AJ Breach

Writer / Interviewer / Copywriter

United Kingdom

I am a writer specialising in travel, fashion, and interviews. I recently completed my MA in Fashion Media Practice & Criticism, receiving a distinction and completing a project investigating the forms and influence of dystopia. I have been working for Boys By Girls magazine for 3 years, holding many positions including interviewer, editorial writer, copywriter, and social media manager. I currently work for the NHS as a neurology audio typist while freelance writing for publications.

Boys By Girls
Joshua Bassett by Vivian Kim

Damp sand sinks underfoot while saltwater mist cloaks Joshua Bassett in an affectionate embrace, the lingering taste of beach days hanging in the air. The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star plays a game of chase with the soft waves lapping up the shore and retreating tauntingly, daring Joshua to dive in for an impulsive afternoon swim.

Boys By Girls
Britton Smith by Hannah Sider

Facing unprecedented isolation, New York City appears desolate. A ghost town cries out for life. Sidewalks hunger for footsteps. The new world seems frozen but change brews under the surface. At the forefront of this shift is actor, musician and activist Britton Smith.

Boys By Girls
Tongayi Chirisa by Amber McKee

An engulfing heat examines skin and soul as the sun sinks into the horizon, radiating golden light across heavenly plains. It is here, resilient, withstanding the pressures and fever beating down, that we find Antebellum actor Tongayi Chirisa. Stretching wide, agile arms infiltrate hot air. Bare feet embrace dry earth.

Boys By Girls
'Thirty Degrees' by Aldona Karczmarczyk

When the night settles, desk fans whir in harmony around town to form the dull humming of sweltering, sleepless nights. Desperate for air in a taxi for two, screeching windows roll down. Whipping in and out with violent animation, stale summer wind tugs and twists strands of hair in a desperate frenzy.

Boys By Girls
The Pioneers for Issue 15 by Jade Danielle Smith

The pioneers: the director, the entrepreneur, the craftsman, the stuntman, the acrobat, and the poet. When we speak of modern-day pioneers, we refer to the creative individuals testing and loosening boundaries - pioneers of their generation. In issue 14, we looked at dreamers and gained an insight into the thoughts and dreams of some of the brightest upcoming stars.

Boys By Girls
Jaeden Martell by Noa Grayevsky

We catch up with actor Jaeden Martell on one of his rare days off in-between filming his new Apple+ limited series Defending Jacob. The young actor made his debut in 2014 with St. Vincent and has been scoring roles left, right, and centre since, including the lead role of Bill Denbrough in 2017's It adaptation.

Boys By Girls
Barns Courtney by Vic Lentaigne

Resembling a sledgehammer striking ice, Barns Courtney 's energy erupts as soon as he arrives, fragmenting tranquillity into a thousand razor-sharp shards. The musician, who's been touring non-stop for the past four years, is well-versed in having a kickass time wherever he is.

Boys By Girls
'Lonely Lovers Hotel'. Jens Christian by Emilia Staugaard.

Time here passes only by the clock adjacent to the empty concierge desk. Hourly chimes move through hallways into the unoccupied rooms and all the way up to the fourth floor. The sunlight dims by the day. The winds blow stronger by the hour. The creaks grow louder by the minute.

Boys By Girls
Didirri by Jade Danielle Smith

Drinks in hand, the audience don't have to wait long before Didirri appears. At first, his sole focus is the guitar as he prepares on stage, taking his time while the audience observes a young man connecting with his instrument. Eventually, the kindred atmosphere becomes charged with intensity as he enforces a bond with each member of his audience.

Boys By Girls
Under the Sun

Suffocating humidity wraps around your throat and constricts your ribcage. Sticky skin gripping the fabric you wear and sweat dripping down your neck. Inside a hollow concrete cage, the only solace is a cool stone wall or numbingly frigid tiles. Deadly claws of stifling humidity poke around abandoned structures reaching for life to drag into the airless heat.