Jayne Denker

Writer, blogger, content manager, editor, copyeditor, proofreader, transcriptionist

United States

I've been a writer all my life (had my first commissioned poem at nine years old!) and against all odds I've been employed as a writer or editor for the vast majority of my professional career, including as a features writer, science editor, and content manager for a news website, among other assignments. I'm also an author (six novels published, seventh and eighth on the way).

A few samples are included here, more available upon request.

OMTimes Magazine
Shifting to a Better World

An Interview with Gregg Braden by Jayne Denker Knowing where we come from will help us get where we're going, says author and speaker Gregg Braden Gregg

Retailing Insight
Becoming Unstoppable

Author Tama Kieves says following your true passion may not be the easiest path—her own journey proves that—but it is the right one.

Rochester Review * University of Rochester
When the 'Princesses' Met the 'River Rats'

Fifty years ago this fall, the women's and men's colleges were merged on the River Campus. By Jayne Denker Some Rochester undergraduates thought it was the end of the world. Some thought it was a pretty good idea. It was the fall of 1955, and the College was going coed-again.

Rochester Review * University of Rochester
Going Global

Anthropology professor Robert Foster analyzes the national culture of Papua New Guinea to help understand the interconnectedness of people-no matter how far apart-in a world awash in global commodities like Coca-Cola. By Jayne Denker Several years ago, Pepsi aired a television commercial in Papua New Guinea.

Rochester Review * University of Rochester
Stage Might

During a handful of days each year, prospective students come from across the United States and from several foreign countries to audition for a place at the Eastman School. By Jayne Denker. Photography by Elizabeth Torgerson-Lamark. Kyle Bertulli has been looking for a quiet area in the upper foyer of Eastman Theatre where he can study the organ music he's about to play.

Retailing Insight
Crazy Wisdom

Diversity and Harmony make this Ann Arbor Bookstore and tea room a wild success story for 30 years...and counting

New Age Retailer/Retailing Insight
Dreaming Big

Think a small shop in a small town can't make it in today's economy? One store proves it's possible with steady growth and abundant inspiration.

Jayne Denker
I'm Not Crying, You're...Okay, It's Me; I'll Admit It

taps mic, waits for feedback to die out* Hello? Is this thing on? Anybody still with me? Hellooooo there! Yes, it's me! Ms AWOL! She Who Hasn't Posted A Blog Entry Since 2021! How y'all doing? Are you surprised I'm still here? Yeah, so am I, not gonna lie.

Jayne Denker
Buy Your Kid The Damn Book, Karen

blows six inches of dust off blog* Hi there! Guess what? I'm not dead. I'm just resting. Pining for the fjords. Generally busy, I guess. But I have not forgotten my blog! Today I wrote a thing. However, because it is 2019 and I'm not a Luddite, I wrote it as a Twitter thread.

Jayne Denker
When Your Christmas Tree Is a Rat Bastard

I never thought I'd say this in reference to a Christmas tree, but I did yesterday: "I'm scared." Yesterday was our annual trip to the Christmas tree farm near our house to cut down a tree. The place is called Stokoe's, and it does a bang-up job, with food, activities, decorations, wreaths, petting zoo, tractor rides...