Andew Steel

Multimedia Writer

United States of America

Ben Franklin once said, "If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing." I say, why not both?

My meaning in life comes from a strong desire to better the human existence in the ways I can. I have many tools toward this end: a talent for writing, martial arts experience, a background in EMT work, a singing voice. Each has its use, but the written word has the potential benefit of being considerably long-lived and far-reaching, so I use it the most.

My writing has taken me from the frontlines of the battle against Alzheimers, to the Christmas carolers of New England communities, to KGB spies on U.S. soil, to the rallies of popular presidential hopefuls. I've found so many beautiful and inspiring stories in each, and have always done my best to give them the words they deserve. As I go forward, as a writer, but more importantly as a person, I strive to continue inspiring change, with words when I can and with action when I can't.



The Sun Chronicle
So you want to move to Los Angeles?

This is a piece for the young souls. Here's the scoop: it's been two years since you graduated college. You've been working a couple part-time jobs since then, which require a dusty certificate from your teenage years and a lot of sitting around.

The Sun Chronicle
Every stamp counts

Jamie Droste, Student Life Advisor at the Foxboro Regional Charter School, dropped a big old bin on the table in front of me. It was filled to the brim with stamps. "If you reach your hand in, you can come up with something from 1932, right up through 2014, and everything in between.

Firm roots for fitness - CFTorque celebrates 5 yrs in Foxboro

Beside Chace Building Supply on Route One, there sits a building with a fairly unique aesthetic. The soaring ceiling and roll-up metal doors are reminiscent of a large garage, and, with some clever steering, a few 18-wheelers and their trailers could likely be accommodated.

The Sun Chronicle
Running a race against Alzheimer's

"Tell me about yourself." As happy as I was to regale my interviewee with tales from my life of lifeguarding and student loans, I was pretty sure I should have been the one asking the questions. Then again, Greg O'Brien isn't your typical interviewee.

Finding the right path

Boston College-bound Liz Holmes poses with her speech and voice therapist, Sharon Frank, who helped solve her breathing problems and allow her to have a standout career as a runner at Foxboro High School.(Photo by Andrew Steel) "My whole life is track!"

The Sun Chronicle
Mindful and balanced

Often, when discussing a person, it's easiest to find value in their accomplishments. Dr. Sang Kim has many to his name: a history of service as a South Korean military special agent, years of teaching various martial art forms, the development of his own style of self-defense, the authorship of 26 books, awards earned as a talented calligrapher, and a doctorate in Exercise Science each speak to his success.


The Rigor of Reward

Bill Gates. Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk. Warren Buffett. Charles and David Koch. These men, and the other powerful few that inhabit their sphere, are understood by much of society as innovators; men who had a great idea and ran with it. As such, they are really, really, really rich.

WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? A guide to the 2018 California Primaries

Okay, It's that time of year when we're called upon to do our civic duty and vote. We live in a proto-fascist country, the parties are corporate sellouts, and none of the major candidates ever talk about voting reform; but, a plant grows towards the trickles of sunlight, and I would be foolish not to...

Re: The Hollywood Reporter

I saw this list by The Hollywood Reporter today ranking all Marvel Comics-inspired feature films, and to be honest, I wasn't happy with it. I, along with my pals Eddie and Scott, watched all of these movies in a drawn-out marathon (which has now become a sad blood pact, which we will follow until either...