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Welcome here! I'm Lina and here you can find my articles. I write long-reads about lifestyle, IT, technologies and culture. It is a pleasure for me to write on important topics and create relevant articles nowadays.
I am linguist though, it has been always my dream to become a writer. Every new project makes me more professional than I was yesterday.
Make your contribution and choose a topic for me to write!

Brexit: Чому Британія все ніяк не вийде з Європейського Союзу

Текст: Поліна Бражнікова 12 грудня в Британії пройдуть дострокові вибори до парламенту. Вибори оголосили через те, що прем'єр-міністру Борису Джонсону так і не вдалось виконати свою обіцянку вчасно реалізувати Брекзит, тобто вивести Британію з Європейського Союзу. Ми вирішили нагадати, що таке Брекзит, та в чому полягають труднощі цього процесу для Британії та світу.

How A Machine Could Be Able to Learn Your Consumers Behavior

The development of mankind has led us to the next level of self-awareness - the creation of artificial intelligence. Intelligent machines are already changing the approach to many problems and tasks, they look with people for answers to important questions. How does this technology work?

Трансперенсі Інтернешнл Україна (translation)

Why check the university's procurement at all? Because that's something that the comfort of your studying depends on. Universities repair dormitories, heat up rooms, buy equipment or furniture. Thanks to the ProZorro system, everything can be controlled. And what can go wrong in university procurement?

Lina writes
Роскошный Париж

Столица Франции является лишь частью этой великолепной страны, а я уже влюбилась во все французское. Этот гид по Парижу будет полезен и тем, кто собирается посетить данный город, и кому просто хочется узнать ради чего люди едут в этот город. Кстати, внизу оставила множество промокодов для скидок на отели, такси и даже электросамокаты для путешественников.
Build a Mobile App for iOS That Actually Pays Off

The iOS is a wonderful platform for developing on for software developers. It was never easier to embody your own unique app idea, code something up for others to have it available in store and gain potential customers. iOS goes further than Android or any cross-platform.

Qualitative & Affordable Mobile App Development for Startups

Startups unexpectedly occupied a place of modern features. The outcome of a startup can be predicted if to apply all the necessary tools. One of these tools is a mobile application, which can increase many factors of a project success: the audience range, the popularity of a startup and in a case of commercial intent - budget increasing.