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Derek Swinhart

Copywriter, Editorial Lead, Narrative Designer

An accomplished writer with a decade of experience, including expertise in journalism, game design, creative writing, and copywriting, working for significant PC gaming hardware manufacturers and storied publications. Career highlights include over a hundred published pieces and over a dozen PC gaming hardware product launches.


Dalia Sibie

Journalist/ Writer/ Political Analyst/ Public Relations Specialist

I am a journalist with a burning desire to uncover the truth and share it with the world. From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a voice for the voiceless and overlooked people. Be authentic and convey my own unique voice and perspective as a journalist.

Daniel Goldblatt

Media Literacy Instructor

As a communications expert with more than a decade of experience delivering information in a multi-media environment, I believe in utilizing a broad variety of medium to reach as many people as possible in the most effective and efficient manners. In addition to expertise in web publishing, video editing, production, and storytelling, I have a strong familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite and all Microsoft Office programs.


Morgan Kenyon

Business Journalist & Engagement Manager

About me... I am an experienced writer, editor, and business journalist working as an Australian-registered sole trader under my registered business: MGK Writing Services. I am also a student, currently completing my Bachelor of Arts/ Writing double degree at the University of Canberra. I major in Literary Studies and minor in Creative Writing, the latter being a personal passion. I have so far had the pleasure of writing for peak body organisations, not-for-profits, industry leaders, national and international franchises, SMEs, and sole traders. I value respect, passion, creativity, equity, and courage above all else. I grew up in a rural village and regional stories remain very dear to my heart. I am currently working as Business Journalist for Region Media and Engagement Manager for The New England Times... and I'm loving every moment. Writing is my world. Come and join me in it!


Ryan Yau

Feature Writer

I write feature stories, reviews, and columns on arts, usually on topics relating to film. Email: [email protected]


Justin Koehler

Broadcast Journalist

I'm currently a Broadcast Journalist operating out of London, Ontario. I have a past history largely based in Social Media/Marketing primarily in the automotive sector. Currently enrolled in Fanshawe College's Broadcast Journalism program as well as working for the college as a writer/reporter for their newspaper. I've always been a big people person with my friends often attributing me to my openness, empathy, and optimism. I love lighting up a room and getting others to be comfortable and happy. I have experience in acting (theatre and voice), graphic design, videography, as well as making my own content from podcasts to live streaming.

Sasha Laghonh

Founder | Speaker | Host | Creator | Author | SME

Sasha is the Founder of Sasha Talks, an educational and entertainment platform that integrates self & professional development into nurturing meaningful outcomes. As a speaker, mentor and author, she partners alongside different clients, from individuals to organizations, to capitalize upon their talent. Visit to learn more.


Danny Wolf

Writing Your Success

With 5 years and a multitude of mastheads under my belt, I write headlines that impress and lure words into making love. Hire me to craft copy and content that resonates with your readers.


Joan Gralla

General Assignment Reporter, Newsday

I adore breaking news, excel at finding the sources to do so and spotting holes in what's presented -- hopefully improving the outcome. It’s wonderful working with such a talented group excelling in so many areas, including video and graphics. No newcomers to SEO. My hope is my public service aims, starting with my Reuters Holocaust restitution series, will appeal to you. Researching, spotting a new angle -- and then writing as simply as possible to truly explain complex problems, from global warming to COVID-19, are some of my strong suits. Curiosity always serves me well. For Reuters, where I worked most of my career, I covered many financial markets; New York, NYC and states from Maine to Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas, reporting on all manner of policies, legislation and budgets. Breaking news with New York City's budgets was one strength. Covering 9/11 -- from the attack through the reconstruction -- later led me to report for Newsday about flawed safety gear provided often immigrant asbestos workers. For Reuters TV, I interviewed a few dozen governors, treasurers, mayors and the like; wrote companion stories; gave live reports. I've co-moderated Crain's Business Breakfast panels; spoken on journalism panels. A Loyola Law School public service fellowship was wonderful. Recently I was on "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace at 7 minutes, 29, 36, 39, 42, for example. At Reuters, I regularly led competitors covering precious metals, debt, equities and energy -- a highlight was the UN-Iraq oil-for-food talks, a lengthy assignment. My multi-year Holocaust series began when NYC axed a Swiss bank from a bond sale. Two days later that was a front page New York Times story; that wasn't the first; I've had to match them too. Local, national, such as the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, and global media often ran my stories outlining talks between advocates, governments, museums, rail roads, banks and insurers. I also put Reuters first with the U.S. EPA's demand NYC cleanse its water with a new plant the city said cost too much. That was a bit of a merry-go-round. A recent Newsday story about stiffer rules for wastewater plants benefited from my in-depth experience reporting on this problem. So did a story on the curtailed lives of the oysters planted in New York Harbor's restoration programs. Previous stints: Securities Week, Physicians Financial News, the Research Institute of America, The Wall Street Transcript. Thank you for considering me, Joan