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Hélder Rafael


Escrevendo de Mato Grosso do Sul para o mundo! Já fiz de tudo um pouco na profissão de jornalista. Mas o que me move mesmo é contar boas histórias. Faço um esforço consciente para que meus escritos estejam à altura dos personagens, de suas vivências, e também das expectativas dos leitores por textos ricos e profundos.


Sofia Quintero


I am a young journalist who has experienced a diverse upbringing. Born in the United States, raised in Costa Rica by Colombian parents, and now studying in Europe. I believe in the power of unity through globalization. I am constantly inspired by culture, design, language, fashion, and news.


Sarah Reyna

Campus Editor, The South Texan

My name is Sarah Reyna and I am a Communications Journalism major at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, expected to graduate in December 2022. I am the Campus Editor for The South Texan, our university's student-ran newspaper. In this position, I write articles for print and our website about what is going on in Javelina Nation and paginate my page for our issues. My collective journalism experience has consisted of three and a half years as a volunteer and senior reporter and an editor at The South Texan, as well as a summer internship at Alice Echo-News Journal, where I wrote articles about education, county and civil government and featured community members. In this portfolio I have included my (in my opinion) strongest work from The South Texan and Alice Echo-News Journal.


Audre A. Arnett

Blog/Creative Writer

22 years old, creative writer, blogger, photographer, and reader. Although I am just starting my career in writing, I guarantee you that I can provide fast, efficient, and professional services. Experience: - Video Editing (Sony Vegas Application) - Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Word, & PowerPoint) - Photoshop - Book Cover Creations - Blogging for JGP Interests: - Freelance Writing (professional, technical, creative) - Story Writing (short stories & novels) - Editing (stories & articles) - Blogging/Journalism (movies/TV/fashion/music/celebrities/books) Listed below are samples of what I have published so far in my writing career.


David Hasley


Early on I was referred to as a business and banking whiz. I excelled at commercial banking and business consulting, and I moonlighted in cartooning and screenwriting. My evenings took a turn away from entertainment when a banking client asked me to write STARTING UP, a guide for starting and managing your own business. Subsequently, I transitioned to investment management where I oversaw investor communications for a major investment management firm. My real estate and investment savvy grew exponentially during this period as did my writing, designing and editing abilities. Since then, I've owned and operated two successful businesses and I've continued to hone my writing skills. Scripting, training, correspondence, advertisements, marketing and sales materials, investment reports and newsletters are just a few of the types of communications in which I have experience. I would welcome an opportunity to work, learn and grow with you.


Delaney Amatrudo


I am a freelance copywriter based in Nashville, TN. I hold a Bachelor's Degree from New York University and currently work on both marketing and blog content for