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I am a driven and detail-oriented writer with a passion for accuracy and expanding my horizons. I have worked as a Creative Writing English Professor, Journalist, and Editor, and I am always seeking new challenges.


Commercial Real Estate Reporting

The Crittenden Report
Strong fundamentals are bolstering the senior housing market - The Crittenden Report

The senior housing segment is gearing up to face a tough second half of 2023, with the lending environment serving as one of the roughest pain points for the asset class and new development all but non-existent. Dekel Capital expects the general fundamentals of the market to improve, as the segment's labor market begins to [...]

Satellite Communications Industry Reporting

Connectivity Business News | The Trusted Source for Satellite & Telecom Investment News
Satcom industry revenue reached $281B in 2022 | Connectivity Business News

The satellite communications industry reached $281 billion in revenue in 2022 as several segments saw record earnings, particularly ground equipment and manufacturing, buoyed by increased affordability across the industry and an emerging space sustainability segment.

Connectivity Business News | The Trusted Source for Satellite & Telecom Investment News
Moog eyes defense contracts, revises 2026 forecast | Connectivity Business News

Aerospace components and systems manufacturer Moog is shifting from only producing satellite components to building full satellites, a Moog spokesperson told Connectivity Business News. However, no details on future customers for the full units or payloads were provided. "In space vehicles, it's a market that we know very well.

Commercial Insurance Reporting

Crittenden Medical
Rate hikes planned amid lower overall premiums in 2022 - Crittenden Medical

Increased exposures have led to planned rate hikes scattered among medical professional liability carriers within the physician and nurse practitioner's segment. Despite the seemingly never-ending specter of COVID-19, carriers have generally not noted any adverse impact on pricing as a result of the pandemic, though overall exposures and suspension of practices are continuing to vary [...]

Crittenden Medical
Telehealth coverage demand waves as market hardening looms - Crittenden Medical

Despite the pandemic leading to a groundswell of demand for telehealth coverage among general practitioners, exposures and claims for telehealth related coverage remained relatively benign, with the most common concerns among carriers being the potential fallout of state licensure issues and claims severity as damage caps vary greatly across state lines.