Stephanie Slepian

Journalist, Storyteller, Editor, and Social Media Expert

United States

Passionate storyteller and seasoned reporter with vast experience in producing content for digital and print news, as well as social media platforms. Excellent interviewing skills with the ability to turn around powerful, meaningful, and heartfelt conversational prose. A love of researching and digging deep, looking for the human experience in the details. Adept at planning campaigns, managing multiple projects that raise awareness and builds the brand of an organization. Deep connection to local elected officials, non-profits, the business community, cultural and veteran’s organizations. Resourceful, innovative and passionate about empathetically listening to people's stories.

Below you will find 10 stories written by Stephanie. For more clips, please contact her at [email protected].

Sgt. Eric Geressy: 'It was an honor for me to serve alongside these heroes'

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Sgt. Eric Geressy and his men hunkered down in underground holes for three weeks when they first arrived in Kuwait in 2003 before the order for an air assault came down. The attack complete, it was onward toward Baghdad the next morning Target: An air defense artillery battery on the southern outskirts.
Staten Island lieutenant rallies comrades for 9/11 memorial run in Afghanistan

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. --Stephen Siller's story is fast becoming the stuff of legend. In the days ahead, small towns and big cities across America will stage races that seek to replicate the West Brighton firefighter's final steps, those precious 3.1 miles that took him through the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel to the World Trade Center.

'Mind the light'​: The Story of Kate Walker

In his dying breaths, John Walker left his wife with these four words: "Mind the Light, Kate." And for three decades, Kate Walker carried out her husband's final wishes, minding the Robbins Reef Lighthouse.

A joyful year of firsts for 5 tiny miracles

By STEPHANIE SLEPIAN Allesia is the typical daddy's girl. Amanda, she's the toy thief. Emily's got patience. Matthew, a prince among princesses, is simply sweet. And Ella has a serious side. They make each other laugh. They make each other cry. Three of them can hold their own bottles; the other two aren't far behind.

Staten Island woman relates how pills killed her brother

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Nicholas Clohessy was a standout on the football field at Tottenville High School -- he was the one wearing the number 18 across his back -- the baby of five children, everybody's friend, two weeks shy of entering boot camp.