Daniel Goldblatt

Media Literacy Instructor

United States

As a communications expert with more than a decade of experience delivering information in a multi-media environment, I believe in utilizing a broad variety of medium to reach as many people as possible in the most effective and efficient manners.

In addition to expertise in web publishing, video editing, production, and storytelling, I have a strong familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite and all Microsoft Office programs.

news-2012 - Indiana Public Media
Seymour Man Accused Of $10-Million Fraud

The indictment accuses Van Netta of preparing and submitting false documents to banks to obtain fraudulent loans for airplanes, yachts, and real estate.

Noon Edition - Indiana Public Media
Online Education - Indiana Has A New "State" University

This week on Noon Edition, we'll discuss online education. Joining us will be Chancellor of online university Western Governors University-Indiana, Allison Barber; Dean of IU Continuing Studies Danny Callison, and IU School of Education professor Curt Bonk. Join us by phone, or via live chat on this site.

news-2012 - Indiana Public Media
Experts Say Bat Bite No Cause For Panic

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