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Vanessa Donkoh

Beauty and Lifestyle Writer

The initial driving force to my pursuit of journalism, was the strong interest and passion I had for Beauty and Lifestyle. The constant desire to stay up to date with the latest beauty trends coupled with my love for writing drove me towards pursing a degree in journalism.

Being able to share my experiences, especially about beauty in regard to women of colour and being able to uplift others through my writing has been so rewarding and is something I would love to continue in the future.


DWHA Magazine

DWHA Magazine
Fashion Spreads

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Top 10 Kissing Scenes From Our Favourite Films

Written by Vanessa Donkoh In celebration of International Kissing Day, we're highlighting the most memorable and heart-warming kissing scenes from our fave films. From the sexy and forbidden to the adorably awkward, it's time to check out our Top 10! 10.

Our Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in London 2018

Written by Vanessa Donkoh When you think of vegan food, the same conventional ingredients come to mind; lentils, chick peas and loads of vegetables, but what if we told you being a vegan could be so much more fun?! There's a whole selection of guilt-free juicy junk food and delicious sweet treats to be discovered.

Pride Magazine

Pride Magazine
Relax, it's just hair

An article describing the societal struggles of having relaxed afro hair

Pride Magazine
Own Your Flaws

I interveiwed women aged between 18-25 and asked them to point out an area of themselves that they were insecure about, and how they own it

Pride Magazine
Pride's Sexiest Men

Celebrating black men - I listed some of the break out male stars of 2017

Black beauty and Hair Magazine

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