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Olivia Wilson

Freelance Broadcast Journalist and Researcher

Having finished my undergraduate degree in English Literature at Newcastle University (and after getting a sufficient amount of travelling out of my system) I returned to London to complete my MA in Broadcast Journalism at City, University of London. Alongside my studies, I worked as an Assistant Producer at LBC, mostly on programmes with Andrew Castle, Maajid Nawaz and Iain Dale. I moved to Glasgow in the summer of 2019 to work as a Researcher and Journalist at BBC Scotland. I work on the Mornings, with Kaye Adams and Stephen Jardine programme where I assist with content production. I do regular voiceovers for the show and have participated in live on-air discussions. I also work as a Broadcast Journalist for Good Morning Scotland and as a Journalism Researcher on The Nine, Debate Night Extra and The Afternoon Show. I have a particularly strong interest in social issues, politics, sport and LGBTQ+ stories.

Anna Galbraith

Features Writer

Anna Galbraith is a 24 year old features writer. Although currently based in West London, her heart still stubbornly beats for the Lancashire-Cumbria border on which she was born, and continues to straddle uncomfortably in the tones of an indiscernible accent. Anna's career in journalism began in 2018, when she became a staff writer for the luxury men's lifestyle magazine, Gentleman's Journal, and where she continues to contribute features covering everything from grooming and fashion to fine dining and profile pieces. Her experience across this breadth of topics has swiftly taught Anna that she dislikes the idea of becoming a specialist writer, and relishes any opportunity to stick her teeth (often literally) into any weird and wonderful project that excites her. However, if you were to press Anna for her specialism, it would be her borderline-creepy biographical knowledge of the life and work of Dame Emma Thompson — whom she has written (thus far unanswered) fan letters to since she was 15. Alongside freelance writing, Anna has experience as a proofreader, copyeditor, campaigner and journalist and she would love to hear from you, should you have any projects, pieces or features you would like to collaborate on. She also sincerely apologises for the excruciating self-indulgence of writing this bio in the third person. Who does she think she is.


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Andrea Vozza

Copywriter, Social Media Expert, E-Commerce Specialist.

Hi there! My name is Andy and I'm a London based copywriter. I'm also a social media and e-commerce expert. I'm specialised in sales copy, email copy, social media content and website copy. My main areas of expertise are e-commerce, music, health and fitness, IT, technology and SEO. Here are a few things I’m highly experienced: -Write Product Descriptions; -Write Leaflets and Brochures; -Write Direct Mail; -Write Sales Letters; -Write Sales Emails (Cold Emails, Newsletters); -Write White Pages; -Write your sales scripts; -Design your web page; -Optimise your web page; -Write Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram Ads; -Write your Social Media content. If you need someone who could deal with any of these topics for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

Nathan Bliss

Multimedia Sports Journalist

Social Media for @Squawka. Sports Journalist/Reporter featured by @WhisperFilmsUK, @YahooSportUK, @Wolves, @TheseFootyTimes, @ExpressandStar and more.


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Gillian McIver


Gillian McIver is a Canadian based in London, UK. She writes about art and film, and sometimes travel.



Professional Storyteller

Kaila Krayewski is a digital nomad and entrepreneur revolutionising the content creation industry. After gaining professional expertise in marketing and journalism, she chose to combine the two fields to launch the content marketing company Archipelago Communications. She also founded the Content Castle, a unique writer’s residency programme.

Pete Wise

Freelance journalist

I write about people's lives, businesses, charities, technology, travel, products and just about anything else that takes my interest. In my eyes there's no subject too humble or too grand, too serious or too silly. My readership to date has stretched well into the millions, thanks entirely to the support of great clients like The Guardian, Evening Standard, Independent, Sunday Times and Daily Mirror. Drop me a line if you'd like to add your readers to the tally. [email protected]

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Leon Horton

Arts, culture and lifestyle journalist

Leon Horton is a cultural journalist and humorist. After gaining his masters from the University of Salford, he drank himself into a corner working as a Court Reporter at Manchester Crown Court (wouldn't you?), lost the will to live writing "isn't everything great" bullshit for local advertising magazines, and enjoyed a failed stint as editor of Old Trafford News. His writing is published by Beat Scene Magazine (UK), International Times (UK), Literary Heist (Canada), Empty Mirror (US), Beatdom (UK), The Animals Voice (US), Erotic Review (UK), Beatdom (UK) and TheGayUK. In January 2019, he became a member of the European Beat Studies Network, an academic community of scholars, writers and artists concerned with the Beat Generation.

Bronwyn Griffiths

Travel content creator

SEO-savvy content creation star seeks exciting travel/lifestyle brand with GSOH for inspiring new adventure!