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Lisa Leid

Head of Communications

Focused on campaigning for equality and diversity, and acting as a vocal voice for leading, socially-focused businesses.

Ellis O'Connell

Music Programmer and Curator

Music Industry Management with Year Abroad graduate and 5+ years experience in the entertainment industry.

Oli Gross

Freelance Writer

I am a freelance writer with many years of newsroom experience, specialising in animal rights, environmentalism, the hospitality industry and news journalism. I learned my trade starting in 2013 working for a local newspaper and later a B2B magazine. In my most recent full time role as Editor I built a startup publication from scratch to achieve 100,000 page views and 100,000 followers within a year. I am also a trainee psychotherapist who specialises in mental health and wellness writing. Get in touch at [email protected]


Ben McCormick


I am a versatile journalist, editor and copywriter with more than 20 years’ experience in sectors such as sustainability, food and agriculture, FMCG, retail, culture, business, financial services, travel, energy and transport. Current specialisms include food waste, agriculture, beer, energy, the environment and sustainability.


Peter Bell

Peter Neil Bell

I am both a professional trade journalist and a football blogger. I love to write about people and have a desire to further develop my writing style and knowledge. My job gives me the opportunity to write about environmental matters and interview many CEO's and leading experts in the global cement sector.

Isabella Green

writer, editor, and student

Hi! I'm Bella, a Classics student at Durham University. My particular area of academic interest is literary reception - the study of how Classical literature has been received over time. Academics aside, I love to write about intersectional feminism and other social justice movements, political structures, animal rights, and sustainability. My role as Profile Editor for Palatinate (the Independent Durham Student Newspaper) requires me to contact and interview interesting individuals around the country with a focus on the changing student perspective. I also work as a Content Editor for Academus Education, an organisation which aims to increase the accessibility of Classics as a subject - traditionally an exclusive and elitist field. I write and edit regular academic articles for its online blog, emphasising the continuing relevance of the Ancient World today. This portfolio is an amalgamation of all my work and eclectic interests. Email: [email protected]

Mary Stone

Writer and sound mixer

I'm currently writing about technology. Other areas of interest are theatre, music, food and culture. My background is in sound engineering with over a decade of experience in live, location and studio sound mixing and editing.


Laura Varley

Content Strategist

Currently a Content Strategist at Feefo. Previously a Content Specialist at a digital marketing agency and freelancer for Geek.com and Nintendo Insider. Writing is my passion.


Hannah O'Neill

Freelance Writer

When it comes to writing, Hannah O'Neill is a Jane of all trades. Embracing her love of diversity, she writes in a range of niches - except cryptocurrency and high-tech. Hannah spends her free time writing about true crime, unsolved mysteries, and drinking way too much coffee. Qualifications Include: - HubSpot Inbound Marketing - HubSpot Content Marketing - Google Marketing Fundamentals - Google Analytics


Matthew Kent

Freelance writer/editor

Enthusiastic and passionate music journalist well-versed in covering and unearthing new artists and telling their stories.