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Hands in the dirt: Meet some of NYC's community gardeners

Community gardens are oases from the hustle and bustle of New York City, but their histories are rooted in the city's darker past. Many gardens grew out of urban decay due to the hard work of volunteers, who reclaimed abandoned trash-strewn lots in their neighborhoods over the years.

Soup Joumou: A recipe for hope and pride in the Haitian community

For many people, New Year's is about watching fireworks or the ball drop in Times Square and making resolutions. For Haitians in New York City and around the world, Jan. 1 also marks Haitian Independence Day, a commemoration of the 1804 action to declare independence from French colonizers.

Even in a melting pot, uncommon names can boil over

In New York City, where nearly 200 different languages are spoken, the names people go by aren't always as common as John, Mary, Jane or Steve. For those with less common monikers, mispronunciations of their names may come as frequently as train delays.

10 years after Hurricane Sandy hit NYC, memories come flooding back

Hurricane Sandy will go down in history as one of Mother Nature's most surprising attacks on waterfront communities in the tristate area. When the storm hit the region in late October 2012, it turned streets into rivers and basements into swimming pools.

Audio Journalism

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Garifuna Heritage Month X Casa Yurumein

During their heritage month, Garifuna people host a series of educational and community-building events in the Bronx, including pop-up shops and beauty pageants. The community also makes itself visible to public officials through visits to Washington, D.C., and the Bronx borough president's office, which recognizes Garifuna Heritage Month each year.


Brooklyn College Communications and Marketing

Feature stories for CUNY Brooklyn College. Originals can be found on Brooklyn College website!