Sarah Reyna

Campus Editor, The South Texan

United States

My name is Sarah Reyna and I am a Communication-Journalism major at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, expected to graduate in December 2022. I am the Campus Editor for The South Texan, our university's student-ran newspaper. In this position, I write articles for print and our website about what is going on in Javelina Nation and paginate my page for our issues.

My collective journalism experience has consisted of three and a half years as a volunteer and senior reporter and an editor at The South Texan, as well as a summer internship as a reporter at Alice Echo-News Journal, where I wrote articles about education, county and civil government and featured community members.

In this portfolio I have included my (in my opinion) strongest work from The South Texan and Alice Echo-News Journal.


Alice Echo - News Journal

The South Texan