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Erin Todd

Senior Marketing Professional

With over 10 years of experience, Erin has worked with B2B, B2C, non-profits, small businesses and enterprise technology companies alike to help enhance their online presence with creative storytelling, captivating visuals, intuitive user experience and achieving sustainable inbound marketing strategies that position businesses for success. When she's not writing, editing or planning, she enjoys hiking, competing in triathlons, and spending time with her husband and son.

Andew Steel

Multimedia Writer

Ben Franklin once said, "If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing." I say, why not both? My meaning in life comes from a strong desire to better the human existence in the ways I can. I have many tools toward this end: a talent for writing, martial arts experience, a background in EMT work, a singing voice. Each has its use, but the written word has the potential benefit of being considerably long-lived and far-reaching, so I use it the most. My writing has taken me from the frontlines of the battle against Alzheimers, to the Christmas carolers of New England communities, to KGB spies on U.S. soil, to the rallies of popular presidential hopefuls. I've found so many beautiful and inspiring stories in each, and have always done my best to give them the words they deserve. As I go forward, as a writer, but more importantly as a person, I strive to continue inspiring change, with words when I can and with action when I can't.

United States of America

Javier Romero Achón

Bilingual Copywriter, Sports & Communication Specialist / Especialista en Deporte y Comunicación bilingüe

Social Media Manager @ You First Sports | Copywriter, Bilingual Content & Communications Specialist | Syracuse University '19 🍊 Social Media Manager en You First Sports | Miembro de Nova Talent | Especialista en Deporte, Comunicación y Contenido | Copywriter bilingüe


Margaux Hardelay

Communication/ Direction Artistique/ Journalisme Musical

Media Production Assistant with excellent communication skills. Well-experienced online media and music professional. Extremely adaptable, with a background in Production, Media, Art Direction in advertising and Press relations.


Bryan Lawver

Game critic and journalist

I live in LA and think too much about video games. Hire me for the latter so I can afford the former.

Stephanie Slepian

Journalist, Storyteller, Editor, and Social Media Expert

Passionate storyteller and seasoned reporter with vast experience in producing content for digital and print news, as well as social media platforms. Excellent interviewing skills with the ability to turn around powerful, meaningful, and heartfelt conversational prose. A love of researching and digging deep, looking for the human experience in the details. Adept at planning campaigns, managing multiple projects that raise awareness and builds the brand of an organization. Deep connection to local elected officials, non-profits, the business community, cultural and veteran’s organizations. Resourceful, innovative and passionate about empathetically listening to people's stories. Below you will find 10 stories written by Stephanie. For more clips, please contact her at [email protected].


James Mills

Founder, Opposite Lock Media

Experienced editor and creative project leader with a proven track record in digital and print and an excellent black book of contacts. I build audiences through cut-through content, to deliver organic business growth. I've done the lot, from specialist and lifestyle to national media, content marketing agencies to advertising agencies. From start to finish I produce acclaimed stories, copywriting, videos, websites, blogs, social media campaigns, competitions and more. My last role was leading the Media department for Hagerty UK, the specialist car insurer, growing the online audience from less than 1000 unique visitors a month to a peak of 300,000 – with, it should be noted, an insurance quote conversion rate of 7 per cent. I have been an editor at Dennis Publishing (Auto Express and Test Drive) and BBC (Top Gear), a long-standing contributor to The Sunday Times and its Driving section; created V-ZINE magazine for Shell's global V-Power fuel brand; run my own branded content agency (Direct Line, Green Flag, Mazda UK, CarFinance247 and more) and achieved much more besides. Needless to say, I'm always looking for exciting new projects. You can contact me at [email protected], or on 07812110910

Federico Gil García

Lic. en Comunicación Social

Licenciado en Comunicación Social, periodista y locutor de radio y televisión. Perfil orientado a la redacción de contenidos, edición periodística y literaria.


Nick Lotz


Hey there... Cleveland State film school graduate with an emphasis in screenwriting. I have a passion for music, film, and literature. My fiction work tends to be dark, cerebral, yet comedic. My journalism work tends to focus around music (but I'd like to expand more into the fine arts as well). Contact me, anytime. Nick