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I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I'm one of those people who found something they enjoy doing, and who gets to do it for a living. It took me a while (and a few career iterations), but I've arrived. And I'm grateful.

For the last few years, I've worked in freelance roles wearing a few different hats: Marketing Manager, Web Administrator, Content Strategist, Social Media Puppeteer, Copy Wizard, and Editor armed with a fine-toothed comb.

(I write for free, too, but in that case, it's penning prose to create something tangible out of my experience of life.)

If there's one thing I can say for sure, it's this: I'm better at talking about your company than I am about myself. If you're looking for content, let's chat.



​​Key Insights From the Guide to Cybersecurity Trends and Predictions for 2022-23

The cybersecurity landscape has become something of a battle royale: companies and cyber criminals are continually trying to outsmart one another in an effort to be the last one standing. Thankfully, many businesses are seeking a proactive approach, aiming to avoid the proverbial egg on their face when it comes to cybersecurity breaches.

5 Key Components of Cybersecurity Hardening

Cybersecurity hardening is a comprehensive approach to keeping your organization safe from intruders, and mitigating risk. By reducing your attack surface, vulnerability is reduced in tandem. Hardening (or system hardening) considers all flaws and entry points potentially targeted by attackers to compromise your system.

Infosecurity Magazine
What's Top of Mind for CISOs in 2022?

We're living in a digital age; that's nothing new. The dependence on technology for even basic tasks is multiplying, and new companies arrive on the market daily with promises to make our lives easier with applications and digital solutions. Owing in part to the pandemic, organizations are now more dependent on technology than ever.

IoT Threats to the US Power Grid

Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise, and no industry is immune. While all security risks are disconcerting, the threats to the US power grid are particularly worrisome. Given the broad scope of electricity networks, millions of people at billions of endpoints are affected by any nefarious activity.

Infosecurity Magazine
Email Security: Protecting Your Organization from Within

Cybersecurity is a full-time job and with the average cost of a data breach in the US reaching $9.44m, it's one that businesses can't afford to ignore. Keeping networks, data and end users safe feels overwhelming for many. Despite high levels of security measures at an operational level, organizations remain vulnerable.

Curbing Rampant CEO Fraud in 2022

If it seems like you're constantly hearing about cybercrime these days, there's a reason for that. Globally, reports of cyberattack instances increased by a staggering 125% in 2021, a trend that shows no sign of slowing. As businesses and consumers turn their attention to cybercrime and protective measures, enterprising cybercriminals continue to fine-tune their approach to exploiting vulnerabilities.

The State of Security
Cyberthreat Defense Report (CDR) 2022: Key Points You Should Know

Each year, CyberEdge publishes the Cyberthreat Defense Report (CDR). Aimed at IT security leaders, this comprehensive report outlines the threats, security issues, and industry concerns that are most pressing. Information summarized in the CDR is gathered through surveys conducted in 17 countries and 19 industries.

Climate Causes

The Cool Down
This grocery chain just made a huge change to how its executives get paid: 'Action must be taken'

Business Under this new plan, 25% of bonus payouts for executives are tied to their success in reducing food waste. In a landmark, impactful decision, the U.K.'s largest supermarket is taking huge steps toward eliminating food waste. British grocery chain Tesco recently announced a change to executive pay structures, incorporating waste targets into bonus payouts.

eCommerce, SaaS, Business Functionality

Onramp Funds
Supply Chain Forecasting Your Crystal Ball Guide | Onramp Funds

Empty shelves, long lead times, and a bombardment of news headlines ominously declaring there is No End in Sight have certainly piqued the interest of many. It's safe to say that previously, most consumers hadn't given much thought to what it takes for the products they buy or use to arrive on store shelves or to the warehouses of eCommerce sites.

Onramp Funds
eCommerce Financing Solutions to Help You Grow - Onramp Funds

Whether it's an extension of your brick-and-mortar offering or a foray into the world of pure eCommerce, selling online isn't the " passive income " story many believe it to be. There's a lot involved in entering the world of eCommerce sales. Selling online often feels like a boundless opportunity.

TrueDialog Business SMS Text Messaging Solution
Modern Campus: Texting Software for Higher Education

When it comes to communication in the modern era, snail mail flyers and bulletin boards on campus just aren't cutting it. In this generation, the most reliable communication requires swift delivery to ensure messages don't get lost in the shuffle. Email inboxes get clogged , print mail gets lost in piles labeled and phone calls?

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Finding the Right Coworking Space in Austin - Vuka

In recent years, coworking spaces have become a favored approach for many startups, freelance workers, and even established businesses looking for more flexibility. Austin has seen a high demand for these spaces, and the market has responded. But, with so many coworking spaces in Austin to choose from, how do you find the right one for you?

Unpakt blog
How to Cut Your Moving Costs

Moving can be a stressful time. With all of the little things to keep track of, it's easy to get overwhelmed. And that's before you even start tallying up the cost of getting to your new place. Moving costs can often catch people by surprise.

Liz James Designs
Effortless Elegance: Gold-Filled Minimalist Jewelry

After more than a year of delivered meals and homeschooling, things are finally starting to open up. Restaurants are accepting reservations, cinemas are selling tickets, and friends are feeling more comfortable hosting weekend barbecues. Soon, those days of getting dressed up to take the garbage out will seem like a long-gone memory.

Brew Dr. Kombucha
Gut-Friendly Brew: Is Kombucha Alkaline or Acidic? - Brew Dr. Kombucha

If you've had a nice cold bottle of kombucha, you know that acidity plays a big role in the entire experience. In fact, the acidity of kombucha - while a personal preference, to a degree - can make or break the brew. Too acidic and your mouth puckers up.

Wedding Ideas for Spring - Vuka

Spring is a popular time for wedding ceremonies, and it's not hard to see why. The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, and the days are getting longer. Spring symbolizes a time of renewal and rejuvenation, making it the perfect time for a wedding and marking the beginning of a new phase of your life.