal behind this kind of show, including interviews with DJs and a sidestage painter along the way.

Mark's Music Thing
How Car Seat Headrest Cleaned Up a Lo-Fi Classic on the New "Twin Fantasy"

A feature revolving around the band Car Seat Headrest's packed album-release show at Hollywood record store Amoeba Music. I took professional photos, recapped the event and frontman Will Toledo's journey to this point, and interviewed drummer Andrew Katz about his recent involvement.

Mark's Music Thing
Eric Taxxon: Get to Know Your New Favorite Bandcamp Secret

This profile piece on prolific DIY producer/songwriter Eric Taxxon touches on how he produced over 20 albums of varying genres in three years, the online critical circles he has received the most buzz in, and how he feels about one especially personal song people have attached to.